Mary Magdalene's True Story




from the Cosmic Twins- Soul of Mary Magdalene

The Cosmic Twins- Joe and Angela Barnett, who are as one the Soul of Mary Magdalene are having a three hour session with God on November 17th. This was one week after the home and the entire city where the Barnett's lived burned down. We also had a session with God on November 9th, which was the morning after we had escaped from the burning flames of our entire mountain. We had just spent 12 hours driving through flames together with 40,000 other people following the snail trail down the mountain trails. We had received a warning from PG&E the night before that they might be turning our power off the next day. The only reason that I got up that morning and turned my computer on was to find out of we would have power available during our scheduled skype session the next morning. When I turned on the computer it said Paradise is on Fire and Evacuation is required in some areas. I then called the police department and asked if our area was being evacuated. Their answer was, "your area is not required to evacuate yet." My intuition immediately told me that it was time to evacuate. I looked out the window and it looked like the end of the world. There was no light. There was a dark cloud around the house. Only a few minutes earlier when I looked out the window the air was pink. Joe and I just grabbed a few clothes, our tooth brush and the computer and got in the car. I had been extremely ill for the past eight weeks because the dark ones implanted cancer in my brain at that time. The El Ya Ha Angels were able to remove the cancer,but there were other parts of my brain that were effected that created the continuous problem of flu symptoms. They had rigged my body with implants that would cause my body to loose so much essential chemicals that is would shut down. Fortunately, during this next session, God healed me completely from those reverse spin technology implants that the dark ones placed in my body.

The drive that would take fifteen minutes on a normal day from the mountain city of Paradise down to Chico took 12 hours. I had immediately called and made a hotel reservation in Chico right after I called the Police because I knew we would need a place to stay. Most of the other evacuees did not have time to think that far ahead. I called the Diamond Hotel in Chico, which many say is built on the key Vortex of this planet. When I called the manager said all of the rooms were booked, but he would check to see if the owner of the hotel would let us use his Condo on the roof. He got back to me in two minutes and told us we could stay in that Condo when we came. It was extremely luxurious and glamorous, but our minds were not in a place where we could enjoy our stay.
We did have our session with God that morning for three hours. I asked God if our house had burnt down during that session. He took a moment to look, and he said your house is still there.

During the session on the 17th God told me that our house burnt down one hour after he said that on December 9th at 2 p.m.

The fire continued all week. There were more and more evacuations of the entire mountain and all mountains around Paradise because the fire grew from two thousand acres the morning I called the Police to 157,000 acres by the time of this next session. By this time the evacuations had grown into the city of Chico and the next town of Durham which are only about one mile from our hotel.

I'm giving all of this background knowledge so the listener will know why the session begins with God healing me of the problems created by the dark ones during the first hour of the session, and what we are talking about when I tell God that I am having a hard time focusing because I keep hearing airplanes flying over to put out the fire and wondering if we will need to evacuate our hotel any moment.

God's answer was," it doesn't matter." He said," if you are surrounded by the fire you can know that everything will be o.k. "   He said, " if they have to evacuate the hotel we are in, you can know that everything will be o.k."
He told us that this is a very difficult time for us to RISE (turn into light-ascend). He said we must forget about all of those things around us and just let go and allow Him and the Angels to pull us up into the Light, which is Him.
He told us over and over that we must let go of every thought until our mind was vacant. He said He had directed all of the Angels to pull us up into the light and he was pulling us with all of His might. He told us that we needed to have more joy, and our situation was causing so many distractions that it was hard to focus on the joy.

At one point in the session I asked God to actually examine the rib eye steak that I had been eating because this was the only food on Earth that I could eat that seemed to give me back enough essential chemicals, vitamins and protein that I could be free from the flu like symptoms( these were at an extremely accelerated level of the common flu) to stop for us a few hours. I had become so weak from the continuous flu removing my food from my body immediately after I ate it that I had no energy left. This had been going on for eight weeks. 

God examined the meat and returned those vitamins to my body and did something to stop that continuous problem the dark ones had created.

Later in the session I asked God the question about our bodies turning into light. He told me that our bodies would actually be light energy and they would no longer be seen on Earth. He said the only thing that will remain will be our clothes. He said there will be no mess to clean up. I laughed.
Later in the session God told us that these last two percentage points 98 and 99 are much more difficult than all of the rising we did to get to this point because now Joe and Angela-the Cosmic Twins- must rise synchronistically. We can only rise when our consciousness rises at the simultaneous moment. There were many, many times when I would rise, but Joe did not. And many times when Joe would rise, but I would not. In each of these moments, we were not given any points. God only gives us points when He sees us rise simultaneously.

