The Great Cosmic Ascension Series


This is a set of nine albums that use the frequencies of God's Energy in its original form that was God in the Dream State of All That Is before God created the Creator Beings who would create light, sound and matter from this Eternal Source of Energy.


Each one of these albums are about one hour long. Each one of them works specifically on One of the Seals of God's Cosmic Structure flowing through the human body, while also allowing all Seven Seals to open and glow brightly as they reflect all of the layers of light between all of the dimensions of God's Creation.


Album 1 - God's Dream Room

God placed Seven Seals in the human body so that the body could experience as much of the complete consciousness of experience and joy within each experience. In the case of a Creator Being on Earth, God could experience the joy of birth through the First Seal. This First Seal allows all that is within God's Dream Room of His Infinite Energy is to be dreamed into a new piece of HIS LIGHT ENERGY which will shine through into the new idea that is being born.





Album 2 - Let There Be Light