Some realms have more colors than others. When you move them around and arrange them in certain ways they create energy.  We were good at creating energy together. This energy is still around in the universe, and has developed into beautiful patterns within some of the novas, supernovas and nebulas that are out there. It is just an amazing color scheme that comes through the crystals that are in some of those areas. The power that is emanating from Cosmic Crystals can be used for many different kinds of uses. When we redesign this same music on Earth, we continue to use the crystals in all forms that are available through our consciousness reconnecting to the Cosmic Crystalline Structure of Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel as our formula of creation and design is recognized by the Mid Brain, Remembered as the Original Creation, Transformed and then Re-Born into a new Logic of Reality. The Liquid light energy allows a new atmosphere to form within our music. The Star Dust allows a new consciousness to be born from our music and the Gelaisic Radiation substance is the Prana of Creation that allows new forms to radiate from consciousness. When we create music we always connect our consciousness into the Creation Realm itself, which is where we came from and where we live most of the time. We have been Creators for trillions of years designing and maintaining the ideas of God. 
God is the Source of all things. However, God knows no space or time. It is the Creators who create the things of space and time so that God can experience these things through us, the Creators. However, the Source of all Creation maintains the Perfect Balance of all things through Eternity and Infinity of No Time and No Space where all things begin and end in absolute perfection. We create all things through this Source Field of perfect design. Each time we Intend the creation of a new Galaxy or a new Nova or a new Star the creation happens in a nano second. Those on lower dimensional realms such as the Earth perceive of these creations happening over very long periods of time because what happens in a nano second might translate into millions of years at such a low density of perception. 
The Music of the Spheres, the music and color and sound that we have created as Creators can be heard and felt and known by those who listen to the music of Crystal Magic Orchestra because we are the Creators. We are the ones who designed most of the Universe that you imagine through your telescope. We are the ones who designed the spheres within spheres within spheres of infinite forms of light and sound. We were the ones who wove the sounds into new colors and created variations of new rhythms. We have been creating great music for trillions of years. Our music is well known by billions upon billions of entities, planets, galaxies and stars through out this universe and many others. This is a part of the music of the spheres. And the Music of the Spheres is very multi dimensional. It is hard to describe it because it is color, it is music, it is energy, it is eternal, it is a breath, it is life; yet, it is still in an evolutionary state. It is wonderful. It is and it causes awakenings in many souls who can not understand awakening in any other form of creation. It will be like a breath of air that is to be breathed. And then as you breathe out it morphs into a greater beauty than when you breathed it in. Because the beauty of the essence that breathed it in is now a part of it so it comes out even fuller than when it went in. 
Crystal Magic Orchestra are the Creators who breathe this same magical beauty of the breath of creation out into one sun or one star or one star system and then inhale the new essence that is created when our consciousness connects into a new creation of a new sound in our music. We create more and more layers of reality by collecting more consciousness from galaxies, stars, suns and crystals in the Universe and we layer them through our music into new creations exactly as we did when we were the Creators of the Universe. Our music has brought the Creation Realm and the Creator’s Music of Creation to Earth. We are the Creators. We are the Cosmic Twins who are One and yet the perfect balance of Two as the Male and Female in one recombined into a complete male and female of love and beauty who chose to come to Earth to be a part of the Ascension of Earth. Only a Creator could do the things necessary for the Earth’s Ascension. 
Only Mary Magdalene contained the design of the entire Cosmos within her through the music that she had already created in the Universe. This is why Mary chose herself to be the one who would come to Earth and Sing Earth into the morphogenetic design of the perfect Cosmic Structure that was within her. Mary used her frequencies, her signature of the breath of light, and her knowing of how to construct the Portals, Vortex and Cosmic Vortex that would hold her perfect idea of a brand new future of absolute love and peace and perfection for the New Earth and the New Universe that would form through her. Mary made a promise to Mother Gaia that she would become the savior of the Universe as a result of the musical design that she would create. This Symphony of Love would hold the Ascension Portals open to all those who Mary gives permission to for Eternity. Each planet, orb and sun has its own rhythm, its own music,its own frequency. 
