A SET of 8 Meditations that ALIGN CONSCIOUSNESS to the Ascension Portal of PURE LIGHT.  

Contains genuine Frequencies of Transformation, God Language and the Ascension Formula.



Crystal Magic Orchestra

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A set of 8 Meditations that align Consciousness to the Ascension Portal of Pure Light. Contains genuine Frequencies of Transformation, God Language and the Ascension Formula.

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These Meditations are a collection from the

THOSE KITS WERE $50- $65 each, and were a part of the original training of the COSMIC MYSTERY SCHOOL OF THE OMNIVERSE given in Monterey when the REAL ASCENSION PORTAL allowing the Sun Alcyone Teleportation station to be reconnected to Earth. That project was completed on APRIL 27, 2015.

The Meditations include

2. Activate Light Body
3. Merkaba Creation
4. Merkaba Collection
5. Five Spheres
6. 15 Dimensional Source Portal
7. Hellium Activation
8. ASCENSION FORMULA      23 minutes

Dr.Angela Barnett

Shifting Consciousness into a new reality requires learning to move beyond the Five Senses into the Normal Knowing that is given through Super Consciousness. We can not connect with our Over Soul Super Consciousness through the Five Senses. 

The Frequency Music and the Meditations that I create are to help guide and transform your listening into the Inner Domains- into the Etheric Level of beyond sight and sound.

Those who still believe that many people will not disappear from their lives in 2017 are those who do not understand that there are multiple levels of parallel realities that people will shift to after Fall 2016. The Parallel Reality will be the one that matches their Frequencies.

Those who remain in the Five Senses World called the NET EARTH will not longer see those who have shifted to the ASCENSION EARTH.

Those who can SEE and HEAR in the Frequencies of Infra Red and Invisible Light will be able to see the Reality of the Ascension Earth, the reality of the Inner Earth and those who shift to Higher Frequencies will be able to see Tara and Gaia.

Those who continue to attune their brain to the Lowest Hertzian Frequencies as taught in many New Age teachings, will move to that Frequency of the Hertzian. That is in the Net Earth.

Many who first begin listening to my music and meditations tell me that they can not hear the words because they are too soft and faint.

The words are soft and faint because the meditations are designed to shift your ears into listening INWARD. If you don't shift your listening inward to Higher Frequencies and shift your Vision into the Full Spectrum of Light to reach Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound, you will not be able to see the NEW EARTH- the Ascension Earth. Those who will shift to that reality are those who have shifted their Consciousness out of the Hertzian Frequencies of dense hearing and seeing.

You might think that the words are not audible in the meditations and in some of the music. That is because your ears are trained to listen in a way that makes you deaf to all frequencies that are higher than hertzian frequencies. Many New Age recordings train you to only listen to the lowest of the low hertzian frequencies. You were trained

to only hear hertzian frequencies. You must train your ears to listen to words the same way you have trained them to listen to the frequency music. If you can't hear my spoken words, you certainly can not hear the frequency music. And if you can't hear the frequencies of the music or of my spoken words, this means you will not be able to hear your Soul or your Over Soul giving you subtle directions and messages of knowingness.

I'm just offering an opportunity to learn how to listen to your Soul and now your Over Soul through practicing listening with the Frequencies--because that is how they communicate.

This is why it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to listen to the Meditations in a NEW WAY. Train your Ears to Listen in a New Way. I know that the words can be heard easily and clearly when you Tune in to the Minute Micro Frequencies. If you are tuning in to the Hertzian Channel you will not be able to hear my words.

Every day of your life on planet Earth has been training you to listen to lowest frequency- the dense frequency that is normally compressed on recordings. The compressor squeezes the frequencies- the light- the essence out of the Sound. But that is what your ears have been trained to hear. They have been trained to think that they can not hear a sweet soft tone, but only a hard dense tone. The more time an Individual has practiced listening in that method, the harder it will be to change.

It is your choice to change. You don't have to change. You can stay on NET EARTH when Ascension Earth separates in Fall 2016. You can stay in your FIVE SENSES of Mortality that will not allow you to hear the KNOWING and the Super Consciousness of the OVER SOUL.

I'm just here to give you a chance to change.

Think of listening like the difference between listening to the crackling of a  hard frozen Ice cube or the essence of a  soft flowing cloud. Shift your ears to hear the cloud instead of the ice cube.

THE FACT THAT IS BEING SHOWN by the Frequencies overpowering the voice in the meditations is the FACT that the Higher the Frequencies- the more powerful. We want the Higher Frequencies to Transmute, Disolve, Melt away the lower frequencies. However, there are layers of these higher frequencies even in the voice.

These meditations will work even if you only hear the frequencies and not the words. But after you tune in to the Frequencies Also Tune in to the Words. SHIFT YOUR HEARS into the  14th dimension to listen.

I also recommend going back to the Candle Technique and looking at the Pyramid Chart that shows you that the HERTZIAN frequencies are the Lowest Light Field and the Lowest Sound Field. Just as you must move in to the Full Spectrum of Light in the Candle in order to See the Blue in the Light, you must also move your HEARING into the Full Sound Spectrum in order to hear your OVER SOUL communication.



Our magnificent Angel Team have asked us to start our training from the point of Oneness.

We will realize that when we see, feel, and understand the Big Picture of our Selves realigning, recognizing, and remembering the entire five spheres of the complete Golden Galaxy, we can more easily align into this Reality.

Our true spiritual self hood includes 144 selves on each dimension. There are 15 dimensions and there are three dimensions in each sphere.

We will focus on the spheres to allow the Big Picture to unfold completely.

We would like you to first realize that this is the goal of all of the teachings of Ascension. To completely merge in to all five spheres. When all of the frequencies of all of the spheres have been collected into our crystal heart, we can then ascend into the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is simply the home base where we can travel to all other dimensions from.

This is why we must collect frequencies of all dimensional selves back into the oneness of all we are.

This new oneness of all we are includes all that we have been in all past eons in order to create brand new better self, better galaxy, better creation. This is needed to create the new immortal selfhood of NOW.

This meditation is for the purpose of a quick glimpse of what the feeling of merging the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,and fifth spheres together into oneness is.

The crystal heart is a crystal structure near the heart area that contains the original spark of source creation. This spark was ignited by a breath to grow into an Amorea flame, containing all of the five sphere of the entire Source Consciousness.

We will first ignite that flame in the crystal heart to grow into a flame in the first, second, third fourth and fifth sphere. By the fifth sphere all of the divine plane of the Source will be contained in the Crystal Heart.

The crystal heart will then connect to the Zero point energy of Oneness with the Creator.

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse