DNA Reprogramming

Dr. Angela Barnett is truly the most qualified Doctor of DNA through her Vast Understanding of the spiritual DNA in its highest form. 

She has optimized her understanding of connecting the physical DNA into the spiritual reality of the multi dimensional neuronet system of infinite versions of parallel realities. Dr. Barnett spent twenty years with Universal and Cosmic Race lines including the Elohim Sirian, Lyran, Azurite and Oraphim in experiential learning of collecting and connecting Frequencies. Through the Elohim of Hearing, the Breath of Source and an infinite variety of Frequency Signatures of valuable beings of Light, Barnett learned to perfect the art of braiding Light and Sound Frequencies from Source into all of the Infinite Frequencies within the Light Spectrum of Ultra Violet Blue, White Light, Pre Light and Sound, Infra Red, X-ray, Gamma  and Hertzian Frequency Waves. Barnett studied and perfected this technique in order to remove the veil between the spiritual and physical reality. 

The music from the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES has been collected in its entirety by Dr. Barnett and it can be used for Spiritual Healing, connecting neuronets into the Super Human Consciousness, activating the Light Body and the Orb Body for Bi Location, Astral Travel and complete Galactic Travel. 

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DNA Re Programming


This six CD set is a combination of the explanation of how DNA is re programmed, and the actual experience we need to go through to create the re programming of the DNA. 

We actually move into a different reality when we raise our frequencies. That is actually what an ascension is. It is moving into a new reality because a person or a group of people have raised their frequencies.

There is only one way to raise one's frequencies. They must accelerate the spin rate of the electro magnetic fields of consciousness within and around their body.
The Divine Technology that was created that allows a person to do this is called the Merkaba. This Merkaba can be created in the mind and used equally effectively as purchasing one made of copper. This training kit teaches the actual method that is used to create and use the Merkaba to place the body within the spheres that are created by the spinning Merkaba.

These spheres are called the Music of the Spheres. When the Merkaba spins, it spins into a sphere. When the Merkaba spins faster, it spins into a higher sphere. Each sphere has a higher and higher frequency or tone of spinning. When the body is wrapped within these spheres within spheres within spheres, it becomes higher and higher in frequency until it is as high as a cosmic sphere. When the consciousness attaches itself to this frequency, it shifts into the new reality. It can also shift into an orb of light and travel within the galaxy.

This set includes the detailed instructions of how we create the Merkaba and how we ride within this Merkaba vehicle, which is the technology that creates the spheres of light and sound energy called the Music of the Spheres. The Merkaba then allows us to travel within it to spin our frequencies faster and faster in order to create new energy that combines with out consciousness to create the new realities. We combine our consciousness with higher frequencies so that we can move into new higher realities.

As we move into higher and higher states of realities, we move into a high enough frequency where the body can turn into an orb of light.

We must reach this frequency where the body can become an orb so that we can move into the Plasma Space ship of our higher universal selves.

We move into the Plasma ships of the sets of reality or consciousness of our starry families.

That is what we are learning to do at this time on Earth. Within this generation of consciousness some of us will be able to turn our bodies into orbs of light and be invited to ride on space ships with our starry families. 

That is what is being taught in this DNA re-programming kit. This training shows us how to hear these frequencies and move our body into the frequencies, which allows us to imagine or see our body riding in the Merkaba vehicle of transformation.


CD 1 of 6
DNA Reprogramming

 1. Intro DNA Reprogramming
  2. Become Multi Dimensional
  3. Blue Body 1
  4. Blue Body 2
  5. Ulta violet Blue Body 3

How DNA is Re-Programmed through Light and Sound plus about one hour of Frequencies that do the Reprogramming by holding the body within the Spinning Merkaba that lifts the body through Consciousness into the Fifth Dimension and into the Golden Merkaba that is required to create the Orb Body, the body is then lifted into the Violet Sphere of Transformation where the FREEDOM of Infinity can be felt.


Merkaba training and Journey- creating the Merkaba around the body and riding in the Merkaba vehicle.

Track 3

Frequency Music to use as you practice repeating the journey taught on track 2.

Track 4

Using these frequencies to activate the body with the cosmic sphere of 13-15 dimensional cosmic frequencies.

Track 5

Plasma Frequency activation to hold the cells of the body in the plasma state long enough for the body to replicate into the light body orb which leaves the body to travel when the body floats into a trance state.

This activation is more completely rendered into the body in the Trance Album.
(I have already orbed into light and been invited to ride space ships). However, we have an interdimensional agreement that we cannot physically board these ships YET. that veil will be lifted in a few more years.