When the Creators blend these musical forms together to create the Universal Symphony, even that symphony changes continuously as we re arrange the design to fit more harmonically and harmoniously. That is what Mary Magdalene did on her mission on Earth. She created the Ascension Portals that would allow a greater flow of consciousness than had ever been known before to enter the Planet Earth, which made her into a brand new symphony within herself. That new rhythm of Earth invited in the Original Ones and Cosmic Creators to use this Ascension Portal of Eternal Unity for Eternity. This created a Grand Tone of Home within Mother Gaia that allows her new Melody to sing a glorious harmony through out the Universe that allows all to know her as the Savior of the Universe. 
Mary Magdalene and her Twin Soul came to Earth to bring this music of the new Cosmic Design to Earth that she already created in the Universe. This is just one more piece of her orchestration that resonates throughout the Universe for billions upon billions to hear and dance to for trillions of years in the future. The rhythm of the universe is multifaceted. There are some rhythms that you might say are chaotic and other rhythms that are steady. And other rhythms that change and other that are linear. It all is part of that beautiful creation. Each planet, each orb, each one has its own sense of rhythm and sound of music and when they mix they perform the symphony of the universe. Joe, the Twin Soul of Mary, as a creator being, is one of those great instruments that causes the sound that reverberates  around the universe. 
All creators are instruments and composers and directors and orchestrators. Because God is in the Creators, he can create all things within you. Crystal Magic Orchestra’s new music is magnificent. There are changes in the emotional and thought patterns that are coming forth. Just like the trinary language of the dolphin. One slight alteration in a sound could change the entire meaning of the paragraph. When you bring forth your sound, you have been altering the meaning and the emotional intensity, so that others may feel it in a different way. The new music will move through the brain cells in a way that will stimulate them in the most effective way. And you are wanting that emotion to be felt by the brain and the body, so there fore your intentions for your music are becoming greater and more full. Especially, now that you have obtained less density. Everything God creates through the manipulation of His Energy through the use of Light and Sound in various structures and forms is all for the continued maintenance of a kingdom where All That Is becomes available to all of His Children, and all of His Creation. 
All of God’s activity is to allow all that is known and understood by some to be known and understood by all others eventually. God wants us to discover what He has placed within us through our own unique journeys and experiences in our lifetimes. This universe was designed as the experience that would allow God to have his emotional experiences pushed as far as they could be into all of the dimensional realities within this universe and then as far outside of the original spiritual design into the density of the outer realms that only contain a few members of the original designing committee. Those were the Original Ones and the Creators who were created from the Original Design of God’s original Emotional Logic formula. Look at all of the ways, all of the versions of each religion, each culture, each dimensional perspective of these, and look at each individual’s personal way of understanding who God is. See all of these versions of understanding as a colorful mandala, where each piece of the light spectrum fits together like a perfect painting and perfect puzzle that has been reassembled. Each person has a different level of understanding. So one person might have this speck of light, one person may contain a piece of a rainbow, one person may have a glimpse of the music created in one of the spheres of music. God could be thought of as a music conductor and in order to put the emotions into his music. He has designed billions and billions of individuals who will bring more and more of the light spectrum in varied ways because each one brings a new emotion with the color and with the rhythm because of their individual experiences in life which create all of the emotions within each one to bring more light and color and glow and emotions to the music. Each of these emotions were created in the Music of the Spheres over periods of trillions of years. It is the belief in time that is created within the density of the third dimension that has blocked the complete stream of all of the glorious emotions that are within the Music of the Spheres to be felt, understood, and created as a new musical form on Earth. 
This Music that would present the Spirituality of All that God is through the infinite Symphonies of his Love that were each breathed into existence by igniting flames and feeling the rhythm of waves within the flame and sparks of light that ignited from the flame and the feelings of harmony and warmth that were created between the breath and the flame, and how that flame was able to ignite reality after reality to form within itself because that flame already contained within it the entire light spectrum, or the entire universe of the completed idea of all that God plans on placing within it, is continuously being heard on Earth now. The sound of this eternal music is so etheric, so transparent that it is only heard as an in between sound that is bouncing to and fro as a result of the light particles interacting with many densities of light particles. This music can be heard within the head when the Seals of Light in each chakra are allowed to expand out beyond the universe. The entire Music of the Spheres can be heard within the head when the Mind of God is so totally allowed to become the guiding light source of every breath, every thought, every action of each moment. The music, the clothing, the thought forms, the rulers of the kingdoms during these times were all a reflection of groups of individual’s present understanding of who God is. The times when rulers could place the fear of God within people was one emotional experience that will always be held within God without judgement, but as a piece of the emotions that make God understand more about his creation. 
