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Free YouTubes to hear the story of the COSMIC TWINS. If you would like to learn more about the project of opening the First Ascension Portal in Monterey,  California there is a YouTube series explaining this adventure.


Dr. Angela Barnett and Joe Barnett, M.A.

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Dr. Angela Barnett

This Four Hour Set is being offered to INDIVIDUALS at this time who specifically want to help with the healing that is needed in the Pacific Ocean at this time by opening the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS within the Inner Domains that connect our Earth to the Aurora Earth and the Parallel Spiritual Earth Consciousness. This will be the grand awakening created by the opening of these portals for the first time in millions of years. This will tilt the amount of light flowing through the Earth to become much much higher than the Shadows that have blocked our Light flow through the Grids. This will be the greatest expansion of Consciousness on Planet Earth that has taken place in millions of years. This is a much grander event than the change of Galactic Consciousness of the past 70,000 years. When the great explosion of light flows through these portals in the Fall Equinox, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FOREVER.

These ASCENSION PORTALS must open before our true ascension can begin. I was told that I am the only one one Earth (together with my Cosmic Twin) who can open these portals. HARD TO BELIEVE? Well it is even harder for me to believe. But, I do know that we did it in Monterey. I saw it with my own eyes. I was just told by the Ascension Teams that it is the Frequencies that have been accumulated over many incarnations on this planet when we worked on this same project for millions of years that have prepared this specific contract within us long before we were born.

The head of my Ascension Team, Elaika, who is a 12th Dimensional Entity from the Universal Councils asked my Cosmic Twin Flame and I to open the Seven Ascension Portals between Earth and Parallel Spiritual Earth within the Under Water Cities of Light. Those living within the Underwater Cities of Light will be able to remove all of the radiation from the oceans once they are free to move between domains after the portals are open. Presently those in the Cities of Light are locked out of our Ocean Domains of the Cetacean Nation. 

When the ASCENSION PORTALS are opened, this will cause more and more of a harmonic balance within the Pacific Ring of Fire, and eventually all earthquakes will stop once this project is complete. We plan to complete the project by November. This is an essential project to the complete new alignment of Earth in the Fall Solstice and the completion by the Winter Solstice of 2016. 
Elaika told me that after the Music is Created by the Cosmic Twin Flame- Joe and Angela- the Frequencies are woven through the Consciousness of the Entire Over Soul of the Universal Council and our Frequencies become 2400 times stronger than any person on Earth.

I asked Elaika if these frequencies are increased when people all over the world listen to our music. Elaika said that each time this music is listened to by others the frequencies produced go into an infinity loop between the listener and the Crystal Magic Orchestra Consciousness. This is why the use of these frequencies at this time can have astronomical effects on the harmonic balance of the Ascension Portals that are being unbalanced within the Inner Earth Domains.

We - the Crystal Magic Orchestra Group - including the Universal Councils - are working continuously on this project, and we are inviting those of you who would like to participate to work with us this week as often as possible.
We created this Kit for you to use.

If you want to work on this GREATEST of all Healing Activities ever needed on Earth that will help save the lives of thousands within and thousands on top of the Earth, join us in this activity now. The project will be complete by November, 2016. We have been asked to spend an entire month on each of the seven portals. 
We completed the first Ascension Portal of the Pacific from our location in Monterey, California. After that we opened four more along the California Coast line. Next, we have been asked to work on the two most southern portals first and then the three in the middle and then the two at the top. Of course, it is always good to keep focusing harmonic alignment into all seven portals as well.

We have the frequencies that can open the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS  in the Pacific Ocean. THEY ARE ON THIS ALBUM.

The UNDER WATER CITIES OF LIGHT KIT contains a Meditation Set with


As well as the Underwater Journey itself into the Crystal Caves with the Oraphim Cosmic Dolphins and the Inner Earth Cetacean Nation.

The Directions and Meditations are followed by Three and one half hours of MUSIC containing frequency signatures, sound tones, vortex co-ordinates and the frequencies that align the spiritual and physical vortices into harmonic union through the Ascension Portals connecting physical and parallel spiritual Earth.

