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Future Global Management helps executives, managers, and workers alike to accomplish effective multinational business interactions one interaction at a time using the Barnett Communication Model which in turn, leads to a successful globally competitive multinational management that will help put a multinational corporation on the very leading edge of global competitiveness.

Executives, managers and workers in multinational corporations are very intelligent and know how to do their jobs well, yet they are missing some very crucial elements that are needed in order to accomplish a successful multinational management. A major missing element is the ability to effectively accomplish multinational business interactions one interaction at a time.  

Effective multinational business interactions do not happen by accident. When left to chance, the amount of defective business interactions in a multinational corporation happen by the thousands a day in every department at every level within the corporation and at every point where the corporation interacts with the outside environment. These defective interactions are significant enough to cause the entire corporation to bog down at most every level in almost every conceivable way and in many unexpected ways.  

Future Global Management by Joe Barnett, MA and Dr. Angela Barnett



The Authors

The authors have over forty years of communication consultation and training experience in world-class corporations and in universities around the globe.      
They have worked with companies such as Mazda Car Company (in Japan), Amdahl Mainframe Computers (U.S.), Samsung Semiconductor (Korean Co. in U.S.), Tandem (U.S.), Nishi Nihon Densing (in Japan), Tokiwa Industries (in Japan), etc.  

They have taught communication training to buyers, managers, engineers, software programmers, first line managers, assemblers, top managers, executive managers, vice presidents, presidents, CEO’s, presidential security service members, government ministers, and to thousands of university students in Japan, Korea and in the U.S.      

They have lived abroad for fourteen full years in Japan, Korea, Turkey, Cyprus and Puerto Rico.  


We have lived and worked in many countries around the globe in hopes to understand how people around the world approach business and life in order to come to a practical understanding of how to most effectively accomplish business in a multinational and international environment.  

What we have found was beyond what we could imagine. Every country requires one to write an entirely new dictionary meaning for almost every thought and word.
With this different view of the meaning of life, work and business comes a radically different way and thought of how and why one accomplishes business on a daily basis. 

These differences radically affect business interactions beyond imagination and cause serious problems by the thousands a day.     

Future Global Management is a focused book on how to most effectively accomplish business interactions in a multinational and international environment and comes from over forty years of field-tested, hands-on experience.  

There is nothing in this book that is extraneous.  We have no desire to waste your time or our time with the spouting of theories for one to contemplate but have very little relevance in the workplace.  Some of the terms and theories mentioned in the book may sound familiar, but they are all redefined in unique ways that show how they are directly useful in business.  We also don’t have a desire to waste your time on tangents that don’t directly apply.  

We have only included things that directly relate to your understanding and subsequent accomplishing of effective multinational business interactions at every level.  There is method in our madness.      

This is a powerful book, and after you read it, you will never look at business interactions in the same way again.  It will have a profound influence on your approach to business and on your life.  



Barnett Communication Model

Barnett Communication Model

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