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My husband and I do and have been doing healing music through the Elohim angels. We are not associated with any religion at all.

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The Earth will transcend beyond all grids formerly laid on her. She will regain her original light that comes from God Energy. She will rise with us into the New Fifth Dimensional Earth. This is the Mirror Image of the Earth in her original perfect form. We will rise with her in our original perfect form.

As ascended galactic humans (physical angels), we will be able to interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and beyond. We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many lifetimes ago. Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel without space craft will be possible using our Light body or merkaba.

With the coming final Great White Lion Grid activation much power will surge forth. This will be a time of unlimited manifesting, set your hearts desires into motion, dream as you have never before. Fill your heart with love, joy and peace and place it within your desires.

Starseeds, you are of the crystal grid. Feel the vibration within you and sing. Shine your lights brightly and illuminate what is left of the darkness. Connect yourself with the crystal core of Mother Earth and let the light of the Creator flow through you powering up the grid. Reach out to the mass consciousness and join with the Matrix.

Our time has come to flood the Earth with light. No matter what color, size, shape that we have chosen we are here to assist the ascension of mankind.

The ascension process that is happening now affects our entire universe -  not just us - it's a really big one. There are major energies and movement at play here that go out all the way to ends of our universe. We are the only ones left in our universe that have negativity (duality) in their lives - and now that is over for us, too. 

The old forms of reality will eventually vanish from our minds because they are now the illusions left over from the old Earth. Those who realize that they have a brand new drawing board to create upon will rise directly into their new creations. 

We are now stepping forward in the Now Moment of Infinity. We now walk into our Future Heroic Selves who Now live in the New Earth in our New Creation in our Multi-Dimensionality - Our Oneness and our Allness with God where no separation from Source exists.

As we now return to our Future Selves we leave all sadness and grief behind because it doesn't exist in our New Earth, in our Future Home we will walk into tomorrow. We return to our Future Selves who fully embrace our power as creator and co-creator with Spirit, with Divine Mind, with our Brothers of Light, with all of our higher selves and with all Angelic Humans.

We will now begin our creation in Unconditional Love and Abundance for All.

We have moved into all of the Spiritual Grids of Consciousness together with our Planet Earth. We have aligned and grounded those grids of Christ Consciousness, Abundance, Illumination, Crystal River Frequencies of Returning, Divine Love, Victory and Wisdom.

Thank God and all of the wonderful Entities of Light - literally. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Angela Barnett