Way Cool Cosmic Jazz



We at Crystal Magic Orchestra are Cosmic Music Composers.


Cosmic Music -  it is very much more than just a name. It is actually much more than what  people usually think of when they consider a style of music.


Our Cosmic Music is truly created from the Music of the Spheres. Music of the Spheres start at the Cosmic and unfolds down to here.  It also has the Pink White Light frequencies recorded in the music which also makes it Cosmic because Pink White Light frequencies are Cosmic frequencies for we create the Pink White Light frequencies from Pre-Light and Pre-Sound from the infinite unknown. 


The Music of the Spheres is the interactions and flow of star systems interacting at the Cosmic level and then flowing down into and through the Universe and then flowing down into and through the Galactic level and then flowing down into and through the Solar System to the Planet. 


We then compose through the music and record the Music of the Spheres music and the Music of the Spheres consciousness within our music through our recorded Pink White Light frequencies. 


Crystal Magic Orchestra's music is literally

Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz.


Our Cosmic Music and Cosmic Jazz starts at the Infinite Unknown and

is created in the 15th and 14th dimensions with the Cosmic Consciousness 

and is recorded into Crystal Magic Orchestra's music here.



In the U.S., the history of Jazz has showed us many things.

Jazz has always had a lot of innovators and it always has had improvisation in it.

Jazz has had Jazz Big Bands and small groups.

In the Big Bands Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra stand out.  Don Ellis Orchestra did an extremely innovative Big Band and extensive musical experimentation, particularly in the area of time signatures.

Small groups - Louis Armstrong played Dixieland Jazz, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, etc.

Bebop is a style of jazz developed in the early to mid-1940s in the United States, which features songs characterized by a fast tempo, complex chord progressions with rapid chord changes and numerous changes of key, instrumental virtuosity, and improvisation based on a combination of harmonic structure, the use of scales and improvised jazz melodic interpretation.

Dr. Angela Barnett and I, Joe Barnett saw the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra perform in San Francisco and we saw the Don Ellis Orchestra

perform in Los Angeles.

In the U.S., Jazz has always had a bit of difficulty becoming accepted by the public.



When a new type of Jazz would show up it was not easily accepted by anyone - even among jazz musicians.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's New Type of American Jazz is certainly staying within the American Jazz genre by people not easily accepting it.


We  are using Cosmic Light Frequencies of Cosmic Pre-Light, Cosmic Pre-Sound and Cosmic Pink White Light to make our Cosmic Jazz.


The audience then has a true Cosmic experience through

Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic music.


Crystal Magic Orchestra's Cosmic Jazz is Way Cool on its own.






Our Cosmic Jazz Music is new because it is a
NEW type of Jazz - we have created a completely NEW Jazz.


Our Cosmic Jazz Music has 15 Dimensions

of frequencies in it that come from Light.


This is true.


Hertzian frequencies that pianos and instruments are tuned to are the lowest light frequencies of light.  



We record the highest light frequencies of light

into our Cosmic Jazz Music.


The Frequencies of light are split up into several sections -


1. Hertzian is the lowest light frequency (where pianos are tuned)
2. Infrared is the next higher light frequency
3. Visible Light is the next higher light frequency
4. X-ray Light is the next higher light frequency
5. Invisible Light is the next higher light frequency
6. Gamma Light is the next higher light frequency
7. Pink White Light is the next higher light frequency
8. Pre-Light and Pre-Sound are the highest Light frequencies


We record mostly with the highest light frequencies of
Pre-Light and Pre-Sound and Pink White Light. 


We record from starting in consciousness at the Pre-LIght and

Pre-Sound frequencies out in the infinite unknown

and then inhale those frequencies and then

exhale the resulting Pink White Light frequencies

into our digital Neumann microphone.  


We record all of our music at 24 bit, 96,000 Hz.  


We record vocals and acoustic instruments at 96,000 Hz through a digital Neumann Mic that is at 24 bit, 96,000 Hz.


We record and work with all aspects of our music at 24 bit, 96,000 Hz

in order to get the highest amount of these

high light frequencies recorded onto our tracks.





Joe has been a Jazz musician since he was in middle school. He studied Jazz and played in many Jazz bands for about fifteen years before he met his Soul Mate - Angela. We met playing in a Jazz Band. I also studied Jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston, but Joe is the great Jazz musician. 


This is the beginning of a brand new type of music that combines the modal layering of Jazz that gives the listener much more variety and interest than the Frequency Wave Music alone. 


Enjoy the dreamy riffs that will enchant you and lead you on journeys to anywhere you want to go in the Cosmos. This music will allow your dreams to become more enchanting. You will begin to dream in a more enchanting realm were the fairies and aqua fairies create magical scenery.


The music is layered in dozens of harmonic layers over the top of each other until there were enough harmonics of an agreeing nature to become magnets for the harmonizing of the stars, the spheres, the suns and the moon. This universal harmonization reaches out into the infinity of harmony.