Ascending Body Techniques



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Ascending Body Ascension Music

Ascending Body

We each have only ONE BODY. However, that exact same body can translate into many completely different forms of reality. We do not leave one body behind and move into a different body. We do, however, take all of our body with us when we raise our energy into the frequency signature of the higher reality.

Most people spend most of their time focused within their physical body, and so that is the only reality that appears to them. When a person raises their frequencies of light and sound energy within their consciousness, that person can lift the body with the lower frequencies up into the higher form of reality.

We were given a method to practice this reality of taking the physical body with us into higher realms of reality. This method is simply to first see or imagine the Soul, which is a sphere of consciousness sitting just below and behind the heart area. This sphere has been referred to as the Higher Heart Chakra in some teachings, and I have used the term Crystal Heart in my meditations. This Crystal Heart is actually the Soul.

We begin by imagining where the Soul is sitting in the body.

Next, create a mini-me  - a miniature replica of your body and see it standing inside of the Soul.

Next, place a merkaba around the body within the Soul Sphere. Also place a merkaba around the soul sphere.

The merkaba is a symbol that provides energy that translates beyond the time and space that creates dimensions.

Using the merkaba idea and spinning it around the soul and the mini-me body in the soul provides the reality within consciousness that does not exist in the consciousness of time and space.

Next, we spin the merkabas around the body and the soul and we watch the body travel from the heart area into the head area. This is placing the body and soul within the new Mind of God Consciousness that releases the body from form and dimensions.

Now, we spin the merkaba around the soul and the body in the head and watch the merkaba lift the soul and body into the heart area of the body that sits within the harmonic universe above the first body. Next, the merkaba will travel from that heart into the head of the body in the higher reality. 

We repeat this same formula to raise the body from the second harmonic universe into the third harmonic universe and then into the fourth and then into the fifth harmonic universe.

The body is now standing within the consciousness of the fifth sphere or the fifth harmonic universe that is located about 36 inches above the physical head, when the sacred geometry of translation is used.

Using this formula helps the mind to understand what happens in death, and the reason that there should not actually be any death.

You see, when a person is dying, the first thing that happens is the Soul looks at the body and says there may be some things this body still needs to do so I will stay in this body for a while longer. And then the soul waits and watches the body to see if there is any response to the prodding by the soul. If the consciousness of the body does not respond to the Soul, the Soul will then leave the body, and the then the physical body dies.

However, now we know that we can actually move our body into our soul and take our body with us. This is the normal reality that has always existed. 


In 2008, when Joe was possessed by three demons, God went into Joe's Soul to take the demons out of the body and out of the Consciousness of Earth. The reason that people have always died after possessions is because the only way to get rid of the demons is for God to enter into the body and take the soul of the person. The demons know how to take possession of the Soul from the fourth dimension.


So, Mary Magdalene's Soul knew what was expected of it before it came to Earth. It knew that it would be required to be used to remove these demons from the planet. That is why Mary Magdalene chose to come to Earth with two souls. Mary wanted to experience being a male and female within one Soul. The Soul of Angela and the Soul of Joe were identical, so, when God took Joe's Soul out of him, Angela was able to place her Soul within him. So, Joe had a soul replacement.

There was something special about this new Soul that was placed within Joe. When the female Soul retrieves the male Soul, the replacement must go on at the highest level of Cosmic Consciousness. The Soul of Mary Magdalene came from the Cosmic Realm. It was not a Soul born from the Over Soul because she is a Creator Being who sent her Soul to Earth.

So, in this situation, Mary was able to prepare a path for all who live on Earth to be free from the demonic possessions that were programmed to happen when the Portals were opening. The passage of the Souls of Mary would forever be a part of anything Mary did as she was opening the portals. The programming of automatic demon removal was a part of the Ascension Portals themselves.

Now, all Souls on Earth are free to be connected with their Over Soul in harmonic universe two.


When Joe died. Joe had to die, or God could not had taken his Soul out of him. Joe lost all that had been stored in his lower fractal consciousness memory. He was left with three percent of the memory of who he was before the demon removal party. The Consciousness that was brought into Joe was coming from his Higher Fractal Consciousness. This process of bringing in such a high consciousness took about five years to complete. Joe's new mind and Soul are completely different from the ones he was born with, and therefore, he is a brand new being. He was completely re born into a new Soul and a new Mind.

This event has taken place on Earth before. However, each time it took place, the body died. Now, we have the proof that death is not real. We can remove death by moving into a new Soul. And, we now know, that we each have a Soul that exists in each of the higher realms, and we actually move into the higher realms together with our body and our Soul.

The first body we move into is our Light Body and then our Blue Body and then our Violet Body and then the Particle Transformation Body that will look like a Plasma Ghost Body standing in the Clouds, and finally the Etheric Body. This transformation is multi dimensional. It does include moving into and through many dimensions, but it must be seen as a process of bringing all multi dimensionality into the physical body that we take with us on the journey.

This is the difference of the new Ascension Earth and the old Earth. This possibility of GOING WITH THE SOUL was not a possibility on Earth until now because of the demons who were blocking the Portals of the Earth as they lived within the zones of subterranean Earth. This consciousness of these demons was a result of the rod and staff backfire that took place when Akhenaton tried to block anyone from ascending who was not an Annunaki. The fallen Angelic Consciousness has been locked within the Earth's Crust since that time. Mary Magdalene brought her Soul to Earth to open the Ascension Portals. But, first the demonic consciousness needed to be removed so that the Fallen Angelics would never be able to take control of this Planet again.

These were the steps needed to prepare all Souls on Earth for the Ascension that would allow them to take their bodies with them because they would be ready to go through the process of Turning into Light as a result of going through the process of rising higher and higher in reality by placing more and more energy of light and sound in their consciousness. The Soul and Body can Experience being the Blue Body, the Violet Body, and the Etheric Body by absorbing these Frequencies into the body.

The Blue Body is the True form of Reality that we actually exist in when we remove space and time from our formula of reality. If a person breaks their leg in this illusionary physical body, they can know that their leg never did break in the Blue Body. So, if they move their Consciousness into the Blue Body, they will be living in a body with out a broken leg. The Blue Body remains perfect always because it has not fallen into the illusions of space and time. We can move into that body long enough to transform the Blue Print of the physical body into the blue print of the Blue Body. This is where the only TRUE HEALING takes place. Trying to heal the physical body is a waste of time because it is only an illusion to begin with. The healing takes place when we move up into our Real Body.

The Violet Body contains all of the light of the Sun folded into the light of transformation. The Violet body is where we must be in order to begin the transformation. Once we move our body and soul into the Violet Realm then particle break down begins that turns the body into light and then the etheric form that translates into the new reality.