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This information will be of great value for those who have purchased their Individual Eternal Life mp3 and for those who would like to understand how the Attunement into the Music of the Spheres is used to align an Individual into the frequency signatures of all of their spiritual twin selves within the Earth's Matrix, into the Spiritual Galactic Matrix, and into the Omniversal Template. This article also explains how the alignment into the Music of the Spheres is actually what Ascension is, and how our Starry Families are in the process of raising our frequencies into preparation for the Ascension.

The collection of frequencies for your individual album will be created for you and for you alone. The frequencies are not audible. They are not Solfege frequencies. They are frequencies of consciousness of the highest frequency of Source given to me by the Elohim of Hearing in Gaia. I have been collecting these frequencies and refining them for over twenty years. Each time a new aspect of consciousness comes forward as a result of Stellar Wave Infusions brought from the Universal Life Force Currents there is a new set of frequencies. Sometimes the frequencies that are coming align with what is needed in an individual's DNA activation. Sometimes the incoming frequencies need to be added to those of the Individual's Eternal Life Album.

For those of you who have had distant healing work or Reiki Healing Sessions, you know that the Energy Healing flows from the healer into the hands and then to the body for healing. In distant healing work the healer uses their consciousness in the same way. In my Individual Healing Albums, the Light and Sound is coming directly from Source Consciousness field of pre light and pre sound of the most etheric sort. The frequencies are so etheric and so fine that they are not audible at the hertzian frequency. However, they can definitely be felt. The frequencies are transferred to the body through consciousness much like the Reiki Healer, however, with the Music that contains the same frequencies that were used for the healing, the individual can continuously use this music all day and all night until the healing is complete.

The same is true with the DNA activation codes in the Frequency music. The Sound frequencies activate the DNA by tuning consciousness into the Crystal Body that is about three feet around the physical body and tuning into everything in between to the frequencies of Source Consciousness. This method of frequency activation leaves no space unfilled with the complete 15 dimensional sound field, all that is within and between and beyond into the Infinite Source Field.

I am now in the process of adding all of these new frequencies into the New Ascension Kit songs because the Kit includes the Light Codes that help activate the Sound Codes. Since I have already activated the Sound Codes through my own use of Light Codes, this isn't necessary, however, it may be very helpful to some who are just beginning their process of DNA activation. I am including all Manifestation Light Codes and Sound Codes in this set, along with the activation of internal and external Chakra and DNA activation codes. The new Kit will be the ASCENSION AND MANIFESTATION KIT.

However, the response to my last release was so small that I probably won't release this one for another month or two.

 I spend over one hundred hours aligning my consciousness through the Mind of God and all Omniversal Angelic Consciousness into all of your spiritual selves of all twelve frequency signatures. I use the sacred geometry of the Music of the Spheres which allows the base tone of the highest frequency to transmute all lower frequencies into the attunement and Oneness of the Highest Frequency of the Divine Selfhood. There are three sets of spiritual selves that must become re-united in each of the twelve dimensions or frequency centers of Consciousness. There are one hundred and forty four sacred breaths of the highest angelic consciousness woven into the spiritual oneness of your future immortal reality through the realignment into those spiritual twin selves within the Etheric Layers of Mother Earth's Crystal Heart, the spiritual twin selves in our Sister Galaxy and spiritual twin selves in our Parallel Universe.

Each of your spiritual selves are a very pure and unique entity of very high light. Your higher selves of all dimensions are extremely pure in Consciousness and  high in frequencies.

When you purchase the Immortality Album you are making a commitment to immortality. Immortality means shifting your body completely into light. This is a gradual process of becoming more and more etheric until the body contains enough spiritual light energy to transform it into an Orb that can teleport. This process is regulated into and through the entire transformation of Mother Earth's starry essence transforming the atmosphere and the chemicals of the body transforming synergistically. A three dimensional body will not be able to live in a fifth dimensional atmosphere and a sixth dimensional body cannot live in a three dimensional atmosphere. Our ascension is always in unison with Mother Earth's alignment into her Spiritual Twin Starry Self.

The Music of the Spheres process itself requires me to be completely at One with Source and Omniversal Consciousness, and requires all lower frequencies to be raised into this highest frequency within me even before the recording process is begun. I spend three hours in meditation and complete attunement into Oneness before I even begin communicating with my own Omniversal Team. I begin recording when the Elohim of Hearing and my Omniversal Team are completely engaged into my Consciousness.

There will be an actual transformance happening in your body at a chemical level. The mortal body is made of a dense substance and requires a certain atmosphere balance of Oxygen and Hydrogen. The immortal body is created from the silicate crystal matrix of stardust and the atmosphere is three parts nitrogen to one part oxygen. So, you see there is a chemical transmutation as well as a spiritual transposition happening. This process will be happening to everyone on Earth at some time in the future. Those who have not prepared themselves for the Evolution and Ascension by attuning their frequencies and rising into their Spiritual Bodies, will have the greatest difficulties in the years ahead.