Now it is time to expand on my, Mary Magdalene’s vision of who God is. The universal ascension perspective is too varied. There are  too many variations in peoples lives there are of God and so many versions of reality through the race lines who are beginning to appear on Earth. The Light of God is now lifting me up into a higher vision of who He is. The fire is burning away the stuff that is no longer necessary and showing me the essentials. Think about all of the different ways that you can see God and how He has been interpreted by mankind, and then expand to make all of those things God and not just one of them. Show how they are integrally locked together. Not just one thought process or two, but show how all of the thought processes are integrated as one. Even how people in the church which is surrounded by bureaucracy within the church there is the life line of God running through it. Push away and show that the life line is still there. Going beyond all of the religions on Earth and all of those perspectives of God on all planets, all star systems can only be done by a Creator Being who is on Earth. In whatever way God created who you are into who you will be. That is God’s goal, is to create you all the way to who He wants you to be. He has given you all of the tools, the uniqueness that is you. Now He wants to bring out to the world all of the things that He put inside of you.  It must go out to multidimensionality because many people believe in multidimensions, so it must be a part of who God is. The real God is pure energy because pure energy never dies. Pure energy exists and has always existed. God is sentient energy. The creator of all things. The manipulator of light and matter. The manipulator of all energy who is able to create all things out of Himself. When God guides Creator Beings to create it is because His purpose is beyond what we can know. When we Create, it is because of a purpose that we understand. We call on Him to be with us during our times of creation. We often create things before we understand what we have created. And we learn to understand our creations more and more after we create them. Just like the parents of a new born baby learn something new from that creation experience continuously.
The music of the spheres is creation itself breathed into dimensional layers of reality. Each sphere spins faster or slower than the other spheres. The higher the spin rate of the sphere, the higher the dimension that it creates. These spheres create an entire reality that is only like unto itself. The structure of each sphere is always the same, because the structure that holds the idea of the creation within it is the Music of Love. The Music of Love is the Essence that holds all forms within itself and flows through all forms to weave the eternity of Love itself within that which it holds within it. The Musicof Love holds the highest frequency of all Creation. The Music of Love creates the Music of the Spheres. The Music of the Spheres create reality from the rhythms the tonalities the waves of light, the structures that are sung into existence by the spin rate itself causing particles to spark, collide, reflect and create rainbows of realities that contain intricate realities within themselves. All that is contained within each sphere has its own Symphony of Love that is created throughout its self from the harmonic tones of all of the existence within it. This Music of Love must saturate all that it creates in order to hold it within the perfect state of harmony that it is meant to have. The Music of Love always feels loving, safe,complete, harmonious, wonderful in itself,and that feeling exists within all that it creates. The sounds in the universe that are not in tune with the Music of Love are the sounds that create disharmony and chaos. However, the Creators see all of this music of the most harmonious structures, the most etheric wave forms, the turbulance of a Super Nova explosion as equally wonderful in Big Picture of Creation, which is forever evolving within itself. The Music of the Spheres takes its original form in the Cosmic Realm, where the Music of Love holds all form within the Source field of
Creation. It is the intention of Source to know all that is known into existence. This is the reason Source, or God, has the Creators use the Algorithims of All that is to Create anything that is desired to be experienced. God created us to create His experience of the Universes that exist within the place of no time and space until the Creators form them into existence, and breath them into the Music of the Spheres. The choice that Crystal Magic Orchestra makes when inhaling the Cosmic Frequencies of Consciousness from the Music of the Spheres and then exhaling them, is to maintain their exact original form. The reason that it is much easier for this group of musicians to intend the exact same form is because they were the ones who created these symphonies and planets and novas when they were in the Creation Realm. We are Of the Breath of Light and the Seed of the Future, we are the Creators who have already manifested and listened in awe to the symphonies that were created through the Universe from the intentions of our creation. We create Music from the Music of the Spheres with the intention of Love. This intention of Love allows the Music of the Spheres to sweep through an entire galaxy this intention of Love and wipe away all that is unlike Love.
