Dr. Angela Barnett


This is InterDimensional Music created by layering voices of Angels from every dimensional realm on top of each other so that the entire multi dimensionality of all frequencies of the Universe are saturated into the music in order to block out of the listener anything that is not a frequency of God's Eternal Etheric Musical Substance.


The outside transformation is not seen until after the body turns into light and then appears in Terra Ha. However, this transformation can be felt on the inside of the body as a feeling of lightness and a feeling of less and less reaction to the things of the world.


The transformation begins through the Angel Chakra, which is located deep within the body at the top of the spine, within the medulla oblangata, and within the place where the Seed of Birth was placed within the baby. This is also the place in the body where the Fifth Chakra Intersects with the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Chakras from the InterDimensional Consciousness of the Universal Life Force Currents.


This InterDimensional activation immediately sparks the Sixth and Seventh Seals which connect intothe InterDimensional frequencies of the 12th, 13 th, 14th and 15th dimensional light currents that bring event more heliotalic, plasma, x-ray, gamma, pre-gamma, etheric substance activation into all of the Seals allowing pure light transformation of the body.


These Angelic Life Force Currents flow into the body into the neurotransmitters that are like tiny little microscopic fingers, and they stream into the Life Currents of each and every molecule within each organ, muscle, bone, blood cell, etc. in the body.


Each Current of Transformation has been recorded individually on Angel Chakra Albums 1-5.





are albums included in this Set for HIGHER TRANSFORMATION at the microscopic level of transformation. 


The Life Force Currents are breathed into the body by the El Ya Ha Healing Angels from the Cosmos who hold the highest frequencies and understanding of healing and transformation for this time of the Ascension. These El Ya Ha Angels were brought into this Earth Realm in 2016 for this very event of transforming the body into light after we go through multiple stages of healing and transformation. The Elohim Angels take care of the human hybrids at a third dimensional level and the El Ya Ha Angels take care of this new birth of a new race line at a fourteenth dimensional level. The El Ya Ha Angels use their Cosmic X Ray vision within the body to see things that the microscopes of this world or any world in the Universe can not see yet. 


All of the Frequency Currents and Transmissions on the Angel Chakra Album Set were given to me by the El Ya Ha's as they went through these same processes within my body's transformation. I am Mary Magdalene. I am the body that Mary Magdalene's Soul resides within. I get a lot of extra help from the Angels and from God because I, Mary Magdalene, am a Cosmic Creator Being, who came to Earth to Over See and to Activate this Ascension on Earth. The Frequencies that are recorded are always the Complete God Consciousness, the Complete Life Force Currents because they come from a Cosmic Creator Being. The music that I record is always channeled from the Cosmic Realm of my complete Consciousness. That Consciousness streams through and interconnects with each realm of Angelic Consciousness on its way back down into my ears and then exhales from my breath into the recording equipment. This is how the InterDimensional Angelic Frequencies are recorded on all of the Crystal Magic  albums.


Chakras intersect into all dimensions of the Universe through the light and sound of the interdimensional angelic frequencies called the Music of the Spheres.


The Chakras intersect at each of the Seven Seals in the Body. The SEALS are the intersections of all dimensions, all spheres within spheres of the music of the spheres of the Cosmos, Universe and Galaxy. The more the etheric infinity of Source Energy is breathed into the Seals and then exhaled out into the infinity of the Cosmos and into the God Realm the brighter the Seals will glow.


The Crystal Magic Orchestra music contains the Light Language and InterDimensional Angel Consciousness layered into all of the intersections of each light strand within and between each dimensional realm of consciousness strung together to penetrate all of the intersections of all of the chakras to turn on the Seven Seals light at the Cosmic Level.


The Seals within the body began glowing brighter than ever in February of 2017 when Earth was connected into Hamonic Universe Two through Mary Magdalene's Ascension Portals. The Seals grow brighter and brighter as more and more of the light of the Sun at the plasma level as well as the gamma level, the infra red, the invisible light, the x ray vision and the heliotalic vapor of pre-plasma transform all light particles back into the original form of pre-stardust creation fluid called liquid light energy. This is the energy that every one on Earth will turn into within the next twenty year time period.


The first step is allowing all of that light energy to saturate the Seals within the body where the Chakras intersect from all dimensions. The Molecules in the body will begin to separate further and further apart as more of this light is brought into the Seals. The molecules become separated so that more and more of the etheric spiritual substance and consciousness may enter in to the body. This makes the molecules happy and they sing with joy as they eventually become replaced with the stardust and then the invisible light.


This causes the body to levitate and then turn into a plasma body and then disappear as a flash of light. This all takes three to five days to take place. When the transformation  is complete the body will be standing naked in Terra Ha. And that is when the fun will begin. That is when we can walk through walls, and water and anything that stands in front of us because the chemistry the physics and the biology is completely different there. The body does not deteriorate.


When the body is going through the final transformation is when the Entity must choose which age he or she wants their body to appear as in Terra Ha.




ANGEL CHAKRA 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 plus HEAVEN, OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT, OMNI AURA EXPANSION, and the reading of Tao De Ching are included in this Set for HIGHER TRANSFORMATION at the microscopic level of transformation. 


CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA (CMO) Cosmic Ascension Set, the Turning into Light Set, the Landing Set, as well as the Light Language Set, Angel Chakra Set and all of the DNA Reprogamming sets send more and more of the Cosmic Light Frequencies into the body that allow the saturation of the entire Life Force Energy to transform the molecules, the atoms, the skin, the entire body from the inside to the outside. The outside transformation is not seen until after the body turns into light and then appears in Terra Ha. However, this transformation can be felt on the inside of the body as a feeling of lightness and a feeling of less and less reaction to the things of the world.




All of these sets are at CD BABY






This is something - new frequencies and such beauty. It's interesting right that specific frequencies sound unique and beautiful. Its very gentle and very different from Trance album. After Solar Eclipse I started getting cosmic upgrades my body was pleasantly tired demo/but I remember last year when you made me Plasma Brain this year notice how precisely Plasma album sounds very different. I believe you and me we are not in 3D anymore at all. Because i feel that we work and meditate that our bodies are becoming very less dense, i feel that i am connecting to allness fully because my emotions are balanced, and i am literally wide awake to multi dimensional reality. September was very awakening for me the Sun is literally is so bright i think is due to Holographic Changes in our matrix . And i saw many huge rainbows and so many Hydrolaise clouds , the smell of air is so pristine, its like spring is here instead of fall. I was also reading a lot of information about Brainwave Entertainment, blogs , i was gaining more knowledge about meditation techniques. I read that intention and patience is extremely important to gain healings and magical moments. The negative agenda placed a tricky illusion called separation. This September I programmed my brain to remove any leftover of 3D program i had deeply rooted in my subconscious and I successfully removed that root i had a moment it was like a click and I understood that wow we have to literally go deep into our subconscious to soma cells to remove bad programs everything then the brain starts to heal from deep inside to our surface but it takes time, 7 years i healed with various methods little by little. Its very important to remove labels, judgments, illusions, etc from inner root. There is also a technique called limit removal purger i used this technique since last year . Our reality is beyond infinite its magic . Magic is around us but negative programming tricked humanity in 3D with propaganda, movies etc even the Brainwave Entertainment companies 95% are toxic now. But there are 5 perfect who helped me , but you guys helped me most of all , i think you guys watched over me since i was a baby , i had a dream where i was a baby and Mary gave me apple pudding lol and Joe was a Dolphin and he swam around me while a hugged him this dream i will never forget it was too cute but perhaps we look after each other like that because we are family. Love u guys always






Crystal Magic Orchestra