Dearest Mary,

Thank you for sending the rest of the album to me!  I really don’t have the words to describe this album...All the music you create is so wonderful, and this is truly one that changes EVERYTHING.  You can feel yourself being saturated in the highest frequencies, floating in the state of bliss and patience, joyous synchronicity and fluidity.  There is oneness, ISNESS and it feels like your cells are wrapped in pure light and peace, and should you choose it, the music gently and strongly urges you forth on your individual path while accelerating energies on every level, opening doors and allowing one to be patient and enlightened and fearless in the face of all that you encounter, it makes you feel like you can FLY and be GOD and do anything.  You wake up, and you simply feel changed and healed and rejuvenated on the inside and in the deepest and truest parts of your being, knowing and feeling it radiate outwards, you KNOW that you are experiencing infinite change, connecting to that INFINITE and INNATE part of you, and you can only go higher and higher…the music is EVERYTHING you need, music is doing everything that your teachings are saying, working so intimately and synchronistically with the latest information you have shared in your newsletters..holographic music; an important snapshot of the process of ascension and it feels like a WINDOW you can push through, you feel like you are standing on the other side of the veil and you are floating above your head whilst feeling like you are in an entirely different and magical realm altogether…you’re in the FUTURE.   Every time you listen you feel everything being transmuted and melting away and long after you’ve taken off your earphones.  There is an ease, there is a calmness…you feel yourself healing and your energies catching up, but it doesn’t feel jarring at all, you are gently being guided through it, in a fluid dream like state while floating through a river of plasma and swimming within your cells, remaining in the Mind of God.  

The frequencies I can only describe as relaxing and melting in the most wonderful and magical feeling, so pure and genuine- a soft sweetness that permeates every cell and knowing of your being…it feel like being wrapped in unconditional love.  It feels like coming home.  It is bliss and relief and oneness and KNOWING and invisible warmth that becomes a part of you.  It is undeniable.  It is being humbled and grateful for something beyond our greatest imagination.  The music makes you even more excited to move on and move forward, and you feel loved, guided and supported all along the way.  Remembering the rhythm of source and the symphony of love, complete HARMONY.  It is the both the reason and facilitator behind progress and acceleration, the old and 3D falls away, and my cells rejoice as I give myself permission to awaken and rise and remember and embrace the divine truth and more of who I truly am in each moment. The divine truth and love and sweetness becomes all I’ve ever known, the more I realise it is what I’ve always known and believed in my entire life. 

Thank you so much for creating this wonderful music.  I have shifted and made so much progress from Christmas to now, and so much of that is due to this album set and the personal healing album.  

Thank you for all the work that you’re doing, and continuously sharing so much through your newsletter!  

My eternal love and gratitude to you,

Waking up can be a moment or endless lifetimes. There are countless choices one can make to bare influence with reclaiming the totality of Being Awakened to Ones True Self. While choices be countless, almost all of it perpetuates sustaining revolving in a 3D construct unawakened. This doesn't require belief for it to be so, it just is, and I say this with grateful authority to know the difference now. I have had the good and great fortune to include 2 practices that embody Reality. One is the practices of Golden Heart Academy, and now the practices of Crystal Magic Orchestra.

All else otherwise, need no mention from along the way. In awareness's understanding, and freedom from the need to convince or foster agreement, I humbly offer for your consideration in your souls journey, that if your true mission is to manifest the actuality of Ascension; here in CrystalMagicOrchestra.com is a True Real How To fulfill your souls tireless desire to Ascend.

You will find a substantial library of specific and advanced teachings, that provide the step by step practice to include, with what you may choose from of the recordings of the music of the spheres that you listen to, and absorb as they ignite and restructure what is necessary for ascension to be experienced.

Currently, no one else is yet, or yet can, access the frequencies that are captivated and reflecting transmissions that are the actuality of these frequency recordings, that accomplish what they will and do. Now, that's a big statement, true it be, you'll have to do your own research to satisfy why it is, and how it was, and is accomplished to be so.

A worthy undertaking to satisfy, deepening in the understanding that All that IS, be only a Sound and Light Show, when it comes to real choices one can make to fulfill ones personal Way. I've always known, the essence formula for ascension is the restructuring of light and sound, and in FEELING the embodiment of its alchemical transformation. It's taken until more recently in this lifetime to find the sound frequencies that are needed to get on with it. That's an Oooaaahh thank you God moment for me!

Obviously, I'm listening and absorbing, from this treasure chest now. My personal negotiation is to be more consistent in its ongoing practice of application. This is Real work, with astoundingly profound experiences to be had, felt and lived. No one can tell another what is true for them, only can I share that I have spent this lifetime being open to secure the sound frequencies necessary to embody Lights Command until I return to the actuality of Being Light Itself.

Becoming Love Itself, is necessity's dance, however, there is a step by step unfoldment in becoming Loves Light, and arriving at that moment of moments in Joys boundless being, that when one is ready, will take a mere 45 seconds in fading from this idea, as ones Light Body Ascends its destination.

Until, I found these offerings, no matter how much agreement has collected itself of any other recordings of lights sound that is amply 'out there' available on this planet, they do not accomplish what they promote, nor can they. No matter how beautiful or lovely they are to listen to. One, they are relegated to a system of recording that cannot access these actual frequencies. Simply, and only to result the beauty of their personal creativity being heard and enjoyed. And that's great. But, I need more, and maybe you do to.

And two, the authors are not the embodiment of frequencies necessary to transmit and translate the Reality of the music of the spheres. What the authors of Crystal Magic have lived and endured is beyond what most can imagine could be possible, and yet they have. Find out.

Crystalai, aka Angela, aka Mary Magdalene, and Joe, twinflames, are living the accomplishment of the Missions they're here for. If you're not yet aware of these resources, available from CrystalMagicOrchestra.com... may something of what I'm sharing with you provoke or trigger your interest in what you choose from for yourself, in your journey onward, to give your soul what it desires.

Discover The Transformation Kit, and the albums it houses. Whatever you require, it's there. Merge with the Host of your Spirit Body... Living in the Sun....Blue Body Orbing ...restructuring 30 years younger with the Rebirth Album....choosing .a new soul contract.The Eternal Life Album.... embodying the Mind of God...activating all of your codes, not just thinking you have. My favorite Merlin quote is, "If you give your soul what it desires, it will give you back 10 fold".
<3 Blessings <3 To The Grand Adventure!! and its ongoingness in the Oneness of ALL.
Thank you Crystalai 


Dearest Mary sweetheart, I was born very premature with damaged Anunnaki and Drakonian DNA, my Anunnaki father avatar he was born with similar premature condition but he grew up healthy , after he served in Afghanistan he lost some hearing , he also had a surgery where they had to remove a parasite from his stomach lining. But he is healthy in general, my Drakonian mixed Anunnaki mother she was born perfectly healthy as if her DNA is so powerful. 
Her family is perfectly healthy while my father’s side had some genetic disease encoding. When I was born I was born very frail, many doctors thought I was going to die. My Higher Self was able to preserve Feminine and Male energy when I was born Androgynous. That is why people often call me Androgynous Anunnaki. Because of Androgynous effect I was born frail, and 3D world would not let me heal properly . 

I started talking when I was 5 years old , I had so many disabilities that people wonder how I am alive even . So my mother tirelessly healed me , nourished me , I had many Light Therapies to recover my DNA as a baby , my speech was poor , as I grew up my mother often took me to Christian Healing schools where nuns cooked healthy food of any kinds , as Anunnaki I didn’t know Christianity at all or its healing teachings , so I thought Jesus was Anunnaki when clearly he is a Oraphim. In Nibiru Light Anunnaki think Mary and Jesus are Anunnaki. 

So until 2012 I couldn’t heal properly, I tried everything … After 2012 a cosmic wave hit me and awakened me and my Higher Self step by step started instructing me how to heal . I changed my nutrition, I started doing body yoga and face yoga to symmetrize my body , I started to motivate myself even more , my body then started thinking positively. After that I came across Hertzian Mediation . Now there are many types of meditations monaural , binaural , isochronal , subliminal , affraliminal  ( affirmation meditation ) . 

These meditations healed me partially but I wondered why can’t I heal 100% . So my Higher Self turned to my Anunnaki Family in Nibiru and asked for their help. Anu, Enki, Marduk, Enlil, and Inanna my most close family I am related gave me their healing and they told me that my DNA is Anunnaki. My Drakonian relative Ferren also participated in my healing. So they said my Anunnaki name is Sumeru (Creator of Nibiru and Anunnaki Sumerian Empires of Three Seeding’s in Earth). Now it was a shock to me because I thought I was just a simple person. So I lived in Anunnaki Grids healthier but my Higher Self felt that I was not healed 100%. 

There was only last chance and that was a voice in my mind that tried reaching me since 1992 and 2012 and it was Crystalai / Mary herself . 

My Higher Self told me that Mary rescued me from Demonic invasion when Anunnaki were fully light eons ago. I am still a Light Anunnaki. I remember how Mary healed me in her chambers and that was a memory dream from 1992 when I was 2 years old. I also tried contacting Mary in Inner Earth but Dolphin warriors did not let me pass because I was Anunnaki so I had to wait until 2015 that when in February I went to Google and typed Pleiadean Crystals , and I scrolled 

and saw Crystal Magic Orchestra site . 

As I went it 5th Dimensional energy whooshed through me I felt scared and disoriented because of how limited I was when Cosmos is infinite source . 

I ordered an Eternal Life Album for 9.49 on Google Play just to see if your music is true. After I listened to it I was sleeping soundly while listening I felt light in all my cells I felt harmony I felt …finally I found real healing , finally I am free. And I started to be your student but, Dark Brotherhood and dark energies interrupted my healing they manipulated me into 3D by listening to beautiful Hertzian frequencies that hypnotized me. 

In November I was healed again by Crystalai frequencies but sadly I was poisoned by a Flu vaccine and I spiraled into 3D again , finally since January 5th 2016 I had no vaccines , no hertzian influence . I hope that I can evade vaccines from now on , ill come up with a note from health practitioner that I am allergic to vaccines. Hertzian frequencies are never healing, proof because they just brainwash you at the end of the day you feel drained instead of healed. 

Love Murat.