ZERO GRAVITY Crystal Magic Orchestra


Crystal Magic Orchestra

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ZERO GRAVITY was recorded in the recording studio during the moment of ZERO GRAVITATION caused by the Stellar Waves. Listening will allow the experience of breaking through several barriers beyond the Time Matrix to the shift into a new VERSION OF REALITY.

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ZERO GRAVITY was recorded while I was  floating around in my recording studio during the moment of ZERO GRAVITATION caused by the Stellar Waves filling my cells with enough anti-particle frequencies to counter balance the particles. Listening will allow the experience of breaking through several sound barriers beyond this Time Matrix to the shift into a new VERSION OF REALITY. This is the first time that I could hear and record passing through Sound Barriers of Light Energy. The Sound penetrates the walls of the entire house regardless of which room it is playing in. The Sound is the most uplifting, pure Frequency vibration that I have experienced in the past twenty years of recording frequencies.
The prediction of the anti-gravity lasting only a few minutes was not exactly true. There were a few moments of Sheer Bliss, but the Standing Wave Pattern of Zero Gravity definitely continued for at least 8 hours while I was recording. When you listen to the new album, Zero Gravity, you will hear the moments of Bliss, the rumbling through the sound barriers and the Sheer Harmony of the new Symphony of Love that is created each time the Music of the Spheres realigns.

The meditations and instructions for aligning the body with the anti gravity plasma spiritual body have been given in many of my past writings, recordings and Sets. Manifestation Merkaba and Eternal Life Waters, as well as Pure in Heart and Complete Ascension Process contain the meditations for activating the Plasma Body into Levitation. Adding the frequencies from Zero Gravity will definitely allow you to experience rising two feet above your bed.

Just as I recorded the Frequencies of the COLLECTION of the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions on the ULTIMATE DNA ARCHETYPE, and recorded them separately at the moment that each one of these historical events occurred between 2000-2012 and then the Earth's attunement into these frequencies in 2014 in all of the albums released last year, this will be one of those moments when I  recorded the Frequencies of this STANDING WAVE PATTERN of Anti Gravity. One more Frequency to add to the  UNIVERSAL Historical Records.

Yes, most people will just be seeing this as an opportunity for a little bit of levitation experience. If that is what you would most enjoy at that moment of time and for many more moments to come I recommend practicing the journey and the method provided in the Eternal Life Healing Water. It will still require this understanding and practice of how we actually bring our Plasma Body into activation and ride inside of the Plasma Body in order to Levitate.


This moment in time will provide an example of how this shift in time and space helps to align us with the Aurora Field of energy that contains our Plasma Body. So, in fact, we do rise into that Plasma Body for a few moments. However, we can learn to do this continuously or whenever we want to just through using our Consciousness as this Method explains.

The more we see this reality of a new time and space with a NEW STANDING WAVE PATTERN OF NO GRAVITY the more the atmosphere appears to become a very thin Veil that we just walk into to find another reality and another. This shifting actually takes place through the doors of the Universal Merkaba that we are always riding within. 

This is the NEW VERSION of Reality that is ours to experience this year, along with all of the other NEW VERSIONS that each person decides to create in their life. We are in the Multi Dimensional Realm of the Fifth Dimension now. Those who do not LEARN how to access Accretion Levels beyond their old fourth density will not have any new Versions in their Life. We must raise our frequencies into the new harmonic universe and imagine the version of reality that we now want to become.

We have been practicing using the Merkaba to lift us up into higher harmonic universes. We have practiced bringing in the same frequencies required for this exact moment in history each time we do the Lift Off Meditation that connects us in frequencies into the 14th dimension as we arc through the Veil of Time from the 8th dimensional Sun into the 14th Dimension of Heliotalic Frequencies that LIFTS US like a moment of No Gravity.

We have been practicing these methods of Levitation in the meditations and journeys in the Complete Ascension Process Kit and in the Manifestation Merkaba Set. The Lift Off Meditation is also in my new book,



COME LISTEN TO THE ZERO GRAVITY and the Sonic Boom into the New Harmonic Universe.
I don't think the experience of anti gravity has to be at any exact moment any more because we can do this in consciousness at any time. I have been having these dreams of levitating and disappearing for a few weeks now. I can feel the excitement, the weightlessness of the new Version of Reality that we can shift into if we desire to move to the wave pattern of no gravity.