I would like to share this message from someone who is working with another Reiki Healer because I know that many of you have chosen to work with other Reiki Healers, even though I am the best Reiki Healer in the World. But that is your choice.

A Reiki Healer is an Energy Healer. I am a Frequency Healer. However, the Frequencies that I use are Cosmic, and the Cosmic Frequencies will over ride and heal anything that is blocking the flow between the Physical and Spiritual Realms.

The Reiki Healing Methods are based on the Energy of  3D structure. This statement can be proven by the statement made by this Reiki Healer.

His message was to inform all of the other Starseeds on the Planet that they should not attempt to activate any DNA beyond the 36 DNA.

The member also informed me that he always does work through his Light Body and Crystal Body.

SO, OBVIOUSLY THIS MEMBER HASN'T READ ANYTHING THAT I'VE WRITTEN IN THE PAST TEN YEARS, because everything I have been teaching requires the connection to the Light Body and Crystal Body.


The member said " i lent the CD to a Reiki Healer friend for an absent healing on someone`s  spine and she, (not being a drinker) had to stop and have a glass of port,  at level 48...!"



I am Dr. Angela Barnett, and CRYSTALAI is my COSMIC RISHI SELF)

All of my teachings and the frequency work that I do are for the specific purpose of bringing what you term the Light Body into the Physical Body. The frequencies are always bringing in the Energy or Higher Frequencies of the Crystal Light Body.

However, what is different about my work and most other Energy Workers, is they have not learned how to TRANSMUTE the Frequency Barriers between the Physical and Spiritual or Atmic and Invisible Light Bodies.

Most of you have been using teachers who actually think they should walk in to the Shadow body and then heal it.

My teachings are based on Cosmic Technology that knows that the Shadow Body was created by a reversal of spin rotation to the Merkaba Vehicle. However, most teachers will just continue to spin the merkaba the wrong direction, they will continue to walk into the Shadow Body instead of Transmute it with the corrected Frequencies from the already PERFECT REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

The meditations and directions for linking consciousness directly into the realms of these higher frequencies has always been available in the Complete Ascension Process Kit, the Ascension Portal Kit and the Pure in Heart Kit.

The work of raising consciousness into the Crystal Light Body is always of great advantage. However, most people have not taken the time out in their lives to take the workshops and do the training necessary to learn to do that.

So, when I do this for them with the frequencies, of course they will have a reaction in their bodies.

And, they would be in danger of a reaction because they are working with a REIKI HEALER with one agenda in his mind channeling a different set of Cosmic Consciousness into the Patient at the same time.


This REIKI HEALER should be banned from practice for doing such a thing.

If someone chooses to use my FREQUENCY MUSIC , they should never MIX IT WITH ANOTHER METHOD because that is like mixing two different drugs together that do not belong together.

I do not endorse the lazy ascension method.

I provide Frequency Music that goes with the Method that I am teaching. Not to go with someone elses method. Those who want my method should read my articles, my teachings, become a paid member and read the teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse.

I am not in the least bit surprised that there are only about ten serious members and 40 who are semi-serious. The True Ascension Process is not something that can be achieved with any less than FULL TIME STUDY AND DEDICATION.

I do not create ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS so that the Individual can sleep through the responsibilities of learning the procedures. However, I do not dictate what you do. There has always been the COMPLETE ASCENSION PROCESS KIT and PURE IN HEART KIT.

And I have always said that if you would like to know everything that I know you should purchase every single DVD sold by AZURITE PRESS and RAMTHA's SCHOOL OF ENLIGHTENMENT. And you should study Christian Science for fifty years and work as a certified healer for thirty years.

Otherwise, you don't know what I know.

The member said that a person who was a client of a Reiki Healer used my music on a client and the client had a reaction that made her want to drink alcohol.

I would be truly amazed if a person didn't have such a reaction as to feel like they needed to calm their nerves afterward. The reaction this person had is absolute proof that the frequency music was working on activating the plasma level spiritual system within the physical body structure.

The feeling of initial jittering feeling is the feeling of the minute spiritual water templates that carry the Divine Blue print within the zero point level of the neurons popping into life.

I recommend that if you are using the directions of another Reiki Energy Healer meaning that you have already chosen a complete different belief system, SO, this method of mine that came directly from the Cosmic Ascension Teams is not the right one for you AT THIS TIME.

You are choosing to listen to two different HEALERS with two different Belief Systems. That is just like going to two different MD's simultaneously who have completely different prescriptions for the same disease and taking both sets of the medicine at the same time.

You should also realize that the prescriptions that I give are for INDIGOS who are based on a 48 DNA strand. There is only one raceline who is based on the 36 DNA strand. Those are an Androgynous Race within an Interdimensional Reality field. Of course there are two different meanings to 36 DNA.

The OLD SCHOOL OF REIKI HEALERS who have been believing teachings pawned off by Fallen Angelics think they are activating 12 strands within each of 3 DNA.

That is RIDICULOUS if you know how the DIVINE TEMPLATE OF A HUMAN ANGELIC IS MADE. I have written dozens of articles on the subject of how DNA is actually created and activated.

As with most Reiki Healers, anyone telling you about a system that is not based on either correcting 12 strands on each of the double helix at a time or the double helix within the physical and spiritual at the same time - which is the Indigo template, doesn't know the first thing about DNA. Activating 36 DNA would be activating 12 subharmonic strands within 3 DNA. This means that Reiki Healer has not expanded their understanding beyond the Third Dimensional Sciences.

AND of course we would activate the third DNA strand before we activate the 4th DNA strand and 5th DNA strand. That is kind of an absurd statement from someone who is taking this one specific activation entirely out of context.

I have been creating and selling these DNA activations over a period of about fifteen years. Each person needs to begin the process at the level that they are ready for.

I can't do 15 years of consciousness expansion for you.

HOWEVER, the Frequency Music will PLUG YOU IN to your Higher Self and your ASCENSION TEAM who will do the work for you INDIVIDUALLY as it is needed in YOU.

Whatever that CLIENT's reaction was, was the CORRECT REACTION FOR HER. I know this because anyone who connects to my Frequency Music is connected to the Ascension Teams of the Cosmos.

That also means that they don't know that what is actually being activated is the 12 subharmonics that were broken at the 7th overtone and 5th basetone on some strands and various other overtones and basetones broken on each of the 8 DNA strands.

When we are connecting consciousness into the work of the Six Avatar Children who were born into Earth's Portal with the corrected Divine Templates that correct the miasms placed within the DNA subharmonics, it is their frequency signatures that contain that corrected Divine Blue Print.

Many of you have chosen a Reiki Healer who is blocking your ability to rise above the old technologies that were created specifically by Fallen Angelic Races to make sure you do not learn to connect to the Divine Fields of Consciousness that are being brought into the Bio Energetic Fields of Earth's Grids to correct our complete DNA template.

That is your Choice!!!!