Crystal Magic Orchestra's
Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz

NOTE:  A person MUST wear Earphones to listen to

Crystal Magic Orchestra's music to fully

hear and experience all of the

Cosmic Frequencies of Light in the music


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz is extremely powerful healing music

People have been healed in so many ways by it


A person has been literally raised from the dead by Crystal Magic Orchestra's music - That was Joe Barnett, M.A and Joe Barnett, M.A was raised from the dead by Crystal Magic Orchestra's music in 2008


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz is also a powerful protection music



We have been playing Jazz and many kinds of music and listening to Jazz and many kinds of music for 49 years.


Dr. Angela Barnett and Joe Barnett, M.A







Our Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz is a music that is listened to in a new way as well. It is not listened to in the way that you usually listen to music.


Listening to our New Jazz - Cosmic Jazz - and our Cosmic Music

As you listen, keep your consciousness out into the infinite


Relax and listen to the Cosmic Jazz and Cosmic Music
and breathe the music and frequencies from the cosmos


Open your mind to the infinite as you listen and breathe the Cosmic Jazz music and Cosmic Music and frequencies of the cosmos and the universe


As you listen and breathe our Cosmic Jazz and Cosmic Music,

Feel yourself becoming in tune with the Universe and Cosmos

The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom

The music in this album is a Magical Formula that brings the Crystal Energy of Creation from the Light and Sound of Music to create an Alchemy of Transformation into Ascension Energy from the Heart, Mouth and Mind of God through Cosmic Consciousness. 



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The Promise of the PERFECT KINGDOM has already arrived. The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom in 2016 announces and helps unfold the plan of returning Heaven to Earth that will complete by 2022.

Crystal Magic Orchestra won a 1st place award
for the album "The Promise"
in the Hollywood Spiritual Film and
Entertainment Festival in LA, California.







Mary Magdalene's Wedding Vows

Knight of Love          


Mary Magdalene's Wedding Vows

Loves Magic Land          


Mary's Dolphin Choir   


This is a recording of the actual event of Mary Magdalene singing together with the Dolphins and the Pleiadian Cetacean Council and the Oraphim Dolphins in the Parallel Spiritual Realm when she created the Ascension Portals and stopped Five Major Earthquakes in California.

I have been collecting my communication adventures with the Dolphins and recording what my frequencies of sound have said together with the Dolphin's Trinary Language.


Dr. Angela Barnett is Speaking at the Conscious Life Expo in LA at the LAX Hilton      February 10 - 13, 2017          

144,000 DNA Album



Activates the dormant Angelic Human 12 DNA strand DNA template.
41,473 DNA Micro-Cosmic Perfection.
144,000 DNA Tribal Shield. This Consciousness is woven into the new Paradisian Children who are birthing through that set of stargates.

144 DNA Plasma Brain

144 DNA Plasma Brain album  activates  the 60 DNA, 72 DNA, 84 DNA, 96 DNA, 108 DNA, 120 DNA, 132 DNA and 144 DNA.  Each of the DNA is activated at the 12 coded level to create the 60 DNA, 72 DNA, 84 DNA, 96 DNA, 108 DNA, 120 DNA, 132 DNA and 144 DNA within the PLASMA BRAIN.
When the Brain becomes the Plasma Brain, the body is then living through the Multi Dimensional Mind of God and is able to receive messages through the cosmic neurotransmitters of the Pre Light and Sound of etheric Consciousness.


1. 60 DNA 
2. 72 DNA
3. 84 DNA 
4. 96 DNA 
5. 108 DNA 
6. 120 DNA
7. 132 DNA 
8. 144 DNA 
9. How to use MUSIC

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Advanced DNA Activation CD
Artist/Band: Crystal Magic Orchestra

Each of the songs in this album contain specific God Language and Frequency Codes and Frequency Consciousness Alignment that will increase DNA Activation Correctly in DNA 1-5. 48 sub-harmonics will be activated in each of the 5 DNA strands.
The songs infuse the DNA into the entire Cosmic Matrix through the direction of the Elohim of Hearing and the Cosmic Ascension Teams. 