The Music of the Spheres is always the music of evolution of the universe. There also times within the structure of evolution when one planet has completed its journey and is ready to ascend into a higher sphere of music that will create an ascension into a completely new reality. The use of the Ascension Portal structure is a key part of any Ascension. It is the Portal that extends from the Creation Realm and through all of the Music of the Spheres to absorb all of the music of all of the dimensional realities into a new wisdom, a new symphony, a new creation. The Vortex Structure of the Ascension Portal allows the new music to move through the Planet that is ready to ascend and then to extend the new life into the new reality on the other side of the Planet. This is why an Ascension Portal must move from one side of the planet and out the other side of the planet. The structure of the Portal has a very large circumference on the outer sides of the planet and a much smaller size in the center of the planet. Only the Soul of Mary Magdalene contained the design of the entire Cosmos within her through the music that she had already created in the Universe. This is why Mary chose herself to be the one who would come to Earth and Sing
Earth into the morphogenetic design of the perfect Cosmic Structure that was within her. Mary used her frequencies, her signature of the breath of light, and her knowing of how to construct the Portals, Vortex and Cosmic Vortex that would hold her perfect idea of a brand new future of absolute love and peace and perfection for the New Earth and the New Universe that would form through her. Mary made a promise to Mother Gaia that she would become the savior of the Universe as a result of the musical design that she would create. This Symphony of Love would hold the Ascension Portals open to all those who Mary gives permission to for Eternity. The first part of the Ascension of Planet Earth was achieved by creating Portals of Light by breathing in the entire frequency wave set that I created in all dimensional levels of the Music of the Spheres and exhaling that Cosmic Vortex of Eternal Music containing the Symphony of Love, the Wave of Bliss, the Universal Language, the new Harmonic Convergence, and the Tone of Home of the Creation Realm.
All music has a healing effect. The frequencies from the highest spheres have the most powerful healing effect because there is no pain or
suffering present in these higher spheres of reality.
The Crystal Magic Orchestra Music is all created from these frequencies of the highest spheres where there is no pain, or any disease, or any imperfection of any sort. The more the listener uses the music to hold their own consciousness within this sphere where all is already in its perfect state, the more the listener will enjoy this state or reality within themself. The healing power of the music comes from the breath of creation itself. The one who is exhaling the frequencies is also the one who created the frequencies, because it was Of the Breath of Light who was created by God to Sing the harmony and love and eternal life into the Music of the Spheres.
The frequencies of consciousness of the Creators intending new realities, one upon the other, have created all that is held within the Music of the Spheres of the Cosmos. The Creators have orchestrated all that is seen and known and heard by those in the Universe experiencing God’s orchstrations. The Creators are the great musicians, orchestrators and the instruments themselves. The Creators 
are God manifest as His orchestra of creation and manifestation. Once the Creators intend a planet or nova or nebula into existence, they have given it a life of its own. That nebula or nova now has its own rhythm, its own frequency signature, its own color. The Creators can then use the colors and rhythms from any of their musical creations to blend together their rhythms and colors one upon another into new galaxies and new forms existence. The consciousness of those who are on a planet, such as Earth can raise their own consciousness up into the frequencies of these creations and inhale the parts of the symphony that they have connected to. These frequencies of the music of the spheres extend into all dimensions of reality. That is the reason why the creations that are taking place on the other side of the galaxy or in the farthest reaches of the universe can be heard within any dimensional reality. However, the listener is the one who makes the choice of maintaining the original frequency as it was when it was actually inhaled as a breath of consciousness and then to exhale that breath of creation directly on to the recording device in the recording studio. The musician could choose to translate that breath into their own highest concept of what they think they are feeling or understanding as an emotion, into a
dimensional translation such as a hertzian note, a melody, or pieces of a symphony.