In order to absorb the frequencies of your spiritual bodies,  focus on frequencies of the music entering into your cells and feel your cells changing into star dust.

Imagine your body template lying on top of a mirror made of crystal liquid light. If you see your body with the face down into the mirror, you would be looking at yourself. However, if your back is against the mirror, the eyes and ears that are SEEING or HEARING are the Divine Eyes and Ears of Source. The eyes and ears of your Star Self is perfectly projecting through this mirror or crystal light.

During the process of the perfect vision and feeling of the liquid light frequencies transporting the Immortal Frequencies of the Divine Starry Self, there might be some bumps  along the way because as the perfect light body is entering in and transforming the body template into its manifest immortality, there might be some miasms of error that need to be removed from the body template.

Our eyes and ears are the frequencies of the Omniversal. We see as a star sees. We see and hear the Divine Perfection of who you really are. You need to lay your body on top of the Divine Mirror that allows only the Starry Eyes and Ears of Source to enter in through the Highest Frequencies that you are listening to. Allow the highest frequencies to enter into your Divine Template and remove all that might be blocking you from the Divine Mirror of your Spiritual Selfhood.

There is a process involved in listening. I recommend you approach this as a work in progress and see if you hear something a little bit different each time you listen. The human ear has been listening to third dimensional tones for a very long time. When we create the individual immortality CD's we are using the sacred geometry of aligning each individual frequency signature, which is obtained through a breath of consciousness, and weaving each frequency signature from this physical domain of the third dimension directly into the highest frequencies of the 12th dimensional spiritual selves. These spiritual selves are the mirror image of the Divine One. The frequencies of the Divine One or the Divine Blue Print of the immortal selfhood transmutes all of the breaths from the dimensions of the physical, visual into the invisible, spiritual light and sound spectrum.


While listening to the frequency signature breaths, concentrate on seeing a mirror image of your Divine Blue Print or your spiritual light body absorbing into your body from your back. Feel the frequencies penetrating the cells in your body from the inside to the outside. Feel the frequencies awakening the spark of Source that has been left to sleep deep within each cell in the body. Feel the frequencies re-uniting into Oneness with the Soul, which is a sphere of blue crystal frequencies waiting directly below the heart area. Feel the Soul awakening to what it has been waiting for eons for you to discover about your self. Feel your physical body as a mini-me tiny figure, and place it inside of the blue crystal sphere which is your Soul. Feel the Soul frequencies and the spiritual self frequencies combining into a new symphony of harmonic rhythms.

We will call this the Attunement Body which has been attuned into it's spiritual light body.


Feel the spiritual light body from the spiritual self from the middle domains of the Core of Inner Earth uniting into Oneness with the physical etheric body from Inner Earth. Feel the frequencies weaving those two bodies - one more etheric and one purely spiritual into your Attunement Body.

(In our experience, this was the unification of our Mermaid and Dolphin bodies in Aquafaria into the Music of the Spheres in the Crystal Caves of the Blue Liquid Light domains of Inner Earth. The Foundation Meditation will lead you into the journey that we take to collect these frequencies).


Next, feel the frequencies of the spiritual self from the Divine Aquarius Galaxy Matrix outside of the Earth's Matrix. Feel the frequencies of this Starry Divine Blue Print pulling the frequencies into a higher domain of consciousness. The feeling is more etheric and yet more powerful. It has a majestic feeling and includes the frequencies of the Aquarius Galaxy, the stardust of Ursa Major and the Consciousness of the Ascension Teams.


Next, feel the frequencies from the more etheric physical self in the Aquarius Galaxy being woven into the heart of Sun Alcyone. This is the frequency of the original divine self created through the spark of Source and breathed into humanoid and dolphinoid form. We are re-connecting our selves into the original frequencies of our Divine Birth. That Divine Essence still remains in the Crystal Heart of Sun Alcyone, and is reflected through the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and through our own Crystal Hearts (the crystal heart is actually the blue, violet crystal fuzzy sphere that sits directly below the physical heart).

That Divine Essence was brought to the place where Earth is performing her duty of being transformed back into the star essence that she was formed from. The etheric physical domains of Inner Earth including location memories such as Shamballa and our Aquafarian home, which is in the residential area of that same Continent, are the creations of our Aquarius Starry families. These etheric physical domains have been in existence for over 500 million years. Many of us have lived in those homes for thousands of years before choosing to come to the upper domains to experience the physical realities that we have created. Through the Music of the Spheres we are re-uniting with the frequency signatures of all of these spiritual selves that  we have been in Aquarius, Tara, Ursa and Inner Earth as well as our first birth from the heart of Sun Alcyone.


Feel and absorb the frequencies of your spiritual twin selves woven into and through Aquarius, Tara, Ursa, Inner Earth and the Heart of Sun Alcyone.

You are listening to the actual frequency signatures of each of these spiritual divine selves that you were and which you will be again as soon as you absorb these frequency signatures. This is the true formula for creating a vortex that connects all of your physical selves with all of your spiritual selves into the knowing of your allness and your Oneness.

