The above video is a Video of our Music Performance in Japan where Crystal Magic Orchestra won an All-Japan music Contest.
After our winning the Japanese Music Contest, Sony Recording called Crystal Magic Orchestra into their recording office in Tokyo, Japan to discuss possible Sony Recording contracts.



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Ascension Secrets of Mary and Jesus

Mary Magdalene talks to Elaika and Jesus about the Landing of the Original Ones through her Central Ascension Portal and the communication with our governments to sign agreements for First Contact.

The Landing of the Original Ones from the Creator Realm began in January. I am Mary Magdalene. I have been inviting the Original Ones to use my Central Ascension Portal for their Ascension through Terra Ha. The Original Ones will be communicating with our governments for one year and then they will pass through my Portal. That is when first contact will begin.

Please listen to this dialog about the Landing. Channeled by Jim Charles. Mary Magdalene talks to Elaika and Jesus.

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This channeled dialog is one from a one year series.




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