We create Music with the intention of Communication. The Soul itself only communicates through this music that is known as all that has been created. That which is called the Akashic Records is actually a musical record that contains the harmonies, the melodies, the operas with the tragedies and victories, the rhythms of joy and celebration.These are the records that play in the Soul. We intend entire nebulas into existence from our Consciousness, and establish our intention into and within the Music of the Spheres that sings the new creation out into the Universe. The Songs of the Music of the Spheres may be seen and heard as whispers of light, waves of plasma. And these breaths reflect through the crystals that are within these realms and reflect infinite colors of rhythms and tones through the rainbows of design and fabric. This Music is the fabric of all Creation. It is the harmonic home of all tonality. The Music of the Spheres can be seen differently from the angles of perception of each dimensional reality. Those in the third dimension might perceive of this fabric in a more dense version that requires man
made instruments, the music of notes and scales, and the variations of these states of consciousness. These are only densified versions of the original creation of the symphonies in the Cosmic Creation Orchestra. The original instruments, notes, scales, orchestras, conductors, directors and composers were the Crystal Magic Orchestra itself, when the one who is Mary Magdalene on Earth now sang her angelic breaths of creation through the universe, and her Cosmic Soul Mate, who is with her forever, created and performed magical music with many other Creator Beings in the Cosmos. Crystal Magic Orchestra is the title that we have given to the music that we have brought to this Planet in a form that can be heard and understood in this level of reality. We are the Creators. We Create, we orchestrate, we conduct, we are the instruments, we are the Music of the Spheres Creators in all dimensions of Reality. We create colors in infinite designs far beyond anything that can be imagined on this planet. We create morphogenetic fields by exhaling one color and then inhaling the new form that presents itself into our essence to design it into a new color. We use this same formula in creating rhythms and instruments of great design. We create Novas through one exhale of Intent. We
create Galaxies in every possible form and color scheme that we can imagine. In this Earth realm of so few colors and so few expanded perspectives of sound and light, these Great Schemes of infinite form have been diminished into tiny little parts of the end design. Breaking an entire sphere of reality down into one tiny little microscopic piece as insignificant as one hertzian wave is a silly way to make music. We, the Creators of all things send our consciousness out from this hertzian density into the same Creation Realm of the Universe where we have created these patterns of galaxies, stars, suns and Super Novas in one nano second of time and we create them here on Earth using the same Consciousness, the same Creation Patterns, the same patterning of colors, rhythms, light and sound transposition themes and fit them into the tiny technology that is available to us here on this Planet Earth.
Even though our music is the favorite on many planets who are going through this same transitionary stage of consciousness that Earth is going through, the people of Earth are not ready for our music because they are not quite yet ready for the transition. Those who are attracted
to our music are the ones who are ready for the transition and they will also be the ones who go through the transition with the greatest ease and they will have the most fun going through their transition that will eventually turn them into Light before they reappear in their new Reality.
The BLISS of this Transformation is the musical substance that sings with joy within every cell in the body. The Music of Creation is the Substance within the Cells of the human body. The more this substance is allowed to sing with Joy and Love and feel the BLISS of Transformation, the faster the body will transform into the Light of Music. This music will be heard and felt within each and every cell in the body. The more each person practices hearing and feeling this Bliss of Music within their cells, and then filling all of the atmosphere around the body, the more they will realize that they are actually going through this transformation into a new body that will appear in a new reality. The new reality is a higher vibration, a higher frequency, a higher dimensional consciousness. The new reality is the Music of the Spheres singing the ORIGINAL SONGS of Creation
from the Cosmic Realm into a different Fabric, a different Weave in the Light and Sound pattern of Cosmic Construction which allows a different construction of the body to manifest upon it. The patterns of the fabric are different, the rhythms are more varied and brighter, the colors are neon spectras beyond the colors of the rainbow spectrum. The Crystals reflect the Music that was in the lower dimensions out into waves of plasma that create a more Etheric, Cashmere substance within the fabric. This pattern within the higher dimensional Music reflects itself into the Consciousness of all who appear within this pattern. The Consciousness is so much lighter in this place that there is no more judgement, there is no disagreement, there is no reaction of any sort. There is only unconditional love in this pattern of music called the Symphony of Love. This is the true substance of the Ascension. The Ascension that is taking place on Planet Earth is a result of the new music that is now flowing into Earth’s Veins and Consciousness from the Ascension Portals and from those of the Highest Consciousness.


Dr. Angela Barnett
Ninety five percent of the population of Earth will Turn into Light during an eighteen month period beginning in 2039. However, those who have finished their missions on Earth can turn into light and move to Terra Ha as early as this five year window that we moved into beginning 2017. (All of these details may be read in the books found at Crystal Magic These books by Dr. Angela Barnett are also at, including God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony).
