Mary has already done in performing the Light and Sound Healing through her Cosmic Consciousness that continuously exists within the entire Creation Matrix, she then creates a Healing album that reflects and contains all of the Healing work that she has done.

What you are receiving as your album is the work that has already been done. However, sometimes the human body needs to repeat this same work on itself over again because the human consciousness is usually focusing on things that may not allow the healing to take place immediately, and because the healing is taking place as infinite alignments of light and sound energy is moving through the Universe.

What you hear in the music is the light and sound particles shifting and re arranging atomic structure as the shift through infinite morphogenetic arrangements of multiple realities that exist within the Universal Design of your Consciousness as Energy.

The omni particles of the body contain the perfect structure of the Mother Father God Principle. However, the photons and their relationship to the cells in the body may contain blockages that exist in various parts of the Galaxy, Universe and connection with the Cosmos.

What is heard in the recordings are the positive and negative spin rates of particles and anti particles and the electromagnetic spin rates of the male and female consciousness within them. These omni particles are going through transformations where the photonic energy of the sun is removing electrons from the formula of creation which results in a crackling and popping and dissolving within the energy fields on all dimensions.

This sound is much like a space ship moving through the atomic mirror of time. There are many sounds involved in this process that are not all plasma like heavenly sounding waves. Some of the sounds are very powerful and maybe even disturbing because these shifts are not only made in the body, but are actually being made light years beyond the body.

The entire structure of the body and the universe is based on this omni particle that is continuously shifting and morphing into new realities.
What is heard in the Music is always the omni particle of God Consciousness transforming your entire atomic, biological, light, crystal light, plasma, gamma and heliotalic light bodies through zero point alignment with these infinite multi dimensional bodies.