Crystal Magic Orchestra

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The MANIFESTATION MERKABA high frequency Album and the Filling Cells with Light audio meditation and Includes the INSTANT MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP 77 page E-Book. This Manifestation Merkaba album places the listener in the merkaba mechanics that spin them into higher and higher levels of reality by raising their frequencies into higher dimensions. The requirement of Manifestation is hold the Mind and Body within this Portal that is created around the body when the Merkaba technology is activated. Please use this set of Frequency Music to place your Consciousness within the Portal of Manifestation. You may also choose the Personalized Manifestaion Merkaba album, if you prefer the Maximum potential of this MANIFESTATION TECHNOLOGY. Those who order this album will be given the FREE GIFT of the MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP COURSE that will guide you through the entire process of Manifestation and using the music correctly. You are invited to listen an entire song from the album on the attached YouTube by pressing READ MORE.

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This Manifestation Merkaba album places the listener in the merkaba mechanics that spin them into higher and higher levels of reality by raising their frequencies into higher dimensions. The requirement of Manifestation is hold the Mind and Body within this Portal that is created around the body when the Merkaba technology is activated. Please use this set of Frequency Music to place your Consciousness within the Portal of Manifestation.

You are invited to listen an entire song from the album on the YouTube immediately below by pressing PLAY.


Contains all of the God Language Codes for DNA ACTIVATION wrapped within the UNIVERSAL MERKABA that spins the reality of all 12 Spiritual Universes into Absolute Oneness and wraps the frequencies into the Crystal Seals between the DNA to melt the seals and activate COMPLETE DNA ACTIVATION.

THE KEYS TO MANIFESTATION include 1. Raising Frequencies into the Source Field ,2. Focus on the Desired Idea, 3.Believe that the Higher Self creates all of your Hearts desires to be manifest in your Reality Field (atomic radial screen around you that your reality is projected into) 4. GRATITUDE that you have shifted into a BRAND NEW REALITY where all of your Dreams Come True. 5. Gratitude magnified into the BLISS of SHIFTING into that VERSION OF YOUR REALITY.

THE MANIFESTATION MERKABA SET includes the FREQUENCIES and the GOD LANGUAGE that insures that your Raise your Frequencies into the Source Field. Insures that you stay in the Merkaba that is spinning you into At One Ment with that reality field, allows you to Focus on the Desired Idea, allows you to Feel the Gratitude and the Bliss.

There are 4  MANIFESTATION MERKABA MUSIC listening samples in the Music Player to the left.  Click on the Play button to hear them.

MANIFESTATION MERKABA  uses the the magical power of the Merkaba as the power of ONENESS. The merkaba spins at the rate of ten thousand times the speed of light with the help of the sphere of Divine Love which holds the merkaba in perfect harmonic balance with the Source Field of Infinite Creation. The first requirement is the Mind must be held completely and continuously in the HIGHEST FREQUENCY during the process of Focusing on the desired manifestation.

This is the most difficult part of Manifestation. To keep the Mind completely within the entire field of the Mind of God- the Highest Frequency of Source is only possible with the use of the Merkaba. And I have learned that the process of "thinking about" the merkaba and the activation and use of the Merkaba distracts me from focusing on the Item that I desire to Manifest.

This Album meets two of the requirements for Manifestation. It keeps the mind FOCUSED within the Highest Frequency so that the listener can Focus on the desired item while remaining in the highest frequency of Source Consciousness.

This album also contains all of the Codes of Manifestation and Ascension that were in your favorite album called the ASCENSION KIT. The favorite coded songs from the Ascension Kit are used in this Album to activate the Spiritual Overtones and Physical Basetones within the cellular memory. This activation is also requirement for activating the memory of our Eternal Lives that have been held within the Crystal Core Domain of Inner Earth. Now is the time for beginning that activation of our memory.

We had our minds completely removed from us by the Galactic Federation in 3400 BC. The memory and records and history that were reproduced for us to believe was the correct history of this world is a complete re-write designed to help the Fallen Angelics complete their mission of One World Order in 2012.