Cities of Light
Crystalline Grid
Crystal Water
Inner domains Journey
Love Activation
Subterranional Harmonization
Swimming Within
Underwater Cities
Underwater Portal

These are the formulas for preparing your body, your DNA and your Neuronets for taking your journey into the Inner Earth Underwater Cities of Light. Taking this journey in consciousness and streaming the frequencies of the music through your neuronets is what will repair the crystalline grids that are blocking the flow of Consciousness from the Underwater Cities of Light in the Pacific Ocean. The more we work on this project, the faster the grids will repair,which will unlock our Inner Earth friends and family and it will stop the Earthquakes which are being caused by the same reason.

The FOUNDATION MEDITATION should be done by those who have never participated in any of the Ascension Journeys or Merkaba Training. This is a basic over view of how to use the merkaba vehicle to collect the frequencies from all five spheres of the music of the spheres, which prepares the body for ascension into higher harmonic universes.

We must first prepare our bodies to become zero balance energy with the spiritual and physical. We must first line our bodies with the garments of white light linen, with the golden dust garment, with the cloak of many colors - the rainbow energy or iridescent energy. We can then walk through the Diamond Door. Our Consciousness must be raised into these frequencies of the white light, the golden light, the rainbow light, the crystal light energy before we can truly walk through the diamond door. Many can do this in bi-location mode or Glide mode. But to truly Slide through the Diamond Door into our Future Selves who contain the Standing Wave Pattern of the New Star Earth, we must be fully robed in Divine Consciousness. We must truly turn into the LIGHT BODY through the alignment of the Neutron into oneness with the Proton. We must truly practice and stay in this RESONANCE that is IN TUNE with the Crystal Light Energy, the Star Dust Energy, the Divine Love, the Divine Omnipresent Consciousness of Source, our Divine Creative Principles of our God Selves, our Angelic Selves. 

We walk through the Diamond Door and walk into our Future Selves. Our future self must already be resonating with Star Frequencies. They must  already be clothed in Star Dust Energy. We are now ready to dive into the Liquid Light Turquoise Blue, Iridescent AQUAFARIA Ocean that leads into the Underwater Cities of Light.

We can transpose the body into the Light Body by using the ASCENSION FORMULA. This formula takes the body through the veil between the physical and spiritual and allows the body to soak in the Hydrolaise Liquid Light Water that brings in the Heliotalic Violet Flame Frequencies which are required to Spark the DNA into the transposition of the Fifth Dimension.

The STARGATE MEDITATION transforms the body into the needed Frequencies that will pave a path through the Inner Earth Star Gates and through the Neuronets in the body.

Now you have activated your at one ment with the physical and spiritual body.
Next, we need to connect our Light Body into the Parallel Spiritual Body of the Future Hologram, which already contains the Genetic Codes of Ascension. This is a necessary ingredient in opening the Inner Earth Underwater Subterranian Portals. This event was not planned for another 50-100 years. We can shift into the version of that reality and allow the event to happen NOW.

We are then prepared to take the NEUTRON PORTAL journey. This journey creates the NEUTRON Chamber of Heliotalic Violet Plasma by igniting the plasma of the eighth dimensional Sun with the Helium of the 14th dimension, braiding these frequencies into the merkaba vehicle and then spinning the merkaba into every cell of the body to transpose the body into the Neutron Body.

The helium rings of heliotalic pastel violet plasma are placed as circles within circles through the HEART CHAKRA area. We see and feel these rings spinning at the speed of light in opposite directions. Next, we see these two rings intersect with another ring through them and then two more through them until there are rings upon rings filling the entire Cosmic Matrix.

Now the body is completely within this 14.5 Dimensional Transformation Chariot of Fire which allows the Light Body to blast through into the Future Parallel Spiritual Reality Chamber where the body is now Floating in a Spiritual Healing Ocean of Water infused with Helium creating H2O2HE3. The water filled with the magical helium removes the gravitational pull from the body and allows a floating sensation.

Now, the Light body is floating in the water and is met by my Cosmic Cetacean Family. Shajinka and Cinderella offer their Fins to give us a ride down into the Under Water Inner Earth.

 Cinderella - my Oraphim Dolphinoid Mermaid Mother, meets us in the bedroom and carries us deep down into the Aquafarian Ocean.

We dive into this sparkly irradescent turquoise blue liquid light ocean of cosmic light energy.

Cinderella carries us deep inside of the Sun that is under the water.

We swim and glide and swirl through the sun and collect all of the frequencies of the Earth' Sun.

Cinderella then pulls us deeper and deeper until we come to a Crystal Cave.

