Mary Magdalene's COSMIC BIBLE  by Angela Barnett





Mary Magdalene's Cosmic Bible


Joe' s body was only a third dimensional hologram that was being run over by a ten ton truck and five cars. His true spiritual body was high above the cars . His body was ripped apart. His head was cracked open. His leg was ripped off and he had over one thousand broken bones. Joe Barnett and Angela Barnett are the Cosmic Twin Souls of Mary Magdalene.

Joe was possessed by three demonic race lines when they were opening the First of Twelve Ascension Portals that would allow Gaia to become the Savior of the Universe. The demons tried to take over the Universe by possessing the body of Mary Magdalene. God went into Joe' s Soul and took the demons back to the Over Soul. Joe died and Angela placed her Soul in him to bring him back.

Mary Magdalene' s twelve Ascension Portals were completed in Fall, 2016. This was the moment when Eternal Ascension into ONENESS for this Universe began. Mary Magdalene' s Central Portal extends from one side of the Earth to the other and into the Cosmos for Eternal Ascension of the Original Ones ascending into a new time that did not exist before.

The Portals changed EVERYTHING in the Universe.

The Original Ones began arriving on Earth February 2017.

TIMELINE OF ASCENSION - Original Ones from the COSMIC REALM fly through Mary Magdalene' s Central Portal, 12 Stargates Open and FIRST CONTACT BEGINS.

GOD EXPERIENCED LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME through Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth. That EMOTION changed God from the angry God of the Old Testament into the Mother God of the New Testament .

This new logic has resulted in the new design of ONENESS in this Universe. The Soul of Mother God became established within the Grids of Earth and into the new timeline of a NEW ONENESS within this UNIVERSE created by Mary Magdalene' s Ascension Portals because Mary Magdalene is a Cosmic Creator Being who contains her Mother Father God completely within her Soul. The NEW Soul of Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth demonstrates a new ONENESS of a NEW GOD.



The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom Listening and Mary Magdalene's Cosmic Bible


Listening to Crystal Magic Orchestra's music while reading Mary Magdalene's Cosmic Bible will literally align the readers consciousness to more greatly understand the contents of Mary Magdalene's Cosmic Bible


PURCHASE Promise of the Perfect Kingdom CD


PURCHASE Promise of the Perfect Kingdom MP3 Album


The story of The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom that was created from the songs in Crystal Magic Orchestra's album were the beginning and the ending to understanding how to Make God’s Movie through Music. The Ascension Portal, Vortal, Vortex and Magic Vortal music helped our strands of Oneness with Mary’s Cosmic Consciousness to braid a more etheric understanding of the Oneness with our Cosmic Soul and with God. And then each album that was created after that set of Ascension Songs in 2008, kept weaving more and more of the strands of light from the Music of God’s Energy into our music and into our consciousness until we could learn to Make our Own Movies within our lifetime.



PURCHASE Promise of the Perfect Kingdom CD


PURCHASE Promise of the Perfect Kingdom MP3 Album



"Resurrection Layers"
sung by Joe Barnett, MA and Dr. Angela Barnett


Dr. Angela Barnett did truly and fully

raise Joe Barnett from the dead

8 years ago in a hospital where the

doctors already diagnosed and

announced Joe as dead



 The Music Album we created and recorded

"Resurrection Layers"

is actually about

Dr. Angela Barnett "raising Joe Barnett from the dead" 



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