The above video is a Video of our Music Performance in Japan where Crystal Magic Orchestra won an All-Japan music Contest.
After our winning the Japanese Music Contest, Sony Recording called Crystal Magic Orchestra into their recording office in Tokyo, Japan to discuss possible Sony Recording contracts.




ABOUT THE MEMBERS AND CREATORS OF THIS MUSIC - about the Crystal Magic Orchestra Members


We are Crystalai and aDolphino. We are Bezelda and Freetzbin who were a Dolphin and Mermaid who were on Earth 400 million years ago during the second seeding. We are the Creator Being Souls who came from the Creation Realm for this time of Ascension. We are Immortal Cosmic Souls who are at least twenty trillion years old and we created the original music in the Cosmos.


Our music has been heard all over this universe and hundreds of others. 
Joe was on Earth before many times. He was Merlin's Apprentice, who actually created most of the magic Merlin was given credit for.


Angela was here with St. Germain, as his co-teacher, who also did many of the teachings St. Germain was given credit for.


We have been on this Earth as great Opera Singers and Musicians who were well known in La Scala in Italy in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.


Our Essence as Mary Magdalene is the Music playing in the Cosmos that is heard throughout the Universe. The Soul of Mary Magdalene is in both of us. Our Souls who were born as Angela and Joe are also Cosmic Creator Beings. We are the Cosmic Twins.


The Soul of Yeshuwa ben Joseph is within the Soul of Mary Magdalene.We became One Soul. 



Crystal Magic Orchestra is the title that we have given to the music that we have brought to this Planet in a form that can be heard and understood in this level of reality.


We call this Spiritual Ambient Music because it is made of the invisible substance of Eternal Life Force Energy and it is transparent, holographic and has soothing ambient essence because it is created from the Breath of Cosmic Energy.

We are the Cosmic Creators. We create, we orchestrate, we conduct, we are the instruments, we are the Music of the Spheres Creators in all dimensions of Reality.


We create colors in infinite designs far beyond anything that can be imagined on this planet. We create morphogenetic fields by exhaling one color and then inhaling the new form that presents itself into our essence to design it into a new color.


We use this same formula in creating rhythms and instruments of great design. We create Galaxies in every possible form and color scheme that we can imagine. In this Earth realm of so few colors and so few expanded perspectives of sound and light, these Great Schemes of infinite form have been diminished into tiny little parts of the end design. Breaking an entire sphere of reality down into one tiny little microscopic piece as insignificant as one hertzian wave is a silly way to make music. 

We, the Creators of all things send our consciousness out from this hertzian density into the same Creation Realm of the Universe where we have created these patterns of galaxies, stars, suns and Super Novas in one nano second of time and we create them here on Earth using the same Consciousness, the same Creation Patterns, the same patterning of colors, rhythms, light and sound transposition themes and fit them into the technology that is available to us here on this Planet Earth. We did some creating with colors. 


Even though our music is the favorite on many planets who are going through this same transitionary stage of consciousness that Earth is going through, the people of Earth are not ready for our music because they are not quite yet ready for the transition.


Those who are attracted to our music are the ones who are ready for the transition and they will also be the ones who go through the transition with the greatest ease and they will have the most fun going through their transition that will eventually turn them into Light before they reappear in their new Reality.


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Crystal Magic Orchestra

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Dr. Angela Barnett's - Crystal Magic Orchestra's

Cosmic Healing Music is extremely powerful healing music.


People have been healed in so many ways by it.


A person - Joe Barnett, MA - me - of Crystal Magic Orchestra has been literally raised from the dead - I have been literally raised from the dead

by Crystal Magic Orchestra's - Dr. Angela Barnett's - Cosmic Healing Music


I was dead  - declared dead by medical doctors in a hospital, and now I am alive and fully healed from that car accident 

by Crystal Magic Orchestra's - Dr. Angela Barnett's - Cosmic Healing Music



Raising the Dead is seriously important and huge 


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Cosmic Future Holographic Healing Music  

that is Music of the Spheres Music

Through Crystal Magic Orchestra's Future Holographic Healing Music people can heal themselves and can heal their lives!

Ascending through the Music of the Spheres

The Natural State of Being is