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I was fascinated by the new sound and the very deep knowing this new set of music that I created bring about within my own consciousness. It draws very deeply into an inner knowing and empathetic feeling of the combination of the techno and the spiritual as one.

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99% of Population will Turn into Light during 2039 - 2040

A portion of the Population will Turn into Light during 2039 - 2040

The Cosmic Turtle - Turtle Skates

Turtle Skates is accelerating his DNA faster and faster as he skates through the Stars. Only the individual who spins their frequencies higher and higher beyond the speed of light and shifts their DNA into the new reality that exists in their own higher version of reality can travel into all of the multi dimensional realities within the infinite universes that exist within their own version of reality.

As the Individual creates their own Higher Version of Reality, the Mass Consciousness that is remaining in a Static Consciousness will be hybernating for several more decades until multitudes of the Individuals shift together with their Mass Holograms including all of their Soul Versions and Time Traveling Future Selves. The Bear will hybernate with the Masses until 2050, while the Turtle Skates through time space into space time of the Star Dust Frequencies that create Infinite Energy and Genius mentality.

The entire Collective Consciousness will eventually shift into this reality.



Ask to be initiated into the Ascension Process/

Ask for the Sun's energy to be placed in your heart along with the heliotalic energy. This is much more powerful if you ask these energies to be placed within the 6 Pointed Star symbol first. Spin these energies in your heart and blast them out into a horizontal plane around your body. Personally, I like sending my body down in a Merkaba to the Earth's Core, collect all of that lovely high frequency love energy from the Earth's heart, see my self standing in a large crystal egg and then blast the energy from my heart clear out through the Earth and connect it to all of the stars in the universe. . I am most interested in the Core Domain level of Creation. I like going into the deep energy structures of the universe. The heart of the Earth is the key to this entire universal system for us on Earth.

Utilize this fuel source for take off - simultaneously, spin your Merkaba body outer sphere clockwise simultaneously. I do counter clockwise on the inner spin simultaneously. It is actually the 6 Pointed Star symbol that is spinning. Think of two triangles - one inside of the other one that create a 3D star. The inner triangle is spinning counter-clockwise- it has the pointed end. the outer triangle is spinning clockwise - it becomes a circular spin of the flat end of the upper triangle. There is controversy about which way to spin - some say one way for male and one way for female. This is what works for me.

This actually creates a space ship body. This is what a space ship is. Many light beings sometimes unite their Merkaba bodies together into larger space ships of light.

When your Merkaba spins fast enough with the help of your blast off fuel in your heart you can have planetary lift off.

What your body is programmed to do when you get your coding back - Akashic records opened and 12 DNA restored - is to become this space ship - think where you are going and you immediately appear in that place.

Your body changes angular rotation of particle spin - you flash into this mini-me of yourself - it sits in your heart. When you arrive, your mini-me can re-expand into your body's shape with the angular rotation of particle spin that needed in the next dimension you go to. Dimensions are differentiated by having a different base frequency and a different angle of rotation of particle spin. All of this happens at the pre-atom level and that is controlled through and by your consciousness. However, now at this moment in time - this year and next year - the process is even easier.

We now have help from Adamantine Particles, Hydrogelastic crystals, the ring and spanners and a host of other beings who are working with Crystal Light Entity - this is our Main Guy/Energy central to all of this transformation process with us and the entire universe. This Entity - this Being of Light has asked me to give you this information. St. Germain and Zadkiel and Metatron asked me to give it to you also.

Crystal Light Entity (CLE) has bestowed a fragrant crystal garment over my body by the hands of Lady Mary. CLE has handed me three crystal spheres created from Crystal Light Energy - a sphere of dust for healing, gel to reform the soul, and light to to remove anger and fear. And Angelic Knights of Light said that they will carry the Light anywhere I ask.

These energies of light are here to ease the pain in the transformation into the New Earth. We can ask these Knights of Light to place this energy anywhere it is needed.

Next CLE swirled these three forms of crystal light in an alchemical process to create a New Crystal. This light was placed in my heart and transformed my crystaline energy in my heart and in all the cells in my body. The body must be transformed into crystal light energy in order to ascend or travel through light.

Next CLE said to bring this orb of Cosmic Light out in front of me.

You see, the body itself contains the Cosmic field. Think of your body standing in 5 circles. There are three dimensions in each circle. Your body in reality contains all of these. This is why we can travel from dimension to dimension. This is why we are coded by these dimensions. We have an actual compass in our cells telling us how to get there. We contain and are God Consciousness, the source of all dimensions.

CLE asked the Beings of light (they have names - but lets just call them beings of light for now) to form 5 circles around me. These 5 circles are the rings holding the five Spheres - our 15 dimensional reality. These rings of light encircled my body placing me in the multidimensional frequency band of all of them. Between each circle of light is a span - the span is another being of light - a particle spin energy that allows the rings to expand and contract.

I was directed to breath very slowly and as I breath the circles and spans inhale into me and exhale out of me. It is like an accordian that is having air pumped in and the music flowing out at a higher and higher frequency.

These guys - these wonderful beings of light are creating a Vortal for my ascension. They are placing my body in a MutliDimensional Particle Spin that reignites the spark, the light of Oneness to pull me into a spark of light that can be transported through their Vortal to the New Earth.

Not only do I have the help of these little guys, the hydrogelactic critters of light who look like little jello snowflakes are creating, creating, creating everything in my consciousness, transforming it into the mini-me so they can reform me when I get there. See, we never do anything alone - we are interconnected to everything and every entity. We have so much help at every level. We are so loved. :-)





Everyone will turn into light including yourself sometime between 2017 and 2039.

Everyone on Earth will be turning into light and then going to the 4th Dimension which is a different place than the 3rd Dimension.

EVERYONE on Earth - Each individual on Earth will be moved into an entirely different reality that is completely separate from the 3rd dimension. This process will last for eighteen months in 2039-2040. 

    Their bodies will turn into a ghost and then disappear within 45 seconds. They will be carried into a less dense reality where their body has the freedom to move through any obstacle and to travel freely through the galaxy to choose the planet they want to live on.


The sooner you read this book,
Turning Into LIGHT The Timeline of Manifesting Infinite Possibilities 2017-2039
the sooner you will turn into light.

This book has the information about this and HOW to effectively prepare for this TURNING INTO LIGHT.

       Those who don't read it will probably still be here in 2047 and then will turn into light and go to the 4th then - Everyone is going to the 4th.
Turning Into LIGHT: The Timeline of Manifesting Infinite Possibilities
2017 - 2039