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The ASCENDING BODY turns into this LIGHT BODY that exists in the 12th Dimension when it goes through the VEIL OF ASCENSION.
Those who live in the 9th Dimension are Crystalline Substance. Those who live in the tenth Dimension are more Plasma Light, and the eleventh are almost pure invisible light. The 12th Dimensionals contain more plasma, pre plasma, gamma, heliotalic light, gelaisic liquid light, and eventually they would be PURE WHITE LIGHT- which is the Energy of God. This Light Energy Substance is the same Creation Substance that we lived in when we were going through our birth in the Comsic Womb. This pure light substance takes form into the closest resemblance to what God Energy Creation Substance originally was.

Jaramael told me that those in the 12th Dimension can not be known or understood by anyone in this realm.
He said God is the only one who can see them and who can know them as they are.

So, this is where the theory comes in about the 12 Dimensions of Light and Sound in the Universe BECOMING the PERFECT CREATION once again.