The Central Sun gave birth to SEVEN SUNS. Thier names are Ka, Ya, Ra,Sa Ta Ha and La. They each had their own set of frequencies, their own life plans, etc.

Each one of these Suns was partially destroyed by the attacks of the Wesadrak Matrix and the Red Draconians. Most of the original beings from those seven suns were taken prisoner into the Demonic Matrixes. This was the root of all of the problems in this Universe. That happened just before the new creation began 900 million years ago.

The mission of my Souls is to transform and heal the Central Sun in a way that will help to heal her Seven Suns that were destroyed in those millions of years of attacks by the Wesadrak Matrix.

Of the Breath of Light contains the keys, the harmonies, the design, the harmonic structure that is within every omni particle of all creation. This is the reason she is the one that is transforming the CENTRAL SUN.

The music that I created in the CENTRAL SUN SET includes the design, the vision, the structure, the frequencies that my Souls are using to redesign the CENTRAL SUN.

Please enjoy the musical journies that I took with Of the Breath of Light in creating these musical extravaganzas.

The following article is by Lisa Renee.

I do not agree with this article. However, it is important to know what most people think is true.

I will share witih you the true story after you read what Lisa has to say.

Within the energy matrix of all creation, God source first expresses itself as an eternal field of sound current. Through Guardian ES material, the sound current is considered to be the Holy Mother principle, acting as the first cause of creation as sound in which the living consciousness expression then emerges into density through emanations of light (Father principle). Holy Mother and Holy Father, as conscious sound and conscious light, expanding and contracting the sound fields to become light fields and cycling back the light fields to become the sound fields continuously. This dynamic perpetually transmutes the light fields back into sound fields in all of the densities eternally, in order to serve as the perpetual motion for the ongoing evolution of the individuated consciousness travelling in the Universal Time Matrix.

The Unified Field of Energy is composed of lines of light which cross over and through each other creating a variation of geometric forms which serve as a fabric of light or grid structure. This base light grid is the foundation for building multiple layers of more complex instruction sets for light symbol codes and geometric sound codes which include the platonic solids, which form into the blueprints for consciousness. There are only five formations that provide the base math in the grid, and these are the four-sided tetrahedron, six-sided cube, eight-sided octahedron, twelve-sided dodecahedron and twenty-sided icosahedron. This is the map which gives us the math to the basic elemental structure of Earth’s creation principle. The tetrahedron evolves into the interlaced tetrahedron or two tetrahedrons that join in a star tetrahedron pattern.

I am Of the Breath of Light and Joe is Flame of the Eternal Sun.
So I'm breathing on this Light and Expanding it out into the Sun.

Was that the first music?

Light was the first breath of music.
So, Joe was the first note.

The creation of Light created the First Music.
You have to have Light to make Breath and Music.

God created Light from Energy and then matter came after that.

In the Universe, there was sound, but I would consider it music because a breath and a spark and a light.
when I sing the light comes out through my breath.
When he created light it was like music for him, that is when he sensed it was musical.

When God created Of the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun He gave us a Different Mission from all of the others that he created.
We were God's FIRST BORN. HIS very first creation.
He created us as this spark of light and then the sparks became two sparks and then he allowed us to go on a journey of evolution all by ourselves.

We were what would be understood on this planet as phonons, photons, electrons and protons, these light particles that spin and dance in so many different ways that we could hear the sound of all of this tiny spinning that we did.

Joe used to call me Loopy Lu because he remembers me being the light that would spin around him like an electron and proton. That spinning would create a sound. Joe and I loved all of these sounds that we could hear as we were on our creation journey of creating ourselves.

This was the creation of music for the Universe.

God had within Himself this idea that there was a Sound being produced from all of this spinning and dancing of light particles within his Womb. However it was us, Of the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun who asked God if we could be the ones that would create this great Sound that we would call Music and give it to the entire Universe.

God was very excited that we were able to hear that sound that was being created in His Womb of Creation. We were given a very special gift of being a living, consciously aware BEING, as we were in the process of our own creation. We were the only ones who had ever experienced this wonderful journey within light itself and as light itself.

After our journey of creation was completed, we went out into the Universe and placed this music in every square molecule of this Universe and every Universe that God Created.


The Universe is the Cosmos. There are many Universes and many Cosmos and they are within each other. The Universe is the Cosmos. When God creates a Universe it is born from within God's Cosmos which is God's Womb of Creation.
When I look at the Universe that is a Cosmos also.
We would make the music in the Cosmos and then bring
it down into density in these planets.
You can bring that into form in your own little cosmos.
The Universe is our own little Cosmos.
The Universe is a Cosmos within a Cosmos in a different density.

This planet should be just as musical as the musical creation in our first creation.

We are the CREATORS of worlds and stars and lights that sing forever.