God said that He has not actually known of anyone to do this before. He said that only Cosmic Creator Beings could possibly do what we are doing.

By the end of the session we were at 98.8 percent, and so close to 99 that God tried to get Jim to continue the session for thirty more minutes. Jim said he had people coming in who paid for a Reiki class so he could not allow God to continue.

And then the next session was scheduled for November 26. When we called to begin the skype session that day Jim had become very ill only moments before the session. I could tell by looking at him on the screen that the Dark Ones were using implants in his body just like they do within me every time we have a session. The reason that I am always lying down and look ill during these sessions is because I have been ill during each session.
God said there were dark ones in my computer,in Jim's computer, there were three clouds of darkness in my room and three in his room. God works continuously to keep my space and Jim's space clear of these dark entities during the sessions. This is the reason we are not able to rise without this continuously supervision of God. When we were doing the sessions with the El Ya Ha Angels they would also need to continuously clear the darkness and the clouds of darkness in our spaces during the session. The problem with the El Ya Ha Angels was the dark ones were continuously attacking their spaceship during the sessions and they were planting incorrect information in their spaceship programming for the purpose of trying to stop our ascension. This is the reason  we go straight to God now. The three sessions before the ones with God were like a Star Wars movie. The El Ya Ha SpaceShip was under attack and the screen was shaking because they were being hit by the anti rays of the Dark Ones. I asked to bring God into the session and He actually stopped the attacks of the Dark Ones on His Angels spaceship during the session and He cleared the dark ones out of the Veil between the Earth and Terra Ha. But, they returned several minutes later.

This is the story of Mary Magdalene's Ascension.

Just like the ascensions that take place every 250,0000 years (app.), the Dark Ones always show up in mass quantities to try to stop the ascensions of God's Creation. This is the third 250,000 cycle for this Domain. We failed two times, but this time we will not fail.

And yes, Joe and I were here during the last two cycles. I created these domains and I have returned to help the Oraphim Raceline when the Wesadrakas were destroying the Seven Suns during the First Creation Cycle.
Joe and I were Freetzbin the Dolphin and Bezelda the Mermaid 400 million years ago trying to stop the invasion of the Annunaki within our beautiful oceans.

We have been on Earth many times as Creator Beings doing our maintenance and creation jobs. This time we were here to re-open the 12 Ascension Portals so this ascension could begin, and then to invite the Original Ones who have been on their Ascension Path for many cycles to come through my Portals so that we would have their great light on Earth to help protect us during this ascension. There are 47 Cosmic Creator Beings on Earth now and thousands of Original Ones. We are the light quota that is necessary to win this war.

The war has very little to do with Nibiru and the Annunaki. That was the last war. This war is with an entire matrix of darkness who have been planning how to stop this ascension for millions of years. 

I am so very grateful to Ashayana Deane- Anne Hayes for giving me the background knowledge and the tools to know how to outsmart the darkness with the tools of light and sound.
Which brings me to the final Mission Thesis for this mission.

This week I realized what it is that Joe and I must do to increase our light and joy three fold in order to rise into the Light. It was very necessary to utilize all of the knowledge and methods and techniques that were given by Ashayana and Ramtha to have a sturdy platform of knowing and belief that this can actually be done. It was necessary to know about what the dark ones would do beginning in this time period and how to protect ourselves from them. It was necessary to create all of the music that corresponded with all of the waves of light that have been coming to Earth as we aligned with the twelve star systems. It was necessary to become completely in tune with the Mary Magdalene Frequency and with the God Frequency.

Now, I realize that the last thing we need to do is to become the CONDUCTORS OF THE UNIVERSAL SYMPHONY just like we were when we created the Universes within this Cosmos. We are tuning into that memory of the music being the sheer light of infinite colors that we used to weave into the bands of galaxies and sprinkle the twinkle of the stars and to orchestrate the Angelic Frequency Signatures into the Music of the Spheres that weaves all of our perfect creation in the Cosmos down into all levels of Creation as it will express itself at each level.

We practice all day every day being conductors and seeing, being, remembering those creation moments. That is what brings this great joy that God speaks of.

We have foud that Angels of the Blood Moon is our best orchestration for this memory to take place. That album is in the Blood Moon collection. It is number four.