Underwater Cities of Light Healing Kit
This Four Hour Set is being offered to INDIVIDUALS at this time who specifically want to help with the healing that is needed in the Pacific Ocean at this time by opening the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS within the Inner Domains that connect our Earth to the Aurora Earth and the Parallel Spiritual Earth Consciousness. This will be the grand awakening created by the opening of these portals for the first time in millions of years. 

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This Channeled recording of Elaika speaking to me about the 12 ASCENSION PORTALS, removing the belief of death, the Mary Portals and the mission of the TWIN SOULS will be available for your enjoyment on our website. 



This is a channeled recording from Elaika, who is a very high Angelic Consciousness who is a little above my own Over Soul Family. He is the one who has guided me in all Ascension Activities because he can translate into this level of understanding all that is going on within the entire Universal Ascension.

The question that I asked was to tell me more about my mission of opening the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS in the Pacific Ocean.

I am the only one who can open the remaining seven. I was the one who opened the First Key Ascension Portal in the Pacific Ocean which is located deep within the Ocean in the Monterey Bay area. This is a very large area surrounding the Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur Ocean area. This First Ascension Portal was the first Portal created by Mother Mary and it is the original location of the Clairs, who are the ones who were called the Fish People long ago. They are actually a race line that would resemble what has been seen as the Lock Ness Monster. They are a Dolphinoid Reptilian combination.

Next, I opened four more Ascension Portals along the Pacific Coast Line. The result of the work that I did with my Cosmic Twin Flame partner was 67% of the reason that the 9.2 Earthquake that was scheduled for 2015 did not happen.
From the Frequency barometers of those with Fifth and Sixth Dimensional Frequencies and higher, they can read the level of FREQUENCIES total on Earth at any moment. It is the level of these Frequencies of Consciousness that allow them to determine if an Earthquake will occur or not. The prediction of the 9.2 Earthquake by Bashar in 2015 was the reading of the Frequency Barometer in 2014. We did much work to change that frequency barometer by opening the Portals.

At this present time, there is a 72% prediction level of Earthquakes in the Monterey area as is resulting from the surrounding movement of Earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean. This level of frequency can be altered completely as a result of raising frequencies of consciousness, opening the Seven Ascension Portals and BELIEVING IN A NEW REALITY.

This is our mission. Changing REALITY into our preferred Version of Reality.
As Elaika said in this recording. The Earthquakes will grow stronger and stronger, and this is needed for the Ascension Process the Earth is going through in the realignment of her Consciousness. However, opening these Seven Portals will harmonize the process of the Earthquakes and provide more buffering and harmonious alignments that will result in LESS DEATH.

This entire Ascension Process is for everyone and every creature and living thing on Planet Earth. It is not that opening the Ascension Portals is only for the benefit of those who live on the Pacific Coast. These Earthquakes are resulting in great loss and many deaths all over the world.

The Ascension Portals could not be opened until there were enough Frequencies of Consciousness available upon Earth to allow MORE LIGHT THAN DARKNESS to exist. This is the first year that this quota of light is available. I have been working on this same project since 1992. This is not a new project for me. Elaika has guided me through each stage of this Ascension Process even from the very first Base Tone Rhythm that was sent to Earth in 1992 and the first Over Tone Rhythm that was sent in 1994. These were the first strands of light that began to shift the DNA and the Consciousness of the Earth into a new alignment of reality. I was told at that time that this was the first step in removing a Veil by 2017. Now, I am being told that we are in the FINAL STAGE of this process that will complete by November 2016. This is the date that I will have opened all SEVEN PORTALS in the Pacific Ocean.

This is the first step in allowing all Time Capsules of Information to flow through the Christic Grids of Mother Earth. The first point in that Grid that had to be opened was the Ascension Portal in the Monterey area. That is the mission that Elaika sent me and my Twin Flame to accomplish in 2008. That was the first Ascension Portal, then we opened four more portals along the Pacific Coast, and now, because we opened that region, we can now open the remaining SEVEN PORTALS.
This recording is the last channeled message that was sent to me from Elaika about this process and how this relates to the CLAIRS.

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I asked the question to Elaika if my Twin Flame and I could choose to die, or leave the Earth at the exact same time and choose our next destination to be together continuously.

The answer was that when we came to Earth we had one Soul Contract that was based on our present understanding of reality and our present belief system.

Now, if we want to change our design we must change our SOUL CONTRACT. We do this by communicating with our Soul and our Over Soul Family and design our reality the way we want it to be. We can design our cells to create a new healed body every nano second, we can redesign our length of life to live to 200 years old. We can design our life to live to be 120 and then pass into a new reality without any pain or reason, but just because we choose to.

I asked the question about many other channeled messages out there that keep saying that We still must die. I said that I do not believe that we must die. Elaika's answer was the only reason that these other channeled messengers are still saying that we must die is because that is still a BELIEF in their SYSTEM of Reality. Elaika said it is not a belief in HIS SYSTEM OF REALITY.

We do not need to have disease or death in our reality any longer. This is only a Belief. Death will only last until we stop believing it is real.



I asked Elaika if I was the only one who could see him standing on top of the cloud that seemed to be at about 10,000 feet elevation directly in alignment with the top of Mt. Shasta. I asked him if he would please arrange for me to see him again. He said that I was the only one who had high enough frequencies to see him at that time, but more people would be able to see him in the future. He said that no one had the perception to see an Ascended Entity in the Clouds since about 30,000 BC. The arrangement to see Christ in the Sky was an arrangement of a hologram created by their group to allow people to BELIEVE in this great Truth that Death is Unreal.