This is the true formula for opening the Halls of Records, which are in essence the frequencies of the Music of the Spheres. These are the true Akashic Records of all that you are. You are created from light and sound. You are a frequency signature. All higher selves and entities of light know you as your individual frequency signature. That frequency signature can be followed through history because it is always unique and individualized as you are.

However, this frequency signature has been disconnected from all of the forms that it has taken during the past eons through a tragedy that was never supposed to happen in a Divine System. This tragedy can be removed very easily by listening to the frequencies of your Music of the Spheres in your Individualized Immortality CD.

The Akashic Records that are usually retrieved through channeling are words that describe a few events in a few of your past lives. These events are not what is important about you. What is important to know is that your spiritual reality is a frequency signature. You are a beautiful star made of these frequency signatures of light and sound. When all of these frequency signatures are woven back together into their original starry spectacular for and magnificent harmonious symphony of Love, you become a star who is ready to co-create through Divine Mind any reality that you desire.

The true Akashic Records which are within the memory of the Music of the Spheres Crystal Caves of Inner Earth will be breathed and sung back into your Consciousness and into the Atmosphere of Earth beginning in early 2013. It is the goal of the Elohim Angels to have you all prepared to hear your frequencies and align your Consciousness into your original frequency of HOME between 2013 and 2017. This has been the plan for over 500 million years. There have been several attempts of this ascension event; but, this time it is guaranteed.

The reason that it will be different this time is because there will be enough of you on Earth that understand what is taking place in your Consciousness and in your bodies to go with the flow and to not be seduced by fear. What will make the greatest difference is the amount of people who have chosen to get their Individualized Immortality CD, which includes their frequencies of their entire Music of the Spheres Consciousness. This is the key to opening the doors of the records of our immortality.


It is imperative that old forms that you have been using are completely removed from your life. If you have been listening to any other healing music or using any of the other forms of New Age type pendants, crystals with other entities frequencies breathed into them, or anything that might have lower frequencies.There will be many people in the near future becoming very nauseus and even going insane as we enter the later timelines of the evolution into the ascension because they do not start this process early enough. Just know that you are doing it the correct way.


It is time to realize that most of the old teachings came from a time in Atlantis when the Divine Plan had already been destroyed. The rulers of that time did not want the truth of immortality to be restored on Earth. Most of the teachings that you have read concerning the Music of the Spheres, the Flower of Life, the 12 pointed star, various forms of the Merkaba, Alpha Waves, Rife Machines, and just about everything else that you have learned has been a part of the plan to stop the Ascension.

It is time to wake up and get plugged into the Consciousness of your Higher Selves. This Consciousness can be felt through the Breath of the Frequency Signatures of these spiritual twins. It is time to take some discernment lessons of frequencies because there will be a continued attempt to trap you through lowered frequencies and inaudible frequencies.

Please take some time to listen to the frequencies that playing on the website and then go listen to the frequencies on websites of others who are claiming to heal through music or make you fell better by hypnotizing you through lowered hypnotic frequencies. All lower frequencies are being used for the purpose of preventing ascension.

If you can't tell the difference between a low frequency of consciousness and a high frequency of consciousness, it is recommended that you begin with the Ascension Kit and practice listening until you gradually see how everything else in the world is a little lower. And the more you listen you will realize that the world around you seems to get a little lower each day. Finally, you will realize that you are floating so high above the rest of the world that you just don't want anything in it any longer.

The frequencies in the Super Frequency Kit contain the frequency signatures of the planetary alignments, galactic alignments, star alignments and all realignments of all dimensions within the Universal and Cosmic Structures that our Individual Cosmic Structures are a part of. These are the frequencies of the Mass Ascension at all levels of the Music of the Spheres- sphere one, sphere two, sphere three, sphere four and sphere five woven into the Oneness of the Omniversal Consciousness.

The frequencies in the Ascension Kit contain codes of alignment from within the cells of the body aligning into the crystal spheres of the Universal, Cosmic and Source Consciousness. Those codes are generic and for the mass ascension. This step in the process of ascension is highly recommended.

The frequencies in the Cosmic Consciousness Kit come directly from Inner Earth in the Aquafarian homes where some of us lived 500 million years ago. The middle domains of Inner Earth carry the frequencies of our spiritual selves who have been stored away for us for eons. This is the sacred location of my Cosmic Family and my Aquafarian family of Dolphins, Orcas, Dolphinoids and Mermaids and many other wonderful entities of light that assume forms similar to the ones seen in our Oceans. My spiritual Mother of this Inner Earth is Cinderella. She is like the equivalent to the one we know as Mother Mary. She is one of the entities who worked with Mother Mary, who was a Nephilium, who came to Earth for this Ascension project.

If you are still deciding if the Individualized Immortality CD is the right choice for you, we would recommend starting with the Ascension Kit.


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