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All of the other Planets will be going through an Ascension at the same time. The Pleiadians who are in the Fifth dimension will rise to the Sixth. The Arcturians will rise. The Sirians will rise. Each of the 12 Star Systems will Rise. However, it will be this MUSIC WITHIN GAIA that will Guide the Ascension of all of the other planets and Star Systems. The reason that Gaia will guide this ascension is because the creators of the Music of Ascension are on Gaia now. We came to be on Gaia so that Gaia could do this Musical Ascension.

This is an Ascension of the 12 Star Systems.When all of the Notes of the Souls INTERSECT all of their Keys within their SCALES through their HEARTS, this Grand Cosmic Intersection allows the entire Galaxy to Flip up into the Universal Ascension. Each Ascension of each Dimension Intersects with the Cosmos within the Cosmos, or the MUSIC OF THE SPHERES that Guides and Binds all of the Light Waves together.