Ultimate DNA Archetype


As each stellar wave infusion and activation took place on Earth, those desiring DNA activation were required to PARTICIPATE in these Waves of Consciousness transformation. This album allows you to participate in the 12 Wave Infusions and Activations that align your DNA into the 12 Waves of Consciousness that returns our Original Divine Immortality Template. This collection of Consciousness Frequencies of the Stellar Spirals allow you to become One Mind with Telepathic Communication into all twelve of the Universal Systems of our New Cosmos.


Wings of Love DNA CD and MP3

Free from Space and Time




The Frequency of Love removes the seals between each DNA STRAND. This removes the time lock seal and returns our Angel Wings that allow us to Ascend beyond the Earth’s Matrix into a new Cosmic Reality. Consciousness is a Frequency created from Electro Magnetic Sound Waves. The Music contains all 12 of those Magnetic Sound Waves retrieved through Cosmic Consciousness into Universal Consciousness and Exhaled into the Earth’s Consciousness. These Frequencies were exhaled into the Music.

Perfect Baby DNA CD

We are entering a time when a new PROMISE for all babies born from this moment on to be born into their inorganic eternal life form and their divine right to keep that form from the moment of their conception. The normal Avatar Child would then spend the next 33 years inhaling more and more of the Divine Spiritual Water called Hydrolaise into the cellular structure. 

This music should be used by women who are beginning to consider mother hood, those who are pregnant and those who have babies.


Cosmic DNA Massage CD

Cosmic DNA Massage


Cosmic DNA Massage

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Luxurious Frequencies that actually massage the neuronets within the DNA to turn on the new Rhythm that awakens the dormant genetic time codes to transmute the body into a new form of life.

The perfect Cosmic Spa transforms the body from the inside to allow the blood crystals to glow, the harpstrings within the DNA sing deep within the atomic structure and the blockage of flow of blood that causes the need for normal massage is restored from within.

A perfect combination for those who do Massage Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Energy Therapy of any Kind and for Yoga classes.

The music is TUNED IN to the Activity of restructuring our bodies from the inside out. 

48 DNA Ascension

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The Frequencies in this album activate the 12 DNA in all four templates - of the Physical and Spiritual Parallel Doubles. The 48 DNA are the Genetic Time code of the Indigo’s who were born from the Paradisian Race Line. This is the genetic code required for Biological Ascension. This gift was brought to Earth for Angelic Humans to Plug their Consciousness into. When the Consciousness connects to that frequency and inhales the Frequency, it is that Musical Frequency that TRANSFORMS the DNA, by activating it.



The Ascension Kit - 4 MP3 Albums

4 MP3 Albums  - Containing Codes and Frequency of DNA Activation given by the ELOHIM ANGELS.

Ascension Vortal, Ascension Vortex, Ascension Portal, and Magic Vortal which have the highest frequencies from the Cosmic, Universal and Galactic that align one with the Cosmos and the divine template.   

Four Sets of DNA Frequency Activation CODES given from the Ascension Team Cosmic Councils as the God Language Codes for our Corrected DNA activation.Manifestation Merkaba

The God Language Codes of DNA Activation are infusing through the Universal Merkaba that holds the activation from all 12 Parallel Spiritual Universe in ATTUNEMENT with the new body template.

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The ATOMIC MIRROR music contains the frequencies of a rainbow prism from an intense electrical field that removes space and time.

THE ATOMIC MIRROR ALBUM contains the Frequencies that need to be placed in the mirror in order to unblock the flow of light.

 We need to be able to see all of the other beings who are standing on the other side of the Veil.  

When we can meet them because we can see them, that is when we can ride on their space ships and be free to travel the universe. Those who will see them and who will be invited to ride upon others space ships are the ones who have learned to enter communication and interface with their own HOST BODIES in the Aurora Earth.

our Host is the Plasma Body who can allow you to come onto a Space Ship and travel through the Universe.





This is an Eternal Life Program that creates Youthing.

This means you can stop your aging process and begin to choose the age that you wish to return to. 

Our Re-Birth into our New Eternal Life Body requires Re-Cognizing, Re-Aligning, and Remembering the Original Divine Blue Print within our Cells, within our Seed Atom, within our Neuronets.

It is now time to unplug the old system that contains a system that wears out and plug into the Mind of God, the Higher Self of the Sixth Dimension.