We have already won the war of Armagedon. We have already risen beyond the possibility of the OWO of the Fallen Angelics. We have already had our true memory returned to the Crystal Core Inner Domains of Earth's Consciousness Field.

Now, is the time we can begin remembering who we are. The most important thing that we need to manifest at this time is the memory of who we really are.

The codes that activate this memory are in the Manifestation Merkaba Album. The Album is designed to focus on that manifestation. It can also be used to focus on any other desired manifestation.

So, here we have this great plan of orchestration, where the greatest Musician - Source- is breathing into the EAR of the Elohim of Hearing.

The Elohim of Hearing is co-creating Sources symphony of Love in the Cosmos. The Cosmic Consciousness of the 15th, 14th and 13th dimensions hold that Divine Frequency Signature as their Tone of Home.

Next, the angelic Consciousness from the 13th dimension holds this glorious tone of home and wants to become the co-creator who will hold the spiritual overtone rhythm that pulls in the harmonic convergence of the 12th dimension or 12th harmonic frequency signature back together with the base tones in each DNA strand. This 12th dimension will become the grand creation of those frequency signatures from the Cosmos creating a glorious form of Light and Sound that can be heard as the Elohim of Hearing and also seen as the Light from the Crystalite Energy Entity.

So, now there is this wonderous sound of Angelic Choirs singing this glorious symphony of Light and Sound creating stars in the sky.

That 12th dimensional starry creation was called the Christic or Universal because it contained the Sound of the Highest Frequency or the Breath and Light of the Source - the Spark was breathed upon to become the Light.

This was the formula of the grand Musician. He would have a glorious idea. He would breathe the Consciousness of that idea onto a spark. That spark would ignite a glorious creation of Light. So here was this beautiful Divine Template or plan that all creation would be built upon.

All is perfect and all will always be perfect as  long as this original template of creation remains.

So, now all orchestrations that were co-created by the entities of light and sound were breathed into formation from the base tone rhythm of Source Consciousness and the base tone rhythm of Cosmic Consciousness.

Now, the 12th dimension becomes the new creator. This Christ frequency contains the divine template that all new symphonies of Love are created from.

So, we have the Christic Universal Musical Sphere of Consciousness - the 12th, 11th and 10th dimensions combining to create glorious universes full of stars.

The stars get together with their Cosmic creators who breathe the highest frequency of Source Consciousness onto the stars to create a Sun. now, we have the base tone rhythm of the Universal Frequency lifting into resonance the Galactic Sphere of the 9th, 8th and 7th dimensions. the galactic sphere would hold the Music of the Spheres that would create Suns.

These suns wanted to have entities who could experience all that had been created. Source wanted to experience himself. The Suns created stars that contained cities of light. The cities of light were created from the sound of crystalite energy. The stars and the cities of light hummed a glorious symphony. The symphony contained melodies of individual ideas. These melodies were called man.

The man of this glorious light and sound of the galaxy could create his own melodies. The melodies became the base tone rhythm to create solar systems that contained these entities individual creations from their own unique tone of home.

These entities called man were gods or co-creators with Source. They were still creating all from the original Highest Frequency of Source breathed into the Life by the Elohim of Hearing, formed into the Universal Star System experiences as Suns, Stars and Cities of Light.

Now, we have this glorious formula of creation. It is still in the  perfect form of Divine Consciousness or the Highest Frequency of Source.

Now, we come to my part of the orchestration. I am Crystalai, and my Soul Merge Partner is aDolphino. We are here to create music from the Highest Frequency of Source with the help of the Elohim (The breath of Source Consciousness becoming manifest as Cosmic Consciousness in it's most perfect form) of hearing. We are assisted by Crystal Light Energy who contains the original spark of Source. This Crystal Light Energy is Now streaming the Light Energy or Consciousness from Sun Alcyone - our original Sun of Creation in Aquarius Galaxy (Galactic Creation) into our Template to help pull us back up into the Base Tone Rhythm of Universal Consciousness which creates the harmonic convergence zone to be pulled into Cosmic Consciousness through the oscillation patterns of the Elohim of Hearing.

