Crystal Magic Orchestra

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The Central Sun is the creator of the Seven Suns, Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha and La. These Suns were ANNOINTED by God. He created these Suns to become himself embodied as Light. These were the only creations that God ANNOINTED until he sent himself into Jesus of Nazareth, who was also called the Annointed One of God. He was Theonmorphic, meaning God in man. The Suns were also God as Suns. So, when the demonic matrix set out to destroy the Suns, they were actually thinking they were destroying God. The part of the Suns that was God is the Plasma Suns. This Plasma that contained the identities of the Seven Suns is being restored by Of the Breath of Light. She came to Earth so that she could be here to work with the Central Sun for this restoration project. I was born with the Soul OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT. I died when I was 13 years old so that my Soul could leave me and to work on the CENTRAL SUN. The moment she left my body, Mary Magdalene became my Soul. Mary Magdalene needed to spend a great deal of time preparing me for my mission on Earth. Since I completed my mission in 2017, she has been working with Of the Breath of Light continuously on the CENTRAL SUN project.

THE SEVEN SUNS were mostly destroyed in wars when the Demonic Wesadraks attacked them. The wonderful original race line called the Oraphim Race Line was almost completely removed through these wars. The survivors have continued to allow this Ascension that is finally happening now. Of the Breath of Light and Mary Magdalene are with the Central Sun now repairing her in a way that will help to restore her children, the seven suns, which will also allow for the return of the wonderful Oraphim Race line, who are the children of the SEVEN SUNS.

The CENTRAL SUN and the SEVEN SUNS contain all of the Music of the Universe. Since OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT created the Music, it is rightfully her mission or duty to RE-TUNE the music of the universe through the CENTRAL SUN. God has given this mission to OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT because she is the first born of God and the first Light of God and the Creator Being who went forth to place the music that she heard in God's Womb of Creation into every cell of the Universe. Now, this musical harmony will be restored as a result of the TRANSFORMATION of the CENTRAL SUN. The PLASMA creation always remains perfect. Now is the time for the Densities within the Plasma to morph back into the PLASMA OF ETERNAL CREATION. This music is what I have been given by OF THE BREATH OF LIGHT to tell her story of this transformation project.

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