Eternal Life Healing Water


Eternal Life Healing Water

ETERNAL LIFE HEALING WATER contains the Frequencies that transform the body from the Spiritual Water within. First we must transmute the H20 into H2 O2 HE3. We must add the helium to our water to remove the gravity of this matrix. We inhale the Frequencies of the Spiritual Water into the Cells of the Body for Instant Healing and eventual transformation into a new chemical structure that allows Biological Ascension. 

This music  is going to take you to a place that you need to go to activate the pre-plasma liquid light of the Universal Life Force Spiritual Waters. I have included the H202HE3 HYDROLAISE Water Currents in many albums. The Eternal Life Waters Journey actually takes you beyond this Cosmic Matrix back through the Eye of God Birthing Chambers to soak in the TRYPOLAISE Water for Spiritual Rebirth. The albums are in two parts - The music and the Journeys. You can listen to music only at night and then do the journeys in the morning.

ETERNAL LIFE WATER contains the magical coded frequencies from the Streams of Light and Sound from the Cosmic Sun 8, who is the New Sun born from the Seven Suns reuniting as One. The Frequencies come from the Cosmic Inner Earth Domains of Aquafaria where the Cosmic Water Elementals send their flames of Atomic Radiation to create the Fire Vehicles that will allow the Listener’s Plasma Body to ride the Space Ship beyond the Earth’s Matrix into the HEAVENLY REALITY that waits beyond this Cosmos.

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DNA are minute templates of crystallized frequency - the electro-tonal sound patterns and eletro-magnetic light spectra that magnetically group into crystalline form.The DNA is assembled by working with the higher chakras 12 - 15 in the process of bringing in frequency from the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals.

Each seed crystal plugs into and controls one human DNA strand. The polarization of the particle and anti particle bodies at the cellular level is what causes the mortality of the body. We reconnect the spiritual and physical bodies at the cellular level through the electromagnetic tonal frequencies of the stellar wave activations and infusions to return to the normal immortal body.