CD 2

Track 1

DNA is activated by the Music of the Spheres
It is the actual connection of consciousness into all of the spheres of all dimensions that completely activate DNA.

Track 2

God Language of tones that connect us out to that Consciousness

Track 3

We must program our DNA by saying I am Super Human

Track 4

When we die, it looks exactly like waking up from a dream.

Track 5

We are re connecting to the Mind of God. The Seven Suns brought this transformational energy together with the 12 star gates.
The training provides step by step instructions for creating the Merkaba Vehicle that is a 12D transformation symbol that carries the power or consciousness that allows the body to travel into multiple dimensions of reality.

The Merkaba vehicle is used to travel into the Cosmic Inner Domains of Inner Earth to collect the Cosmic Frequencies.


CD 3

Track 1

The DNA is going through a change at this time, and we must take control of planting our new reality in our new DNA or the old DNA will continue to manifest the old realities, and the body will die away with the old DNA because you have not placed a new reality in the DNA.

The only reality that exists in your DNA is the old story of your belief system which includes age,disease and death.

You must plant more new reality in your DNA.

You must transform your DNA. This track explains how the new knowledge of the new reality must be absorbed into the synaptic cleff of the brain and then fired into the neuronets to activate a new reality within the body. How to dream yourself into a new you.

Track 2

The super human lives within the immortal DNA.

We have the opportunity to move into this immortal DNA by following these directions.


CD 4

Track 1

The frequencies of dimensions are being absorbed into the body in order to allow the DNA in the body to become re programmed into a new reality because a new frequency has been placed in consciousness.

The re programming is connecting the neuronets of the physical body into the neuronets of the spiritual body within the anti matter universe.

The higher self contains the frequencies of light and sound that play into the DNA through the DNA when the spiritual body is plugged into the physical body. The 5-8 DNA can become active in and through the physical body.

Track 2

Complete Journey of DNA activation

How to bring all frequencies of consciousness into the crystal cells

The breath of consciousness that is being brought into the cells must be felt.

Practice FEELING the Frequencies in the cells by feeling the music within the cells and flowing around the cells.

Track 3

Complete fifteen dimensional frequency activation through breaths of cosmic consciousness

Track 4

Frequencies of activation of the crystal heart or the soul activation center beginning the flow from the heart center to the brain and activating the oneness with all of the spheres of the Music of the Spheres.

These frequencies include the frequencies of the Cosmic Dolphins from Sun Ha.

Track 5

Helium in the Heart Activation

Creating the helium activation in the heart and connecting the energy out from the heart into the Universe and into the heart of Mother Earth.


CD 5

Track 1

Riding into Ascension Portals

 A meditation journey to activate the flame chamber vehicle. Riding into the Cosmoc Core of Sun 8.

Increases the plasma in the body. the white light energy plasma can not actually be heard, but it can be replicated through my consciousness.

Practice transposing the body into Plasma and Pre Plasma and the Vapor that the Pre Plasma is made of and even the Pre Vapor.

This is practicing becoming the frequencies of the Sun. This is the actual method of feeling the OM Frequencies of the Sun.

The Breath of Creation is actually the etheric vapor of a breath like substance that all is created from.

Practice filling the body with this vapor by soaking in the Plasma Tub within the Heart Chamber of the Eighth Sun.

Practice riding the Plasma Ship into the Universe at the speed of light.

Practice turning the body into the Aurora Body of Plasma and then separating that body from the Physical body and then realizing that the Plasma Body and the Physical Body operate as one even when the Plasma body is in another Universe.

When the Plasma body rises from the Physical body, the Physical body can Levitate. This is how Levitation is done.

Track 2

  1. Overview of Journey
  2. Intro to Journey
  3. Playground of God
  4. Preparing for Journey
  5. Flame Vehicle Chamber
  6. Journey to Healing Water
  7. Hydro Pure Water
  8. Healing Water
  9. Swirling Vortex Pool
  10. Stargate Meditation

MUSIC containing frequency signatures, sound tones, vortex co-ordinates and the frequencies that align the spiritual and physical vortices into harmonic union through the Ascension Portals connecting physical and parallel spiritual Earth.

These are the formulas for preparing your body, your DNA and your Neuronets for taking your journey into the Inner Earth Underwater Cities of Light. Taking this journey in consciousness and streaming the frequencies of the music through your neuronets is what will repair the crystalline grids that are blocking the flow of Consciousness from the Underwater Cities of Light in the Pacific Ocean. 


CD 6

Track 01 

Spiritualizing the Neuronet

Track 02 

Spiritual DNA

Track 03 

DNA Communication