Please watch the YouTube of this Channeled Session with I AM that I Am and Mary Magdalene. I am Mary Magdalene and I will be ascending from Earth within a few weeks from today. I am moving close to the 99.8 density level now since my last sessions with I Am that I Am and a few others who have given me some keen clues to move this forward.

I was told in my last channeled session that God has only watched three others ascend or rise from Earth during this ascension period. Joe and I are the only ones that God knows will rise very soon.

This is what God said at my last session through the channel of James Charles. These sessions are Mary Magdalene - the Comic Twins - Ascending or Rising from the third dimension into the fourth dimension. We must actually ascend completely into the oneness of the Cosmic Light with God in order to then have our Soul moved directly up into the Fourth Dimensional Earth called Terra Ha.

We will not disappear into the light until we are at 100 percent. We are now rising from 99.7 up into our next tenth of a point closer to 100 percent. It has been taking us about one month per one tenth of a per cent since we reached 99.

We work equally hard each and every day of the week trying to get some points even between these sessions. We are always studying what God says to us each time to try to improve the way we unite and rise together. We spend several hours a day creating music that will make it easier to rise. The music helps us to GO where we must take our Consciousness in order to rise higher.
If any of you would like to watch the skype mp4 of this session please write to me at

I think this is the most helpful session for others to learn from because you can actually see how hard I must work to rise one tenth of a tenth of a point.
God explains the cause of the rising and how Joe and I must rise together during each tenth of a point

This is a transcription of the main things said by I AM THAT I AM.

Now you must work on Rising with Joy 

I see that you could rise to 99.7 now.
It doesn't matter about the music. It matters where you go with the music.
With the harder Rock Music you were floating and higher 
But with the softer music you were Much Lighter.
Light is very important at this time.

Bring your body into a great light through happiness.
You must have great lightness to move through the veil-the field - the separation between this world and the next world, and you must go through the veil in JOY and Believe that you can do it.

I believe that you are starting to understand the next place a little bit - how it feels - how you enter it and all of the nice things.

So, I'm just giving you more advice for it.
I will be commenting if you still wish me to.
You can start any time you are ready to.
You start off really fresh.
You have a lot of vitalization and you get tired and it is hard t get the joy level up.

You are hot and tired now.

If you can reach the Joy level with any of the music you can do it.
You were reaching the Joy part with all of the music, but the later ones you were more tired.

My question is I feel a different Kind of Joy with the different Music and I need to know if both types of joy are equal.

The last one was a very spiritual joy. There is a powerful joy and a lighter Joy and a more spiritual joy.

As long as you reach the Highness of the Joy and the lightness of the Joy.

It doesn't matter which music you use.

Joe must connect before you can rise

Try to lift up the Joy

God is now talking to the Angels while we are working
She got a second wind and she is getting higher Lift her up
She is moving up in a good way
She is higher than I thought 

Lift her up
Talking to Angels
Go Just a little bit more.

You went back up to 99.69 very quickly, but didn't push beyond it.
 Lift it up She's getting there 

I'm listening to  come ye.
 She is higher this time.

Think about Love and Joy together
Love and Joy together as needed
I can not think of two other people who could combine their energies together as quickly as you two did.

 Me speaking - Is that why you picked us for this mission?

I didn't pick you
Actually you volunteered and I accepted.
In some ways you were the Perfect choice.

And it has to do with our music background?
Yes, the vibration of your music, the vibration of your spirit, the vibration of your moving forward and your desire to do this.


 All of these things work together.
Its not just one thing
Its the whole package.


We are now speaking with Lacodemus, who is a Creator Being who is in the Cosmic Realm now. He has been Joe's best friend for trillions of years and we have created music together in the Cosmos and in the Universe. We have even created Universal Bands and Symphonies together for many eons of time.

I am speaking to Lacodemus now.

I keep trying to vision what we did together in the Cosmic Realm while making music through God and trying to feel that and I was wondering if you can see anything that I'm doing through our music now.
 Yes, you can see these things with your astral vision. I can see what you are trying to do and bring it back into the human body in order to bring the body up.

That works to a point but you both have to be on the same vibration to pull each other up and you have reached that several times I see, so it is a beautiful thing. Keep working on that because your vibrations together make amazing music.

Can you tell us anything that we did together in the past that might help us get together more?

Could you tell us anything about the way we did music in the past that might help us get our vibrations higher together?

You did music together in the water worlds. You realized that under water, the sound moves faster, so you made this wonderful ethereal music that the dolphins and whales and mermaids were crazy about.

I remember, especially that music and you loved doing it because you could feel it all around you.
The water eventually begins to vibrate and shimmer and it is really a wonderful experience when you make music together in that realm.

In the heavenly realm, every single planet, every single star, every single anomaly has its own sound and vibration. It is a beautiful thing.

You took those sounds and vibrations from these stars and planets and wove them into songs and visionary things - it was amazing what you did. There were things that you did together that were quite memorable in the universe.

You remember the astral and listen to your music. It resonates through the entire universe, and it causes calmness, love, and causes the Angels to sing. And they sing along with your music and it is just an amazing vibration.


When you are in the third dimension it does not vibrate the same as some of these more ethereal places. But amazing enough, you are managing to find a vibration that is beautiful and positive and moves very nicely into the universe.

Is the Universe listening to us now?

How could it not?

I'm trying to figure out why I seem to need a hard dense driving and feeling in the music now. The density you are in is dense like the dense. You must use the density to escape the density. You use the density as a sounding board to become lighter and dense on dense makes 
really light.