Each Wave Frequencies of Consciousness that Wave through the Earth's Bio Field and Solar,Galactic and Universal Vortex Field comes into Earth's Consciousness, Earth's Grids, and Earth's Portals as a WAVE that helps each individual rise higher and higher into levels of consciousness themselves that will allow them to CATCH THE WAVE that will allow them to Ride that WAVE beyond the Consciousness Reality Realm of Earth and into the higher Consciousness Realm of Aurora Earth within the Cloud Cities, into the higher realms of INNER EARTH and then all of the way into the WAVE of TERRA HA, the name of the Spiritual Parallel Universe of our New Birth.


Ascension Wave One

The Ascension Wave One was the initial PUSH of Earth from Harmonic Universe One into Harmonic Universe Two. That Push was created from the climax of several events including all of the Seven Solar Waves from the seven Star Systems that are enveloping the new reality. The push came from the alignment of Earth into the Accretion Level of Sun's Frequencies. It came as a result of the opening of the 12 Ascension Portals and the Individual Activation of Grids and Stargates within the Earth's Crust. 


Terra Ha Ascension Wave

All of these things added to these WAVES of Energy that pushed Earth higher and higher into her Over Soul Matrix of GAIA in Harmonic Universe Two.
This Wave contains the Central Portal Frequencies, which is the prime activator for all Ascension Activity through Earth in the Parallel Spiritual Universe for eternity.

Now Earth's Consciousness is Floating within the Aurora Fields of the Cloud Cities where I could see Elaika standing two years ago. I asked Elaika if any one else could see him. He said Joe and I were the only ones who could see him. I asked him if what I saw was what many people could see on Earth twenty and thirty thousand years ago, and even some could see two thousand years ago. Elaika's answer was yes, it was common for people to see this reality during those times.


Aurora Ascension Wave

The Cloud Cities or Aurora Earth and the Inner Earth Domains are both in the Fourth Dimensional Realms of Consciousness. The Aurora Ascension Wave is the Connection of the Christ Grids at ten thousand feet elevation where the Van Allen Belt is into the Christ Grids within the Earth's Crust. This Wave contains the feeling or intention of allowing the floating body or plasma body that hovers above the physical body  to connect into and become one with the physical body.

Fifth Dimension

Many confuse the meaning of fourth dimension and fifth dimension because the idea of the fifth dimension was the idea of moving into the place of no time and no space. The only place that the actual reality of no time and no space exists is in the Source Field itself - the Realm of Creation.


When we ride through these WAVES of Ascension, we are riding closer and closer to that brand new reality that awaits in the Terra Ha Realm of the Spiritual Parallel Universe. We must ride on the waves of frequencies from the Ascension Wave One, into the Ascension Wave of the Inner Earth, the Wave of the Aurora Earth and finally into the Wave of Terra Ha.


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Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett, MA