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"Matrix of Illusions" book

The writing below are a few paragraphs from our book, "Matrix of Illusions."
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Divine Reality is real and we can and do live and have our being there. We must learn how to recognize the Matrices of Illusions and understand how they work so we are not inadvertently lulled to sleep by them unknowingly. The Matrix of Illusions is often very subtle and appears as something good and natural even though it is not. Sometimes the Illusions seem harmless, and they are, as long as we know that they are illusions and do not put too much weight on following them. The trick is to stay in Divine Reality at all times and live, move and always have our being there as we move through life on a daily basis.

Do we need to join a church or a group to live out from Divine Reality? No. Divine Reality is not contained in a church or organization. Human organizations often work as a Matrix of Illusions that sets up many rules about spirituality that have little to do with Divine Reality and have more to do with belonging to their exclusive club. Divine Reality is known by the individual - not by a group or organization; it is a Divine relationship between the individual and the Infinite that is only known within. The Divine Relationship is so powerful, it boggles the mind that is asleep in the Matrix of Illusions and cannot be comprehended or fathomed. Only people who have experienced the Matrix of Reality, even if just a little, can understand the infinite power and possibilities that are known there.

The spiritual path is not always easier, but it is always real. Once a person starts to know Reality, going back down to sleep into a waking dream seems ridiculous and a waste of time and effort. Substance and value are only known through Divine - it cannot be known or experienced anywhere else or in any other way. An illusion  will always feel superficial and unsatisfying - it will always feel like there is something missing because it is only an illusion, which pops like a bubble when Reality is seen, known, and lived from. The Matrix of Reality can only be known as one begins the journey out from under the thumb and hypnotism of the Matrix of Illusions and into the freedom of Divine Reality.

The best of everything for you on your journey into Reality!!