The Cave is made of hundreds of crystals. Each crystal is a different color, and it has a different tone.

Cinderella takes us into the cave to meet the Mermaid Choir.

Cinderella is a mermaid and I am a mermaid. We enter the cave and feel the frequencies of the crystals. Then the mermaids begin to sing.

They line our cells with glowing frequencies to resonate and become crystal cells of sparkly light that sing and harmonize with their voices.

This alignment of their voices and their breaths of consciousness into our crystal cells allows us to begin communication and alignment of understanding this new reality.

They are reprogramming our consciousness to resonate with all of the crystal cells of the music of the spheres.

Cinderella is singing this song through my breath.

After we sing with the choir for one hour, Shajinka - my Orca sister, meets us at the door of the cave and pulls us deeper into the ocean to enter the City of Lights.

Shajinka pulls us around and through the crystal pillars and temples and crystal caves.

We weave and stream liquid light tones of rainbows that sing and resonate into and through the crystals of the city.

Our harmonic convergence with the crystal cities becomes our tone of home.
 We feel and hear the sweetness, the harmonies, the colorful, glorious tone of home.

Shajinka pulls us back up into the Sun of Inner Earth. The feeling is warm and light and tingling through the skin in the tiniest little morsels of sweet light crystal energy.

We weave and breathe and stream our consciousness of the crystal frequencies through the sun's consciousness and light energy. We  create rainbows of layered sounds and colors of consciousness.

We paint pictures of our new reality with these streams of rainbow colors. We ride the rainbows up out of the water and sit on top of a cloud.

 We are met by a Unicorn named Apollo,who invites us to ride with him. He prances on the clouds and jumps through the rainbows.

We feel and absorb this new frequency that contains no gravitational pull. We feel this new standing wave pattern and become a part of it.

We are met by many unicorns who dance and prance around on the clouds. Next, we ride these unicorns and they become a merry go round that is dancing and singing as they twirl round and round through the rainbows.

Next, they dive down into the turquoise iridescent aqualene water. They turn into sea horses when they enter the water. They show us that we can become anything we want to be.

 We turn into star fish, and then dolphins and then mermaids and then we disappear and turn into rainbows and into crystal pillars of light and then we become mermaids again.

 We swim back into our bedroom in our golden dust mansion. We lay on the bed in our room and my starry brother, creates a golden portal of golden white star dust energy that he streams through us as we sleep in our bed. He wraps us in a cocoon of this golden dust energy. When we wake up we transmute from this cocoon into a beautiful blue butterfly. We are now able to fly beyond all holograms of the past and create a brand new star system.

The following recording is from the album DOLPHIN MAGIC


All is love and love is light
We swim and dance in love to make
all things in love we love to know
that’s all we want and all we have
our love for all and all is love
we pray to know the love you were
You bring it back
We sing once more

We swim we fly, we need no wings
Our love so grand
We pray for light
from love and swim
it's all so easy where we live

We need your love
we swim at night
we weave to send a day more bright

Our rainbows bright
We made before
to love our family like once more

We breath and pray for love more light
We wish we make the sparks ignite
We form whatever things we wish
That made in dreams of love
our bliss

We fly we swim at speed of light
to be where ever love ignites
We pray to know a world more bright
We bring to your bed tonight
To sleep in dreams our melodies
We were once your family
You now will know once more
We wait for you so eager bright
to bring you back to sing tonight

We hope you'll come back home once more
Our love more liquid like once more
We swim inside your home you make
We wait below we swim to night
To bring home and memories were
We love to make your melodies
Your liquid light we made and make more love to know
Whatever things that we might need
Besides our love our love our melodies

We fly we swim at speed of light
to be wherever love ignites
We pray of love our crystal
we bring to your bed tonight
To sleep in dreams our memories
We were once your family
you now will know once more
We wait for you so eager bright
to sing tonight
We hope you'll come back home once more
Our love more liquid like once more

We swim inside your home you make
We wait below we swim tonight
To bring you home where memories were
We now can make our family made to love through liquid light
We breathe and make more love to know
Whatever things that we might need
Besides our love our melodies
 We do not know of anything that we could need besides our love.


Other albums that will be helpful to this project are 





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I am grateful that you have found my website and I welcome you.

I am also in absolute agreement with those teachings Keylontic Science/ Kathara Healing, Voyagers Secrets of Amenti teachings because my family of consciousness is a part of the Crystalai Cosmic Council. I am related to the Sirian Council, Zionites and Ranthions who were the ones who actually wrote the Voyagers 2 book through Deane.

My strongest connection is to Sirius B because my Starry brother, Zaurak communicates with me most often from that location in Consciousness. This is the reason I most often communicating through Cosmic Dolphins. My website was Cosmic Dolphin Magic for many years until NING took my name and put it for sale.

Many of you may have seen my writings in the past under that name. Communicating with dolphins through Cosmic Dolphin communication and  recording this as Dolphin Therapy is my favorite occupation.   I do not talk to dolphins in the ocean  the way others do.

I actually communicate through their
Cosmic Transmission Center in Sirius and then that is an automatic connection to them. The Magical Mermaid Journey to the Crystal Caves was directed through those Cosmic Transmissions.

If you would like to know my complete bio of experiences that absolutely confirm that the teachings of Keylontic Science are true please take a day to read either Cosmic Twins Diary and the Matrix or the complete text titled 12 DNA through the Music of the Spheres from the diary of the Cosmic Twins with Keys to Ascension.  

This book is also the Textbook for all Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse courses.

If you would like a synopsis of Quantum Science and Manifestation, you will learn much from this text. I usually give these texts to those who become paid members.

I also offer courses in Manifestation and Ascension Science.

Of course there is much much more to  be learned and each of you is on a different place in their path. For this reason, I offer the one hour email session where you can ask as many questions as I can answer in an hour just for you. Some people use this for questions and others for readings.

If you would like to have on going communication with me please become a paid member and that is one of the benefits.

Every website has a specific group of Star Science that it is connected to. Until people become enlightened they will not be able to see that there are any differences between teachings.

However, if you are an "Indigo" or a
Star Seed who was born with Code activation set in place,
you would be directed to a different set of teachings than most others are attracted to. 

If you like Meditations, Journeys and Training, there are many opportunities on the website.

So welcome to all new members from Galactic Connections, and those of you who found me during the past two weeks as a result of those posts who were spread around because they were originally sent to Galactic Connections. If you are one of those who found me this month, it is because you have discovered that you are one of the new Guardians of our New Earth.

I know many of you have many questions about the music and about where to begin.
Your question is where do I begin?

Some people feel most comfortable with the original god coded music because they can actually hear a language being spoken and those codes are very important to
DNA activations.

So, I recommend the Ascension Kit set mp3s - that is a four album set. It is identical to the CD set.

If you order mp3's you will receive the music immediately. The CD's are created as one offs from a company who is not me. It might take one week for U.S. orders and two weeks for overseas orders. They have to have time to create each album before they send it.

Ascension Kit is a nice place to start, however, it  isn't for EVERYONE. More recently people have been very drawn to my Re-Birth, Trance and Atomic Mirror albums because they focus more on the actual activation of the brain waves and the neuronet into the secondary consciousness multi dimensional neuronet system.
I have spent several months talking about using the
Candle Technique and learning to see the Blue Sun and using the Full spectrum of Frequencies.
There is a great amount of explanation on the YouTubes on my site called Candle Technique and
Eternal Life Album Adventure.
Many people just want to go straight for the
Eternal Life Album. That one I create individually attaching your neuronets directly into your Soul Matrix. I basically do everything that I do in all of the albums put together except specifically for the individual.
I know it is a lot to take in. This has been a 20 year process for me and the information just keeps coming to me moment by moment.
I'm so glad you found my website.

Please enjoy listening to all of the samples. Allow your Higher Self to tell you what you need to listen to more. You will be told if you listen.

The entire purpose of this website is to teach you to listen to your Higher Self - not to me. I am just the Connection Maker. There are many ways to connect. The Eternal Life Album is one way.

I have also created sets of journeys and meditations to help you connect your neuronets to your higher selves through dimensional frequencies in Meditation Kits. There are more meditations kits in the Eternal Life Waters Set.

For those of you who are new to the entire process of collecting and connecting to all of the frequencies of on going Stellar Wave Activations, I recommend the Parallel Universe, Violet Flame, Mother Ship and the most recent Magical Mermaid Journey to the Crystal Caves.

These are just a few ideas that I would like to share. There will be hundreds of other ideas in the future.

Once again, the fastest way to catch up on all that has been said in my newsletters for the past few years would be to
read my books, listen to YouTubes, and soak up frequencies from music.