The Great Cosmic Ascension Series




This is a series of seven albums that use the frequencies of God's Energy in its original form that was God in the Dream State of All That Is before God created the Creator Beings who would create light, sound and matter from this Eternal Source of Energy.


Each one of these albums are about one hour long. Each one of them works specifically on One of the Seals of God's Cosmic Structure flowing through the human body, while also allowing all Seven Seals to open and glow brightly as they reflect all of the layers of light between all of the dimensions of God's Creation.


There has been a confusion placed on third dimensional teachings because the original seven seals that are completely opened within those who are fully in the consciousness of God seem to be sealed off from opening with such great brightness within those in lower densities who have not allowed the light of God to flow through them.


The confusion resulted in the exchange in meanings of what a seal is. The Seal is sphere of light within the body. There are seven of these seals in the body that allow the light of God to flow through brighter and brighter as each activity within man is accomplished through the highest understanding possible to him.


The understanding of each seal was also densified by the lower consciousness of this third dimension. That is the reason that the following information will sound a little bit different than what has been taught in third dimensional schools of transformation.


For instance, while sex, society and control within the first three chakras may be thought of as a limiting thing in the third dimension, it is certainly not seen that way in the Creator Realm. The Seals represented the fullest of experience within Consciousness without judgement or limitation. The idea of the Garden of Eden was the consciousness of the original idea of God's Creation who only enjoyed the bliss of God's creation. Those ideas that were added to that creation through judgment and limitation were never a part of God's idea. When all societies, all cultures, all religions, all name of God are known as God Himself revealed through different versions of His own children's ideas, these seals will glow brightly.


God placed Seven Seals in the human body so that the body could experience as much of the complete consciousness of experience and joy within each experience. In the case of a Creator Being on Earth, God could experience the joy of birth through the first seal. God arranges to have the first and fourth seal open during birth so that He can experience the Heartfelt experience of Birth. God opened the second seal to have the experiences of a new born baby and young child living in the Garden of Eden state where there was no judgement of right or wrong. 


The second seal is actually the place where there is no judgement. This is the place where all experiences are for enjoyment of the bliss of isness.


 This freedom within the third seal allows a blissful experience that is free from any judgement of right or wrong.


The third seal is not the seal of control. It is the seal of freedom. It is the place where all beliefs, all religions, all cultural beliefs that could be formed into controlling limiting structures are not supposed to be seen that way. The third seal is actually the place where the light energy flows through to allow all names of God, all beliefs in God to glow throughout the universe as God's infinity of versions of reality. God has at least sixty billion names in the universe and at least three hundred names on this Earth. The third seal contains all of the names and beliefs in God as absolute truth.


The fourth seal is called the heart chakra because it is the Seal that allows the flow of all of God's Energy of Light and Sound to connect a new rhythm where all experiences of all dimensions in the universe intersect as one grand rhythm of a new creation each time there is a new birth of a higher consciousness.


The fifth Seal allows the Voice of God to be spoken. When this Seal is glowing brightly it is a result of the speaker obtaining the ability to speak what God wants to be spoken.


When the sixth Seal is glowing within the mid brain, all of the thoughts in man become free from reaction, resentment, judgement and only contain the allowance of whatever God brings forth.


When the Seventh Seal is felt Glowing from the top of the head, it is a sign that all of these experiences have been activated within the flow of energy from God through the Seals. This activation causes an electrical surge to move up the back bone from the first seal, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth seals. These seals are now glowing from within the body clear out through the universe into the Energy Center of God. Now there is an eternal surge of Cosmic Energy flowing through the Seals and out into the neurotransmitters within the body. The body becomes a completed Light Energy Engine that continuously feels the flow of Cosmic Energy spiraling up the backbone and sending a final transmission up into the Seventh Seal on top of the head. The Seventh Seal becomes ignited like a space ship engine and ignites all of the Seals above the head. The body glows within the fifteen seal radius that wraps the physical body inside of the mental and spiritual bodies. All of these bodies glow through the seven seals out to the Seven Christed Suns. All of the Seven Suns send their light though the Seven Seals to send this same Christed Enlightenment that they were anointed with by God.


The allowance of the light from all dimensions to flow through this Seal allows the Oneness of all of the names of God to bring a great experience of Joy to God as He is known in so many ways. These experiences of multiple versions of emotions about God create new matrixes of reality which are all enjoyed by God.


The Great Cosmic Ascension Series