48 DNA Ascension

48 DNA Ascension

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The Frequencies in this album activate the 12 DNA in all four templates - of the Physical and Spiritual Parallel Doubles. The 48 DNA are the Genetic Time code of the Indigo’s who were born from the Paradisian Race Line. This is the genetic code required for Biological Ascension. This gift was brought to Earth for Angelic Humans to Plug their Consciousness into.

The fusions of the DNA base codes and acceleration codes causes minute crystalline structures to manifest within the molecular structure of the blood creating the BLOOD OF CHRIST - the immortal chemical structure within the blood itself. This prepares the body for bio-chemical, cellular, hormonal, and metabolic acceleration which allows the next DNA Strand to Initiate.

DNA is made of electro tonal sound paatterns. There are seals between the DNA that are also made of electro tonal frequency. They are a BREATH of CONSCIOUSNESS. When the Consciousness connects to that frequency and inhales the Frequency, it is that Musical Frequency that TRANSFORMS the DNA, by activating it. The Musical Frequencies cause the DNA to come to life, to begin their dance into a new rhythmic pulsation. The music turns on the harpstrings between the neuronets within the DNA. The neuronets reconnect to the Plasma Waves of Cosmic Consciousness. The body cells accelerate , transmute into light and then re manifest within the harmonic universe above. This acceleration of particle spin will allow the human genetic code to remanifest within the Taran Time Cycle.


Crystal Magic Orchestra