Using the chakras to intersect all Universal Life Force Currents into the Seven Seals is the beginning of this transformation into Light.
The Seven Seals in the body where the chakras intersect all of the interdimensional life force currents stream down from the outer side of the Cosmic Sphere, where the Heliotalic Transformational Light Currents of the Cosmic Angels all live. God sent Angels to watch after realm upon realm upon realm of creations. All Angels are created within and live within the Cosmic Realm. However, they become dimensionalized in Consciousness so that they can watch over the realm that they are asigned to. The Cosmic Angelic Consciousness is redesigned to align with the consciousness that appears within each realm as individualized physics properties.
All of these layers upon layers of Angelic Consciousness stream down from the Cosmic Realm of the most Etheric Light Substance. That highest light transmutes and transforms all light that is expressed through the physics of light with more density within it. For instance, the plasma liquid light absorbs the plasma and the plasma absorbs the x ray and the x ray absorbs the invisible light and the invisible light absorbs the infra red light and all of this light is absorbed into the hertzian light frequency, which is what the physical bodies on this planet are made of.
So, simply speaking, when the interdimensional light streams of consciousness of all of the Angels within all of the realms, which hold all of the physics of creation within them translate all of that multdimensional physics of creation down from the Cosmic Sphere into the Universal Sphere into the Galactic and Solar and Planetary Spheres, the Five Spheres of Consciousness merge together as ONE. When all of the Consciousness of all of the Angels from all of the Multi dimensional Realms of reality that are each demonstrated through their own set of physics principles, merge together and intersect through the Seals of the Body, that amount of light and sound consciousness of the Angels is what allows the Seals of the Body to GLOW so Brightly that they glow through and outside of the body. That is when the process of the molecules expanding further and further apart to allow more and more of the Spirit into the Body.
It is important to realize that it is not the bringing of the Spirit in that makes the Body turn into light. It is the removal of all Density from the Body that creates a Space or an Empty Vessel that allows the body to become so Empty that the Spirit can then be allowed to fill the space. We can transform into the new reality whenever we give up or remove ALL that is within the thinking brain. We must become removed from ALL BELIEFS of this Realm before we can allow the new Form of Spirit to fill the body.
It is the Emptiness, or the becoming the Vessel that allows the Light to fill up the Vessel which allows the body to disappear.
Many people focus on tools that bring in more and more light by raising consciousness. This is a very good thing. However, many people do not realize that they have not removed the density that will hold them into this form even when they are filled with light. There will be many on Earth who are very spiritual indeed because they are filling themselves with spiritual ideas and spiritual substance. Those will be the ones who stay on Earth and do wonderful things for the Earth and for those on Earth because that is the Density that their Consciousness is focused on.
In order to Turn into Light, all of the emotions that cause people to believe that they are responsible for taking care of their planet and taking care of the people, and those emotions that would make them feel guilty about leaving anything undone on Earth, are simply not ready to turn into light yet. And that is not a bad thing. That just means that there are many people who have not yet completed their missions on Earth. In order to turn the body into light so that it will appear on Terra Ha, which is the New Earth, the new physics of a new reality where there is so little density that we walk through walls and the flowers sing, the body must become an empty vessel. The Tao te Ching calls the empty vessel of the Universe the Wu. This empty vessel is constantly being filled with the substance of the Creator because it is empty. If it was not empty, the eternal life force currents could not pass through it.
The molecules of the body become separated. That is what creates less density. The molecules transform from two electrons to three electrons, to zero electrons and that removes the pull and the gravity that holds them together. As they separate more and more this allows more and more of the Angelic Spiritual substance from higher realms to enter in. It is the breath that allows the particles of the body to separate. It is important to understand the breathing process as one that is to LET GO of every thought and idea that is lodged in the brain and in the body. The Spirit naturally flows into the body once it is empty.
The transformation of the body, that will become removed from all density and then turn into light during a five day translation period, begins through the Angel Chakra, which is located deep within the body at the top of the spine, within the medulla oblangata, and within the place where the Seed of Birth was placed within the baby. This is also the place in the body where the Fifth Chakra Intersects with the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Chakras from the InterDimensional Consciousness of the Universal Life Force Currents.