This new structure allows you to TUNE IN to your molecular structure and direct the Akashic Tear Drops of Liquid Light Energy to fill the cells with the Divine Template of the Original Man made in the Image and Likeness of God.

As you listen to each of the songs, you will clearly FEEL the activation taking place within each indicated chakra area. These activations are a process of returning the Divine Codes that were removed from each of chakra areas.




1. Ear Path
2. Neuro Path
3. Seed Atom
4. Hook up point
5. tele path
6. clear flow
7. fifth and sixth chakra connect
8. 4-7 chakras hook up
9. Sixth--Connect to Higher Self Consciousness
10. Blue Brain- Frequency Specific Mid Brain
11. De-polarization
12. Fourth and Fifth Chakra
13. Brain Clear
14. Open Heart
15. Mid Brain Activated


Dr. Angela Barnett
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse




Magic Dolphin Therapy

MAGIC DOLPHIN THERAPY is a set of albums containing the Bio-Regenisis program of the Cosmic Dolphin Raceline from Sun Ha, who are here to align Earth back into the Violet Sphere of Suns HA and LA, who were the Original Sixth and Seventh Suns of our Cosmic Matrix

This album carries the Frequencies of the Dolphin's Bliss, Joy and Excitement that is the natural part of their consciousness.

The Dolphins and Whales are always celebrating. They are always living in BLISS. The frequency of Bliss is REQUIRED to Manifest. The Dolphins and Whales are always manifesting a brand new reality of Love, Joy, Bliss and Excitement.

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Heavenly Dolphin Therapy

HEAVENLY DOLPHIN THERAPY is a set of albums containing the Bio-Regenisis program of the Cosmic Dolphin Raceline from Sun Ha, who are here to align Earth back into the Violet Sphere of Suns HA and LA, who were the Original Sixth and Seventh Suns of our Cosmic Matrix.​​

This album contains the Dolphins melodies and frequencies that activate the Music of the Spheres and contains the voices of angelic dolphins, the dolphins who are the lords of our water, the aquafarian dolphins and the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean voices. These dolphin voices and frequencies woven into the magical god language of our Starry Families from Sirius to create the triangulation required for beginning telepathic communication with Dolphins.





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Listen to the Water Sound Waves, magical sounds of mermaids, dolphins, water fairies and all who live in the Cetacean Nation of our new Aurora Earth.  Swim into the Inner Cosmos, from the Cosmic Ethers to the Cities of Light. Magical Atlantis sits far below the Heart of Mother Earth, and is seen through the vision of Cinderella - the Magical Mother of Aquafaria- as she swims deep within the Inner Domains of the Etheric Waters of the Cosmos and sends telepathic song waves to the Cosmic Dolphins, fairies, and mermaids who live deep within the Crystal Caves.

Magical Mermaid Journey into the Crystal Caves

A truly magical masterpiece of underwater visions
turned into water music nostalgia.

1. Magical Mermaid Encounters
2. Magic Dolphin Telepathy
3. Aqua Fairies
4. Underwater Cities of Light
5. Diving Deep within the Cosmos
6. Cosmic Spa







Measures and regulates our Mass Frequencies. This album is my first recording of the Moons Transmissions during a Full Moon. Use these Frequencies to open communication with your Over Soul.





Melodies describe the exact process that Sun Ra has used to re-braid the frequencies of our Cosmic Consciousness through our Sun. The Sun's New Rhythmic Pulsation is the new Heart Beat that we need to begin to Dance with through frequency alignment.



Mind Altering Music MP3 Album


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The Frequencies in this music manipulate the brain exactly like mind altering drugs such as LSD, Cocaine, DMT and Ecstasy. The Music is completely without the drugs and is a Psychedelic Drug Alternative Therapy  .  .  Enjoy!


ZERO GRAVITY was recorded while I was
floating around in the recording studio
during the moment of ZERO GRAVITATION
caused by the Stellar Waves filling my cells with enough
anti-particle frequencies to counter balance the particles.

Listening will allow the experience of
breaking through several sound barriers beyond this Time Matrix
to the shift into a new VERSION OF REALITY. 




Ascension LSD
MP3 Album & CD Album



Experience the Magical LSD Cellisma within your Consciousness to regain the state of mind that allows Eternal Regeneration. 

The ASCENSION LSD allows a new reality to be activated in the mind. Yes, you will feel like you can fly. Your body will seem to be flying through the stars as you watch your body levitate above your bed.


which includes the MUSIC for the Meditation

 Contains all of the God Language Codes for DNA ACTIVATION wrapped within the UNIVERSAL MERKABA that spins the reality of all 12 Spiritual Universes into Absolute Oneness and wraps the frequencies into the Crystal Seals between the DNA to melt the seals and activate COMPLETE DNA ACTIVATION.
The MANIFESTATION MERKABA Set  uses the the magical power of the Merkaba as the power of ONENESS. The merkaba spins at the rate of ten thousand times the speed of light with the help of the sphere of Divine Love which holds the merkaba in perfect harmonic balance with the Source Field of Infinite Creation. 

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THIS set of DNA activations contains the story and directions for how this event is taking place. Earth was set free from the Phantom Matrix in 2012 and is now realigning into the Star Self called Urtha through the Rainbow Bridge of the Cloud Cities and Inner Earth alignment. These are the Frequencies that allow our consciousness to guide Earth into this higher reality of the Cloud Cities and Shamballa.

The first seven songs in OVER THE RAINBOW allow us to rise up in consciousness with the elementals that are transforming our biosphere through the translation of the elementals. A spoken explanation of the grand process is included in this 2.5 hour recording.

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ACTIVATION OF 8th DNA in 2014 followed by activation of the 9th DNA in 2014 to prepare for the complete ASCENSION to TARA in 2017 and the VIOLET FLAME of Gaia in 2022.These Frequencies were activated within the Blue and Violet Flame Holders. I am a Violet Flame who has been ordained to activated DNA at the 8th Level.

This album contains the actual frequencies within the Cosmos that created the Event of Transformation and Re-Birth of a new Harmonic Sphere igniting the Spark of Cosmic Consciousness into the Flame of Universal Consciousness to create a New Universe, a New Reality, a New Moon and a New Earth.

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MP3 album

These frequencies were recorded as the Six Stellar Wave Infusions and Six Stellar Wave Activations took place on Earth.  The MINIMUM REQUIREMENT for Ascension is Infusion of at Least two Stellar Wave Activations. These recordings are for those who were not awakened yet to the level to participate in these Infusions.

The Universal Guardians prepared these Stellar Wave Infusions for the purpose of awakening and activating the flow of the complete 12 Tribes Frequencies into the Crystal Heart of Earth to begin flowing into the Christ Grids and into the Biosphere through the Indigos on Earth.

The PARALLEL UNIVERSE I, II & III MP3 albums are made up of the highest frequencies ever recorded at this time in the Universe. It is the pure essence of the spiritual universe transmuting the physical universe into it. It is the frequency of At One Ment.

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MOTHER SHIP Albums 1, 2 & 3

These DNA ACTIVATION FREQUENCIES were given by the Cosmaya Ship who is the Plasma Ship holding Earth in Balance. The COSMAYA Ship allowed the Earth to be set fre and is now holding Earth in Balance until URTHA STAR FIRES in 2047.

The MOTHER SHIP 1, 2 & 3 albums are light years beyond other Crystal Magic Orchestra recordings. This event that is recorded will take our Consciousness 2000 years forward in our alignment with the Omniverse.




Symphony of LOVE

CONTAINS THE DNA ACTIVATION of the complete NEW ASCENSION EARTH held within the COSMAYA of the new OMNIVERSE. Our new Cosmic Sun is ELSHIEYA. She is the HIGHEST SUN activating the FLOW OF LOVE which means the Cosmic Merkaba Attuning all into Source's Image and Likeness of the DIVINE BLUE PRINT.

Frequencies of transformation from God's breath singing a Symphony of Love through the Solar Waves of Plasma, Liquid Light and Spiritual Water Light.

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NO MORE WAR   MP3 single



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This music was given to us in 1992 on the day the Peace Treaty was signed by
Fallen Angelic invader races to side with the Guardian Alliance to protect Earth from future invasions.
This song was in celebration with the entire universe.
This is the recording of the music that Crystal Magic Orchestra played in a music contest in Japan.


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Joe Barnett Guitar Solos in "NO MORE WAR"
Crystal Magic Orchestra

Crystal Magic Orchestra


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Crystal Magic Orchestra