Joe Barnett, M.A. created the term Authentic Encounter in 1985.

He created the term Authentic Encounter for his Masters Degree in Intercultural Communication in 1985.

His Masters Thesis was entitled, "Authentic Encounter in Intercultural Communication."


So, Joe Barnett, M.A. wrote an entire book in 1985 around how Authentic Encounter is an extremely effective practice for effective Intercultural Communication and Joe Barnett created the term Authentic Encounter in 1985.

Joe Barnett, M.A. is a University professor who teaches human communication, intercultural communication, speech, writing, and music. He has a B.A. in Music and  an M.A. in Intercultural Communication.

He has also done International Communication training for major multinational corporations around the world and wrote the book "Future Global Management" with Dr. Angela Barnett - the book they used in their International Communication training classes within the Corporations.

What countries did he experience the great effects of using Authentic Encounter in Intercultural Communication?  He is from the United States. 

He lived and worked in South Korea for 6 years and found it worked extremely well there. 

He lived and worked in Japan for 6 years and found it worked extremely well there.

He lived and worked in Istanbul, Turkey for 1 year and found it worked extremely well there. 

He stayed on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea for 2 months and found it worked extremely well there. 

He lived and worked in Puerto Rico for 1 year and found it worked extremely well there. 


This is Joe Barnett's definition and his expression of how Authentic Encounter helped over and over again to accomplish effective International Communication with people from other countries during his many years of experience of using Authentic Encounter as a foundation in his international intercultural communications.




This is Joe Barnett's definition.  


What is Authentic Encounter?

Everyone is made in the image and likeness of God. He (Joe) is made in the image and likeness of God. This reality stays as a foundation. 

When he lived and breathed this reality when he communicated with others from another country, he found it had an extremely positive effect on the effectiveness of the communication that then followed.

It didn't need to be spoken of at all.  The other person's beliefs did not have anything to do with it. It simply depended upon him (Joe) knowing this truth in consciousness and for him to express out from this knowingness and the effect would be felt by everyone in the communication and it would then unfold in a much better and more effective way.

He experienced this reality for many years and that is why he created the term "Authentic Encounter" and then wrote the book, "Authentic Encounter in Intercultural Communication."

He got his M.A. degree in 1985 in Intercultural Communication with the emphasis being Authentic Encounter in Intercultural Communication.


Joe Barnett, M.A.










Joe Barnett's Authentic Encounter Practice 

1. Practice Authentic Encounter in every interaction
2. Beam God's Light
3. Beam God's Love
4. Love Unconditionally


Joe Barnett, M.A. created the term "Authentic Encounter"
and began / started and developed
 his Authentic Encounter Practice
more than 30 years ago.
He is still living out from and continuously
developing his Authentic Encounter Practice.

Recently, a couple of years ago, he had a huge
"New Life Experience"
where he had the experience of becoming 
fully and completely one with God


and when he came back to his body and physicality here on Earth,
he saw all the Authentic Encounter experience and practice he did 
was absolutely true and exactly correct.






Joe Barnett, M.A. died and then came back later to his body through the Spiritual Healing work of his wife Dr. Angela Barnett and the healing music of the Eternal Life Album that they had made for themselves 6 months earlier.


The Freeway (Highway) car accident happened in 2008 on a Freeway near Redding, California when Joe Barnett accidentally got into a Freeway lane on foot and was run over by a Mack truck and five cars. They took him to the Mercy Medical Center Redding - hospital in Redding, California, USA. 


"I had already been announced dead by the doctors in charge. They were making plans to drain my blood. My wife, Dr. Angela Barnett, told the doctors to leave the room or they would have law suits for the next twenty years. Dr. Angela Barnett placed earphones on my ears and turned on the Eternal Life Album that we had created together six months earlier.

My wife, Dr. Angela Barnett, then did Spiritual Healing work for me 24 hours a day for a few weeks in my hospital room.

I came back to Earth, and began telling my story of where I had been and all of the entities I met on the way back. I kept talking in my sleep, like I was dreaming out loud for several weeks.

Finally, when I woke up, there were three angels sitting on the bed next to me. They said to me, turn around and thank your wife for bringing you back. We tried and we couldn't do it. It was her, and her alone who brought you back."
Joe Barnett, M.A.



I am Joe Barnett, M.A.
Dr. Angela Barnett's husband and Cosmic Twin.

Dr. Angela Barnett brought me back to life and healed me with her Spiritual Healing work and with Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Healing Music.

The medical doctors announced me dead, yet now I am alive."




I am made in the image and likeness of God
I am made in the image and likeness of Love
I am an expression of Love
I express Love

Joe Barnett
Crystal Magic Orchestra







Crystal Magic Orchestra