The Whale Race line who were original Oraphim Whales and Dolphins are from the Sun La. These
Entities have always added the most harmony to the Universe. They have come to Earth to help us and they are helping the CENTRAL SUN by allowing their original PLASMA form to saturate the Spheres with their magical Whale Frequencies.
OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT AND MARY MAGDALENE have continuously worked in partnership with the Dolphin and Whale families. They were with me when I opened the first Portal in Monterey. They were with me as I created each of the Portals in the Pacific Ocean. It was always their music and their algorithms that made the recalculations of the tectonic plates a possibility.
It is also this same musical make up of the Dolphin Symphony that will allow the re-birth of the Oraphim Race Line.
Joe and I were the last of the Dolphin Race Line from Sun La. We came to Earth as Bezelda and Freetzbin- the Mermaid and Dolphin who continued the Ascension plan when we swam in the Pacific Ocean 400 million years ago.
Our lives have always been filled with water and dolphins. It is only natural.