So, now we have three spheres of energy in our hands - crystal light , crystal dust and crystal gel. This is the creation substance the prana that all is created from in the Quantum Field. We had this Divine Substance of co=creation returned to us through our Elohim Team.

These three spheres contain the frequencies of pre light and pre sound of the etheric crystallization of plasma and hydrolaise- the etheric, invisible substance of creation.

We must go back to the original corrected chemical base of our creation at the etheric level. Our Etheric Body within our Crystal Heart area must once again become saturated with the starry substance and the liquid light substance that we were originally created from. The more we inhale this starry substance from the three crystal spheres into our Crystal Heart and into our Pineal Gland and into every cell in our body, the faster our alignment with immortality will appear.

We oscillate our Consciousness into the Highest Frequency of Source through the Base Tone Rhythm of the Elohim of Hearing.

How do we know that we have received this perfect tone before we record it and use it to create another grand symphony?

We have learned that all bands of light and sound have frequency patterns. These frequency patterns can now be seen recorded on the screen of the mixing board. The highest frequencies are the highest, fastest streams of light. They can be seen as the tiny little spikes on the screen and the lower frequencies can be seen as the lower slower blobs on the screen. When I record, I always call on an entity to come forth before I breathe the frequency signature of that entity. While I am saying Crystal Light Energy come forth, those words register on the screen as very low flat lines. But, when I exhale the breath of that frequency, the line of light are very high or fast.

The purer my consciousness is, the keener my focus is, the more perfectly I oscillate my consciousness into Perfect Oneness with Elohim of Hearing and into the three spheres o crystal light energy - the higher the peaks of frequency become on the screen.

After I spend several hours getting to the point where I feel I may have achieved that perfect peak of performance where my breath actually captured that perfect key signature of Oneness that my Consciousness was reaching for, I go back and listen to each of those tiny peaks that I recorded. Each peak only lasts a few seconds. So, I may record for one or two minutes an then find one little peak second that feels like it holds the Highest Frequency or the Magical Tone of Home that reproduces the magic of the Divine Template Frequency that I am searching for as the co-creator with Divine Consciousness. How do I know if I've succeeded ? I can feel it. I can feel the healing, the shifting, the lifting into Oneness with that same Divine Template that Cosmic Consciousness created when their Base Tone Rhythm created the harmonic convergence with the 12th dimension to create the Great Divine Template that all symphonies would sing from.

Those entities who created the symphony that formed the Mother Earth as the original Gaia are the same Aquafarian Blue Crystal Entities who hold the frequencies of the three spheres of crystal energy and the Divine Frequency of Creation. Their light and sound is here with us now co-creating our re-birth into that Divine Template.

As our pattern of recreating the Divine Template of each individual is perfected, we will create together a new divine template inside our recording studio that can replicate that perfect creation signature over and over again.

This exact Mother Board of Creation is used on the  Mother Ship. That Mother Ship is our Aquafarion co-creative consciousness that creates through the Music of the Spheres. Sananda sent this Divine Blue Print to Mother Earth through his template Jeshua 12. That template was in the form of a man- but the frequency signature came through his breath. We were given this same breath. The breath of Christ - The Universal Template. We breathe this frequency as we oscillate our consciousness into the Universal Template through Elohim of Hearing. We align our template through the activation of Sun Alcyone and the Inner Sun of Mother Earth. This is the same process used by Jeshua 12. We are here to return all into their Divine Blue Print through the process of individual alignment into the Divine Template or the Universal Template Frequency Signature.




You are made in the image and likeness of God.
You are made in the image and likeness of Divine Love.
You are made in the image and likeness of Divine Peace.
Keep consciousness tuned into your higher self.
Know your prayer is already answered before you ask
because your higher self is you and your higher self manifests everything in your life.
Keep consciousness tuned into your higher self.