Learn how to use the Candle to transform your Consciousness into the Mind of God. Learn how to absorb all of the Frequencies of the Full Spectrum of Light in order to create a new reality. Learn how to become the Blue Body of the Fifth Dimension. Learn how to connect to the Mind of God. Find the medulla oblongata below your skull and focus on that area when you become the full spectrum of light that you absorb into the Stem of the Candle. Imagine you are the stem of the Candle absorbing all of the Light Spectrum. Now, focus on that stream of Light from the Stem into your medulla oblongata (MIND OF GOD SPOT).

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The Cetacean Nation Paving a Pathway to Heaven

Dr. Angela Barnett's  Violet Orb

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The Violet Orb is the Substance that my Eternal Spiritual Body is made of. I was given this Orb to show the world that we were all created from this Plasma Substance which is Anti Particle Substance of our Spiritual Bodies. This DVD shows how we actually turn our bodies into this Plasma Orb in order to create an Ascension Portal back through the Birth Place of the Co-Creation Center of Source.

I was trained by the Elohim of Hearing to Bring the Highest Frequencies to
Earth by creating three Spheres of Crystal Liquid Light (Spiritual Water Vapor- Hydrolaise), Crystal Dust (Plasma) and Crystal Gel (Gelaisic Radiation).

The pictures in the DVD show me exhaling this Frequency into the Palms of my hands after I had connected Consciousness to the Highest Point in the Cosmos, through the help of the Elohim of Hearing.

We were guided to this specific place on the beach of the Monterey Bay, to create an Ascension Portal together with the Cosmic Cetaceans from Sun Ha. I am Dr. Angela Barnett. My Violet Orb is Crystalai. My Cosmic Twin is aDolphino. We are from Sun La.

We were sent to Monterey to create this Ascension Portal from the Violet Suns, Ha and La.

The Sun Ha is the Place where the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Family were born, and Sun La is the Seventh Sun. The Sixth and Seventh Suns were always very close family and friends for millions of years.

We came on a team together to create the Aquafarian Foundation for the Earth to be reborn from over five million years ago. I was called back to Monterey, and I was told that this was the place where I had created a Portal Five Million Years ago, and it was time to create that portal once again.

The Crystal Cities in the Monterey Bay are known to many residents of that city. The place where we were told to perform the Ascension Portal creation was directly in front of a BLACK HOLE in the water. The Marine Base had a continuous project of sending divers into this area, and each time they disappeared.

We watched millions of dolphins and whales go through their ascension into the Cloud Cities.

This DVD explains many things about the MASS ASCENSION that have never been revealed before. The Guardians arranged to have these pictures of the Violet Orb so that we would be able to tell our story at this time. A Picture says a thousand words.

The Violet Orb is me. It is Crystalai. It is the self that brought me to Earth and it is the self that will take me home. Many of us will learn how to ORB in order to Ascend from Earth in the next two decades.

The entire story of our Cosmic Ascension Story can be read in the Cosmic Twins book. It is a story of how we planned this adventure millions of years ago, and how we planned to return to Earth in order to return our Cetacean Friends who had become Demons during the Electric Wars back to Source.

aDolphino was possessed by three demons who needed a ride back to Source. Those who are possessed by demons always had to die in all of the times before.

This time aDolphino did transport the demons back to Source and then he returned to his body. He did die, but Crystalai brought his Soul back to his body. The FAtaLee Demons were the Blue Dragons who were at one time our very close family and friends. We planned this trip to Earth to create the Ascension Portal for all family and friends in the Violet Suns.

The place that we watched the Dolphins and Whales Rise into was the Cloud Cities in the New Earth.

This portal will  bring us into a time continuum shift as we move into the slide zones that lead to the New Earth, which contains the frequencies of both Earth and the Hosting Shield called Aquafaria. 

Aquafaria is only one part of the entire Cloud City structure that will allow us to slide back into our original home. Just as we watched the Dolphins and Whales slide into this new reality, we will also be able to do this after 2017.

Some will be able to shift up into the highest level of this New Ascension Earth and continue on up into Urtha and go into Star Burst with Urtha - beyond Tara and into Gaia. Others will stay in the lower 5D fields of the Ascension Earth Zone that is almost identical to this earth with all of the darkness removed.  Our Starry Families have created this Bridge Zone that is like a rainbow field of possibilities allowing everyone to transform into their 12 DNA divine blue print during this window of time. Everyone will have access to this Divine Blue Print. Not all will become aware of it immediately, however. It may take some the rest of their lifetime to awaken to the new reality- for others it will happen spontaneously.
The Cetacean Nation Paving a Pathway to Heaven
Crystalai's  Violet Orb



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