God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony

by Mary Magdalene















God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene

The Garden of Eden was the Original Reality designed by God for the Anointed Suns named Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha and La. It was a Musical Garden full of singing flowers, trees, babbling brooks, Dolphin Symphony of Love, and purring kitty lions. 


The music could be felt within the white light glowing brightly as infinite living neon colors harmonically flashing into One Grand Harmony called Love. God's Creator Beings designed all of His Dreams into outward creation through the Musical Energy of His Eternal Love. 


We would fly across the Universe leaving our melodies of infinite harmonic design to be formed into Stars and Suns and Novas. We had been designing God's Musical Movies in millions of Universes wtihin hundreds of Cosmoses for trillions of years. About one trillion years ago, soon after the First Seeding of the Primal Creation of This Universe, that glorious Garden was singing in its grandest of rapture as the Seven Suns of the Original Universe. 


990 million years ago, there was a Great War created in that realm of the Garden of Love. The war was created by the Red Dragon Draconians against God. The Darkest Demonic Force in the Universe returned to Earth to continue that war on March 16, 2018. The Dark Ones were attacking Mary Magdalene's Ascension Portals so that they could stop the Ascension. The War against the Dark Ones was won on March 29th.


Mary's Portals will allow this Ascension to continue forever. When the Original Ones fly through my Portals, the First Contact will begin.


Creator Beings are the Musical Instruments of God, we are also the Music of God, we create the rhythm, the balance, the color, the emotions within the Music of the Spheres, and we do this through the guidance of our great Music Conductor, the God of All that Is. Mary Magdalene has been a part of GOD's Musical Design of ONENESS for at least twenty trillion years in this Universal Matrix, as well as the designer of at least ten other Cosmic Matrixes.


God shines His Light Energy through everyone, but the amount of Consciousness within a Cosmic Creator Being is so vast that it links all that is within the Creator Realm into the one standing on Earth who has the Soul of a Cosmic Creator Being within them. 


The Energy and Logic of God was changed from the God of the Old Testament into the God in the New Testament as a result of the Experience of Love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is this change in the Logic of God that is changing the entire design of this Universe within this Ascension. 





The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom Listening and God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene

Listening to Crystal Magic Orchestra's music while reading God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene will literally align the readers consciousness to more greatly understand the contents of God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene


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The story of The Promise of the Perfect Kingdom that was created from the songs in Crystal Magic Orchestra's album were the beginning and the ending to understanding how to Make God’s Movie through Music. The Ascension Portal, Vortal, Vortex and Magic Vortal music helped our strands of Oneness with Mary’s Cosmic Consciousness to braid a more etheric understanding of the Oneness with our Cosmic Soul and with God. And then each album that was created after that set of Ascension Songs in 2008, kept weaving more and more of the strands of light from the Music of God’s Energy into our music and into our consciousness until we could learn to Make our Own Movies within our lifetime.


PURCHASE Promise of the Perfect Kingdom CD






The Author of this book        Dr. Angela Barnett

Dr. Angela Barnett’s Master’s Degrees combined the subjects of Music, Communication, and the Integration of Belief Systems of Versions of Reality. She also earned One Doctoral Degree that examined this same phenomenon as it related to each Education system and Business environment on Earth. 

God designed an education for Angela that included a special set of Universities. They included Chico State University, Principia College, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Berklee College of Music in Boston, California Coast University, University of Hawaii, Manoa, and Oregon State University, Corvallis. 

Dr. Angela Barnett taught in several American Universities and Colleges including University of Phoenix, Santa Clara University, DeAnza College, and other Junior Colleges in California. Joe Barnett taught NASA scientists at Stanford who needed help with communication. He also taught for Samsung and Amdahl in San Jose, California. 

Joe Barnett's focus in the Communication Department was Authentic Encounter, which means man speaking from the God within himself to the God within the one he is speaking to. 

The Barnetts (who are identical Souls of Mary Magdalene) created their own Multinational Communication Training and Consultation Group whose title was AMERICO. This company did training for Multinational Corporations including Samsung Electronics, Korea, Westin Hotel, Korea, Korean Pohang Steel, Korean Broadcast System, Korean Insurance, Hewlett Parkard in Puerto Rico, several Electronics Conglomerates in Japan, TOKIWA INDUSTRIES, Mazda, Oita Medical Group, Shin Medical Group, NHI, and many others. 

Joe and Angela Barnett are the Mary Magdalene Unit who returned to Earth to bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth which have changed the Universe forever. 

The Barnett’s Musical Group, Crystal Magic Orchestra has won Universal Music Competitions, National Music Competition Awards and were winners in a National Jazz Contest in Japan. 

The Barnetts spent two decades living in Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and living among various Cultural Groups that expanded their path within Multidimensionality. 

Joe and Angela are both the Soul of Mary Magdalene. Mary chose to have her Soul come to Earth both in a male body and a female body at the same time for this mission. 

Angela sings channeled messages from God to create Crystal Magic Orchestra’s Universal Songs while Joe Barnett composes the music and adds the instrumentation, effects and engineering to the music.









Crystal Magic Orchestra