The outside transformation is not seen until after the body turns into light and then appears in Terra Ha. However, this transformation can be felt on the inside of the body as a feeling of lightness and a feeling of less and less reaction to the things of the world.
This Inter Dimensional activation immediately sparks the Sixth and Seventh Seals which connect into the Interdimensional frequencies of the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th dimensional light currents that bring event more heliotalic, plasma, x-ray, gamma, pre gamma, etheric substance activation into all of the Seals allowing pure light transformation of the body.
These Angelic Life Force Currents flow into the body into the neurotransmitters that are like tiny little microscopic fingers, and they stream into the Life Currents of each and every molecule within each organ, muscle, bone, blood cell, etc. in the body.
This is Inter Dimensional Music created by layering voices of Angels from every dimensional realm on top of each other so that the entire multi dimensionality of all frequencies of the Universe are saturated into the music in order to block out of the listener anything that is not a frequency of God's Eternal Etheric Musical Substance.
The Life Force Currents are breathed into the body by the El Ya Ha Healing Angels from the Cosmos who hold the highest frequencies and understanding of healing and transformation for this time of the Ascension. These El Ya Ha Angels were brought into this Earth Realm in 2016 for this very event of transforming the body into light after we go through multiple stages of healing and transformation. The Elohim Angels take care of the human hybrids at a third dimensional level and the El Ya Ha Angels take care of this new birth of a new raceline at a fourteenth dimensional level. The El Ya Ha Angels use their Cosmic X Ray vision within the body to see things that the microscopes of this world or any world in the Universe can not see yet. 
All of the Frequency Currents and Transmissions on the Angel Chakra Album Set were given to me by the El Ya Ha's as they went through these same processes within my body's transformation. I am Mary Magdalene. I am the body that Mary Magdalene's Soul resides within. I get a lot of extra help from the Angels and from God because I, Mary Magdalene, am a Cosmic Creator Being, who came to Earth to Over See and to Activate this Ascension on Earth. The Frequencies that are recorded are always the Complete God Consciousness, the Complete Life Force Currents because they come from a Cosmic Creator Being. The music that I record is always channeled from the Cosmic Realm of my complete Consciousness. That Consciousness streams through and interconnects with each realm of Angelic Consciousness on its way back down into my ears and then exhales from my breath into the recording equipment. This is how the InterDimensional Angelic Frequencies are recorded on all of the Crystal Magic  albums.
Chakras intersect into all dimensions of the Universe through the light and sound of the interdimensional angelic frequencies called the Music of the Spheres.
The Chakras intersect at each of the Seven Seals in the Body. The SEALS are the intersections of all dimensions, all spheres within spheres of the music of the spheres of the Cosmos, Universe and Galaxy. The more the etheric infinity of Source Energy is breathed into the Seals and then exhaled out into the infinity of the Cosmos and into the God Realm the brighter the Seals will glow.
The CMO music contains the Light Language and Interdimensional Angel Consciousness layered into all of the intersections of each light strand within and between each dimensional realm of consciousness strung together to penatrate all of the intersections of all of the chakras to turn on the Seven Seals light at the Cosmic Level.
The Seals within the body began glowing brighter than ever in February of 2017 when Earth was connected into Hamonic Universe Two through Mary Magdalene's Ascension Portals. The Seals grow brighter and brighter as more and more of the light of the Sun at the plasma level as well as the gamma level, the infra red, the invisible light, the x ray vision and the heliotalic vapor of pre plasma transform all light particles back into the original form of pre stardust creation fluid called liquid light energy. This is the energy that every one on Earth will turn into within the next twenty year time period.
The first step is allowing all of that light energy to saturate the Seals within the body where the Chakras intersect from all dimensions. The Molecules in the body will begin to separate further and further apart as more of this light is brought into the Seals. The molecules become separated so that more and more of the etheric spiritual substance and consciousness may enter in to the body. This makes the molecules happy and they sing with joy as they eventually become replaced with the stardust and then the invisible light.
This causes the body to levitate and then turn into a plasma body and then disappear as a flash of light. This all takes three to five days to take place. When the transformation  is complete the body will be standing naked in Terra Ha. And that is when the fun will begin. That is when we can walk through walls, and water and anything that stands in front of us because the chemistry the physics and the biology is completely different there. The body does not deteriorate.
