The musical frequencies in this album are the transmissions of light energy flowing from the electromagnetic connectors within the Moon flowing into the Grids of Earth to send the Light from all of the Suns in the Universe into Earth's Grids from the Transmission station in the Moon. The Dance of the Light of the Suns through these Fields of Consciousness which are a natural part of who Mary Magdalene is allows the pure song of love from God to be sung.

The musical frequencies of God Language translating the Consciousness of Light from the Suns of the Universe through the Liquid Light Plasma Life Force Energy to allow the Moons transmissions to flow through the listeners body into the deep structure of Inner Earth Consciousness. This Song from God creates the exact resonance needed for the maximum use of the Blue Moon transmission.





The Moon itself has been called the Engine of Ascension by Bashar and others in higher realms. Mary Magdalene named her company Lunar Visions in 1994 because I received the message that it is the Moon who is the eyes of the Sun. We are given the Light of the Sun through the Moon. Only those with fourth dimensional eyes can see God's Design in this way.


This year 2018 is the year of two Blue Moons. A Blue Moon is rare, but a double Blue Moon is extremely rare. This type of event only happens one time in a century.


Of course, a few of us know that the year 2018 was always known to be the year of the NEW BEGINNING. We moved into the fourth harmonic universe on September 7 - 9 in 2017. 


That was the very beginning of the time of Earth's transformation. This was the beginning of the time when light would begin to flow back into the Consciousness of the Grids of Earth.


God created Grid Keepers to watch over the Grids of each planetary body in His Universes. Grid Keepers are Entities in the Cosmos together with Cosmic Creator Beings, Elders and Deities and the Angels. 


Grid Keepers are the part of God's Consciousness that allows God's Light to Flow through the Planet as the main Source of Energy. Without the Energy of Consciousness there is a Darkness.


The Moon is actually a Station that allows the Communication from Source Energy to flow back and forth from the Earth and from the electro-gravitic implants in the Moon into the Grids of the Earth. These Grids keep the Earth in Balance with the Light of Consciousness.


The Blue Moons are a time when there is the greatest amount of Light of Consciousness flowing from the Moon into the Grids. 


This is the reason that the amount of Light coming to Earth had to be given gradually until the time when there was enough Light on Earth to turn on these BLUE MOONS.


We are now in the time of Harmonic Universe Two when we must become so full of light that all darkness is cleared away.


This is why many are talking about the importance of clearing the chakras for the Blue Moon.


The Blue Moon should be a time of Joy because it will help those with darkness within them see it clearly for what it really is and allow the light to melt it all away.


This time period of January through March is when these two BLUE MOONS or BLUE BLOOD MOONS will create the atmosphere for the Greatest Cleansing of Consciousness in this Century and in this Time Matrix.


As Mary Magdalene, I always seem to have everything that is going to happen to other people happen to me about one month earlier. So, I have already experienced what is going to happen to others during this Two Blue Moon time period.


The Seven Seals in the Body are already open in a great number of people on Earth. These Seals allow for the most light potential to flow through the body from the activation of the Moon electromagnetic transmitters into the Earth's Grids. The Bodies on Earth are a part of this Consciousness Transmission program that the Grid Keepers and all of the Great Ones involved in this Grand Transformation are performing.


Those who have their Seals opened are now entering the GLOWING stage. It is now time to allow the Seven Seals to Glow Brighter and Brighter.


This period of three months between the Blue Moons is the time when the Seals can become activated to glow so brightly that they are actually glowing the NEON LIGHTS of the Fourth Dimension.

That was the first step in preparing for 2017 moving into harmonic universe two. That paved the runway for the landing of the Original Ones which took place during the year of 2017.


All of these pieces of light energy restructuring needed to occur before this great amount of light energy that will be transmitted between the Moon and the Earth to further activate the light potential of the Grids of Earth. 


The Light potential available during this three month period is Infinite in Nature. This is the time that the Light of God can flow through the Seals of the human body in a way that will make the skin glow in those who have activated their Seals and removed all darkness.