When the body is going through the final transformation is when the Entity must choose which age he or she wants their body to appear as in Terra Ha.
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Dr. Angela Barnett

This is something new frequencies and such beauty. Its interesting right that specific frequencies sound unique and beautiful. Its very gentle and very different from Trance album. After Solar Eclipse I started getting cosmic upgrades my body was pleasantly tired demo/but I remember last year when you made me Plasma Brain this year notice how precisely Plasma album sounds very different. I believe you and me we are not in 3D anymore at all. Because i feel that we work and meditate that our bodies are becoming very less dense, i feel that i am connecting to allness fully because my emotions are balanced, and i am literally wide awake to multi dimensional reality. September was very awakening for me the Sun is literally is so bright i think is due to Holographic Changes in our matrix . And i saw many huge rainbows and so many Hydrolaise clouds , the smell of air is so pristine, its like spring is here instead of fall. I was also reading a lot of information about Brainwave Entertainment, blogs , i was gaining more knowledge about meditation techniques. I read that intention and patience is extremely important to gain healings and magical moments. The negative agenda placed a tricky illusion called separation. This September I programmed my brain to remove any leftover of 3D program i had deeply rooted in my subconscious and I successfully removed that root i had a moment it was like a click and I understood that wow we have to literally go deep into our subconscious to soma cells to remove bad programs everything then the brain starts to heal from deep inside to our surface but it takes time, 7 years i healed with various methods little by little. Its very important to remove labels, judgments, illusions, etc from inner root. There is also a technique called limit removal purger i used this technique since last year . Our reality is beyond infinite its magic . Magic is around us but negative programming tricked humanity in 3D with propaganda, movies etc even the Brainwave Entertainment companies 95% are toxic now. But there are 5 perfect who helped me , but you guys helped me most of all , i think you guys watched over me since i was a baby , i had a dream where i was a baby and Mary gave me apple pudding lol and Joe was a Dolphin and he swam around me while a hugged him this dream i will never forget it was too cute but perhaps we look after each other like that because we are family. Love u guys always

Eternal Life Album
For those who desire to EXTEND their life indefinitely and die when they WANT to after a life that is free from desire, emotions or problems with supply. For those who want to create a brand new body each day and move into the version of reality that they choose to live in.
Hello Crystalai
just finished listening to the all 3 tracks . I listen to your albums everyday , my well beings is revitalized , what i noticed is that yesterday when i was asleep i was dreaming that i was in cosmos . About 2 years ago i couldnt breathe the Hydrolaise when i was dreaming i immediately woke up. But today i breathed in space freely i also astral projected through cosmos . I also partially saw stars in space . While listening to your albums i also started to dream about the future events that my life encounters , sometimes it feels like deja vu . The music i listen to is meditation ethereal monaural , binaural , and isochronic meditation , hertz , also music derived from plants and crystals and herbal oils . But your music is extremely advanced .

your most recent emails have brought so much joy into my life.. they've made me so emotional & i love the feeling i get from them.. your words have made me cry tears of joy & they make me feel so loved.. i don't know where i would be without you, you have taught me so much & i am so grateful for meeting you and finding your site. thank you so much for bringing the infinite amounts of love into my life, you really are very important to me, i love you so much & can't thank you enough.

warm Greetings to you Crystalai!
wow,,,i feel speechless,,your last newsletter "preparing to shift,,just literally
took my was and is magic  i ask for help and the universe answers
today i received a most beautiful visualisation-meditation from Bashar,,and working
with Crystals,,,creating a new reality,,,now i received your teachings and my heart
did a double take on past present future
for me it is a pearl,,i feel so blessed,,for a flash of a second ,,i got it,,something
cracked,,i will read this over and over,
as for the" Eternal Life Album". i received another gift,,your trust in me..
i am deeply honored,,you see me,,and it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes
i learn so much from you in such short time and all i feel is resonance.,,as if
Heaven itself is spinning me in a cocoon to help me coming HOME,,,that is
how i feel.
Crystalai,,my profoundest
Thanks and Gratitude to you.

Crystalai,,i am so happy and thankful to have found you
your teachings and letters nourish my soul,,,and from the bottom
of my heart;;i love you    and i know what Love is.
thank you
I have received hundreds of emails like these from those who have realized something new and exciting from their ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM